What the Well Dressed Man Should be Wearing in Fall 2012 – 6 Trends Revealed

As you are probably aware, fashion works one step ahead of nature. As we step into fall from the summer (so to speak) runways are already buzzing with all the action on the Spring/Summer 2013 front.

While it is nice to be informed about forthcoming trends (so that one can adequately prepare one’s wardrobe), we felt that the more pressing need is to know the ‘in-trend’ in fashion now.

Of course, the fall 2012 trends would have been a much discussed topic a few months back, perhaps, just as we were stepping into summer. But surely you can’t be expected to remember what was discussed then.

So presenting exclusively for you once again:

What the Well Dressed Man Should Be Wearing in Fall 2012 (which means now)

  1. Military Style For Fall 2012

The essence of power and sophistication that emanates from military uniforms has kept this trend alive in men’s fashion for a long time now. Only the specific detailing changes in each season. In fall 2012, military style for men’s overcoats and jackets is a hot trend. And the predominant military colour remains green.


Military green overcoats and jackets are hot in fall 2012


  1. Leather Bomber Jackets for Fall 2012

While leather is a staple material for jackets in winter, in fall 2012, the focus is on leather bomber jackets. Bomber jackets inspired from the jackets worn by pilots during WWI makes a big comeback for fall 2012. With the leather bomber jacket you are assured of entry into ‘fall fashion hall of fame’.

Leather bomber jacket – bright colour and shearling collar.

 Leather bomber jackets are available in a variety of colours and additional embellishment like shearling collar, for additional warmth as well as a luxurious look.


  1. Sharp Suits

A well cut and tailored suit is a universal trend and not really restricted fall/winter or spring summer alone.

The reason we have included it here is that there was a significant emphasis on this trend on the ramps. And frankly, nothing creates an image of a stylish, sophisticated and suave gentleman than a sharp suit. Think James Bond, and you will know what we are talking about.

A well tailored suit can transform your look. So spend some time to get the fit right.


  1. Prints for Men in Fall 2012

The ‘Prints’ trend that was strong in Spring Summer 2012 continues along in Fall and seems to be as strong as ever. There are lots of options in how you can incorporate the print motif in your overall ensemble. You can either go for printed trousers or shirts. Otherwise, keeping the rest of the look plain, you can introduce print in the form of a cravat.

Prints are a great fashion trend for fall 2012


  1. Natural Textures

The suits in fall 2012 keep to natural textures. Velvet was a popular choice seen on the runways, as was wool, shearling and tweed. Experts recommend that mixing textures would not be a good idea.  Having just one texture accent creates a monochromatic look that is stylish and chic.


  1. Footwear Trends Fall 2012

You should know that the effect of a perfect ensemble (carefully put together) can be completely ruined by the wrong footwear. Shoes with metal details in the toes and heels were very popular on the ramps for Fall 2012.

 So gentlemen, armed with this knowledge, there is really no excuse for not looking your stylish best this Fall season.