Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

Get Natural as Fashion becomes One with Nature: Don’t Miss these 6 Nature-Inspired Spring-Summer Trends

Spring brings with it a new beginning, a freshness that everybody enjoys. It is finally pleasing to open your eyes to a sun burning bright in a finely lit blue sky, the greens of all the leaves and trees and the colorful flowers in full bloom. It is that time of the year when you wake up to the sound of a chirping bird and a butterfly passing by can turn your day around.

Does nature often inspire you? Well, it looks like nature has inspired some of our favorite fashion designers too, who have styled their spring and summer 2013 collection based on the wholesome goodness of nature.

Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

Oh yes spring and summer gets even more exciting with these lovely trends, patterns and colors. You’ve got to check it out if you wish to make summer the coolest season for fashion. So would you like to come join us and be a part of this naturally beautiful treat to the eyes?

Leafy Greens

Go Green this spring and summer 2013 as Marc Cain brings out a fabulous line of clothing with dresses, tunics, trousers and skirts – all covered up with beautiful bright and dark green leaves.

1. Leafy Green Bottoms

Covering a broad spectrum of big and small leaves, you can do nature a really huge favor by reminding people to plant trees with some leafy green bottoms. The best part is that you are being effortlessly stylish at the same time.

Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

You can pair up your leafy green bottoms (trousers and skirts) with neutral colored tops and also bring on a green jacket to emphasize the “natural” look.

2. Leafy Green Dresses

When the green bug bites you, everything that’s green seems to amaze you. Take your fascination with green a step further by splurging some green bills on these lovely green dresses. Get decked up with leaves and flowers printed on pretty fabrics and enjoy spring and summer in all its glory.

Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

To add to your trendiness, you can pull over a white or green shrug or a jacket with a belt over it. Pair it up with some gladiators or green flats and you are good to go.

Floral Prints

Spring and summer are never complete without floral prints and we’re sure you know that very well by now.

3. Bold Floral Patterns

Bold floral prints comprise flowers patterned geometrically, which are large in size and loud in color. You will find colors thrown together in never-found-before combinations like yellow, purple, orange, red and blue, all in one pretty outfit.

Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

Dresses in Bold Floral Patterns look amazingly great. And if you aren’t feeling too “dressy” you can also opt for bold floral skirts and trousers and pair them up with neutral colors.

Remember that loud fabrics are best paired with neutrals to tone down the loudness. But don’t you forget to heavily accessorize as accessories are a hot fashion item that you must vow never to do without in spring and summer 2013.

4. Sober Floral Prints

 For all you women out there who feel conscious sporting loud floral prints, there is something wonderful in store for you too this summer and spring. Switch to sober floral prints if the loud ones have started to hurt your eyes.

Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

Pairing loud florals with neutral colors is a must, but when you wear soft floral prints, you can pair them up with any color. Neutral, soft or loud anything will look great with sober floral prints.

5. Black and White Floral Prints

 Black and white florals are quite unheard of, but anything is possible in spring and summer 2013. Pay a fashionable tribute to all those flowers that withered away by sporting this lively collection of black and white flowers.

Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

Here again you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your choice of garment. Dresses, skirts, tunics and trousers all look great in black and white floral prints and can fortunately be paired with any color.

6. Butterfly Prints

 Animal Prints have been a hot favorite among many women for as long as we can remember. Now it’s time to sport something new. When we say let’s get one with nature, we mean it literally.

Spring Summer Nature Trends 2013

Flaunt a butterfly on your skirt or a host of them on your dress and who knows you might leave some pretty butterflies dumbfounded with these unique and dazzling patterns.

And by the time you have made the most of summer and spring with these fashionable trends, it will be time for the heat to subside, giving way to a new season with every reason to try on some different trends. So make hay while the sun shines with these lovely trends (and we mean it literally).