Fashion Faux Pas - Kristen Stewart

5 Worst Fashion Faux Pas by Celebrities on the Red Carpet

Being a celebrity comes with its ups and downs. While on one hand celebrities can enjoy fame, this very fame can be a cause of humiliation at times.

Let’s take into account fashion, if you wear something really good, you’re noticed and if you don’t, after a snide remark or two, nobody really cares. As for celebrities, when they wear something amazing, that outfit is remembered for as long as it can be remembered, BUT, if they end up wearing something that’s an absolute no no, it goes down in history forever.

Some celebrities have really made a mark on the red carpet, if not by winning awards then at least by a memorable outfit they wore. However, there are some who committed blunders with fashion for red carpet events.

Let’s take a look at some major fashion faux pas committed by celebrities at award ceremonies (a place where you can’t afford to go wrong, especially if you’ll be taking home a trophy) and at other red carpet events.

1. Demi Lovato – Teen Choice Awards 2012

Looks like Demi Lovato forgot to check herself out in the mirror before she stepped out wearing this (should I call it a dress?) This creation by Falguni and Shane Peacock is not age appropriate for the 19 year old singer. The gaudy and mismatched colours along with the sheerness of the dress which left plenty of room for exposure make this dress a huge fashion faux pas by Demi.

2. Kristen Stewart – Premier of Breaking Dawn Part 2

Kristen was probably too bored of her girl next door look in the Twilight movie series and decided to shed that image to prepare the audience for her vampire appearance in Breaking Dawn Part 2. She went all out to showcase her new image, and by all out, we mean all out, in a golden sheer corseted lacy see-through gown by Zuhair Murad.

Wonder what Robert would have to say for this dress now?


3. Kelly Osboure – Golden Globes Award Ceremony 2012


Can you guess where Kelly Osbourne went wrong with her look, the hair, the dress or the clutch? Well, if you guessed all 3, then way to go! Osbourne, being the Fashion Police Judge at E! forgot to judge herself before stepping out dressed like that. Her blue gown by Zac Posen is simply over the top and she has gone completely wrong in an attempt to try and highlight her figure. And do we need to get started on her grey hair and clutch? We guess you might have figured that out yourself.

 4. Erin Wasson – Golden Globes 2012

Looks like Emma Wasson thought it was time to tantalize someone back home with next to nothing lingerie, but turned up to the Golden Globes instead dressed in this. Her hairdo, clutch, nude make-up and heels do nothing to save her look.

 5. Sarah Michelle Geller – Golden Globe Awards 2012

Doesn’t it look like the ocean threw up on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s white dress? It also seems like a painter thought that Sarah’s dress was his canvas and he painted brush strokes in blue all over her dress. Well, we ought to put some thought into our attire Sarah and look at it from every angle before we step out in it.

Well, it certainly looks like these celebrities need some fashion lessons and could pick up a tip or two from us.

As for you, please make sure that you scrutinize every outfit well before purchasing and look at it from every angle to ensure that you do not commit your own fashion faux pas.

Stay Stylish!