Handbag Trends 2013

6 Hottest Handbag Trends For 2013 Are Here

And here’s a little twist to your favorite stars’ favorite bags. Today we bring to you not only one star’s lovely handbag collection, but we pamper you with a wide range of handbags for 2013 compiled by taking into account the most trendy handbags that we’ve seen on the ramp, clutched prettily in our stars’ hands or hanging stylishly on their shoulders, in movies and everywhere else.

The hottest handbags of 2013 are all lined up here for you. And if spending too much on accessories bothers you; a new bag every month won’t do you any harm.

1. Color Block Handbags 2013

2013 is going to be all about colors, loud bright and vivid colors, so you better make sure you stock up on items loaded with color. Color block handbags have quite a casual look and we picked up this trend from fashion 2013 runways. You ought to have at least one, because they are so gorgeous, chic and modern.

color block Handbag Trends 2013

Want to make heads turn in 2013? Then you better go get one of these.

2. Oversized Envelop Clutches 2013

In the past, we have known clutches as tiny versions of handbags and they’ve accompanied us to occasions where large handbags would not complement our look. Welcome 2013 and welcome the trend of oversized envelope clutches. They still are clutches, but they are larger; however, not as large as a shoulder handbag and they look really trendy. So what are you waiting for? Go get one now!

 Handbag Trends 2013

3. Metal Chain Strap Bags 2013

Gone are the days when it was only leather that handbag straps were fashioned out of. It’s now the age of metal chain straps on bags, with silver, golden and bronze chained straps adorning handbags.

 Metal Chain Strap Handbag Trends 2013

The trend of metal chain strap bags kicked off in 2012 and this trend was loved so much, that it is here to stay in 2013 as well. Many women have one metal strap bag in their wardrobe, do you?

4. Box Clutches 2013

Besides loud colors, 2013 will see a host of new shapes kicking in, leaving behind classic square handbags that later take the shape based on whatever is stuffed inside it. Boxed clutches are defined like a cube and no matter what you stuff into it; it will keep to its shape.

 Box Clutches Handbag Trends 2013

Box clutches make for a good accessory when you are attending a formal do. They look best with elegant dresses and long gowns. You need another reason to buy it? Box clutches are Kate Middleton’s favorite. Now we know what’s going to be number 1 on your “To Buy” list!

5. Box Handbags 2013

If you aren’t a clutch fan, or if clutches are too small for you and you still want a bag with a defined shape, then box handbags are for you. With the exception of a tough exterior, boxed handbags are just like any other handbag with respect to styles, colors and trendiness.

Box Handbag Trends 2013

6. Messenger Bags 2013

Messenger bags were a rage in 2012 and if you loved this trend, then the good news for you is that this trend continues in 2013 with a wide range of messenger bags for all you lovely women.

Messenger Handbag Trends 2013 The best part about messenger bags is that you can play with color, styles and shapes and also accessorize it with flowers, bows, buttons, metal embellishments, decorative elements and additional straps to make them look even trendier than they already are.

So get ready to splurge a little and let the New Year be all about fashion, style and keeping up with trends, because you deserve it all, for the lovely woman you are.