Messy Fishtail Braids

5+2 Trendiest Hairstyles for 2013: Straight from the Runways

The Spring and Summer collections for 2013 made a splash with new trends as the runways brimmed with brilliant ideas. The styles that were on display contained a spring like freshness. While most of you may have focussed entirely on the clothing that is probably still dancing in your conscious minds, the hairstyles certainly made a mark with interesting and innovative new trends brought to the runways by hair experts.

The collections put up by the major fashion houses portrayed not only the clothing styles that will make their way through the fashion world next year, but also the trendiest hairstyles that people will be seen sporting. If your eyes were completely focussed on what the models were sheathed in, did you miss the elaborate hair dos? Don’t regret, for you know your TrendNStylez editors have information on every aspect you like to read about. Here’s something to fill you in.

1) Hairstyles for Long Hair

While the short crop wasn’t inconspicuous on the runway for the season, hairstyles suited for long hair were more dominant, proving that length never goes out of style. A number of models were seen sporting a sleek hairdo for long hair. Whether rolled up into a bun, plaited or pony tailed, sleek hairdos are simple to pull off with any outfit, for any occasion and are sure to make you look stylish and chic.



2) Irregular Parting

The sleek hairdo and even untied hair can be made trendier with creative parting. Irregular partings match perfectly with an out of bed hair look as they give hair natural volume.


3) Messy Fishtail Braids

Messy fishtail braids give an excellent finishing touch to floral, tropical and bright summer dresses. This hairdo can be taken to the streets with casual shorts and t-shirts. Fishtail braids add a touch of youthfulness to casual outfits.

 4) French Twist

The French twist that was sported by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” made a fashion statement on the runways with brightly coloured hair integrated into the hairstyle. The twist spells out not only fun but also classic elements.

 5) Vivacious Hairdo with Bandanas 2013

Although bandanas are oft-famous as a great accessory to protect your hair from direct contact with the sun, they do wonders when they are integrated into a hairstyle. Bandanas make for one fresh and vivacious hairdo. The hair can be tied into a knot, twisted, plaited or simply left free flowing with a bandana to go with it.

 6) Hair Bands with Side Bangs

Think romantic cute and girly and what comes to the mind immediately are hair bands. Zipper hair bands have recently gained popularity and were sported on the runways in perfect harmony with side bangs.


 7) Asymmetrical Bob

For those of you who wish to keep the hassle of maintaining long hair at bay, or if you simply love the short crop, the asymmetrical bob is a good way to go as it can be pulled off with casual as well as formal attire.

The casual freshness brought to the runway for the 2013 Spring and Summer collections were complemented perfectly with new inspiring hair styles which are sure to be a hot favourite in the coming year.

The best part about these 2013 hairstyles is that you do not need an expert to style you each time you decide to sport one. You can try them out on your own!