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Set Tongues Wagging Oooh La La with these 6 Print Trends for 2013

Wearing an outfit with vivid prints on it is like wearing a mono-shaded outfit with accessories. Prints are very much in vogue, just like they have always been. The best part about prints is that there are innumerable designs that are available for you to choose from, which will ensure that no one else will be dressed looking exactly like you on the same evening.


Giving us a glimpse into what fashion 2013 has in store for us, the runways showcased loud prints on dresses, trousers, t-shirts, skirts and blouses that are going to be a hot sensation for the year ahead. While most designer labels played it safe by launching prints only for their spring/summer collection, with sober colours and designs for winter, it looks like we are in luck for winter as well with a variety of prints available for fall/winter 2012-13.

Let’s catch a quick glimpse of some of the prints trending for the year 2013:

1. Floral Prints 2013

While floral prints have always been in vogue for the months of sunny spring and summer, this year we see oversized floral prints ruling the ramp. Tiny leaves and flowers seem to have fully bloomed in their glory on dresses, hence the large, oversized floral prints.

Floral prints are not restricted only to dresses for 2013. Floral skirts and trousers are in vogue, but be sure to team them up with a well matching t-shirt/blouse.


2. Snakeskin Prints 2013

Tigers have had a chance and so did leopards, cheetahs and white tigers too, so why shouldn’t snakeskin make for a pretty pattern? Well, don’t freak out. We are not talking animal cruelty here. Artificial snakeskin prints are in vogue for the upcoming year. These prints ruled on fashion runways in London, Paris, New York and Milan and are sure to make you rule too.

3. Single Bloom Prints 2013

While single bloom prints run on the same lines as floral designs, if you look closely, you will find some differences between floral prints and single bloom prints. While floral prints are more about a mix and match of different flowers and other floral elements, single bloom prints are repetitive with its design. Single bloom prints appear very chic and classy. You can probably don some of these in winter too so that it looks like you’re in bloom when the leaves and flowers have fallen off from the trees.

4. Tribal Prints 2013

Dazzle like a diva in tribal prints. Bring out your funkiest earrings, let you hair down, wear bright coloured footwear and hit the streets in these lovely tribal prints for 2013.

5. Jailbird Prints 2013

Jailbird prints in black and white checks and stripes are in. These prints are also known as circus fun prints. You can play with the two colours and find various designs and fabulous fabrics to wear.

6. Camouflage Prints 2013

Look like a tough but stylish soldier in these camouflage prints. 2013 will see a variety of these not only on major ramps and high end designer stores, but also on the streets. The variations in colours and patterns give the camouflage print a sexy, yet feminine look.

7. Geometric Prints 2013

Geometric prints include every element that you were made familiar with in your childhood. Triangles, circles, rectangles, pentagons and so many more elements shaped to form geometric elements on your clothes. For 2013, geometric prints that produce optical illusions will rock. If you want people to lose themselves in amazement looking at you then you must get some of these prints ready for 2013.


So those were the latest patterns in print designs for 2013. We hope you will want to make a fashionable investment in some of these fabulous prints that we have showcased to you. Ditch some of the sober shades you have and fill your wardrobe with prints and stay stylish throughout 2013.