Eye Make Up

6 Stunning Celebrity Make-up Trends in 2012

Have you ever wished to resemble your favorite celebrity?

Well… We all would know the answer to that question as almost every girl and every woman hopes to bear a striking resemblance to her favorite celebrity at some point in her lifetime.

Famous personalities often seem to pose a ‘larger than life’ public image. Their attitude, aura, style, speech, looks and fashion sense are not only appreciated but heavily imitated by millions across the globe. Every female celebrity is marked by her individual make-up style and dressing sense. Some carry subtle make-up while others exhibit a loud and flashy appearance.

Let us take a look at some of the most stunning celebrity make-up trends of this year:

1) Luscious Red lips

red lips

When it comes to flaunting a striking lip color, a red lipstick is always considered as an all-time classic. Actresses in the late 80’s were the original trendsetters of this particular make-up style that incorporates dark colored lipsticks that instantly attract all the attention.

There is something about red, cherry & burgundy shades of glossy lipsticks that gives an absolutely sensual yet sophisticated appeal to a lady’s overall face. Of course, you need to possess an innate classy attitude like Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Megan Fox to successfully carry this bold look.

2) Thick Eyebrows

thick eyebrows

2012 is all about a revolutionary fashion sense that promotes natural appearance for women rather than a clichéd made-up look that most models and Hollywood actresses sport. No one can pull-off fuller eyebrows as Jennifer Lopez. Say hello to thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows that enhance a woman’s overall facial appearance. Fuller eye-brows are perfect for chubby face-cuts. Get rid of those tweezers that you’ve carried along everywhere for years and celebrate your natural beauty for a change.

3) Sun Kissed Cheeks

Sun Kissed Cheeks

Sport a beach glam look with this ‘not so glamorous’ make-up style that adds an amazing glow to your cheeks. Eva Longoria is a perfect model for displaying the sophistication and classy appeal that sun-kissed cheeks can bring to your overall appearance. You don’t necessarily have to wait for the summer season to give your cheeks that natural glow. Simply use a light foundation base that compliments your skin-tone with a touch of light shaded blush-on and you are good to go.

4) Well-Defined Eye Make-Up

beyonce with eye makeup

A subtle eye make-up is always considered as extremely elegant and stylish for all events. Kim Kardashian & Beyonce Knowles have always been extremely particular with their eye make-up. Contoured eyeliner with light shimmery eye-shadow, glossy lipstick and a mild touch-up of blush-on gives a charismatic appeal to your entire persona.

5) Spider Lashes

Kim Kardashian spider lashes

Let your eyes sparkle with the stunning spider lashes that are presently sported by a number of celebrities & models on fashion runways as well as Hollywood red carpet events. Get those beautiful sultry eyes like Kim Kardashian by selecting the right make and size of spider lashes. Just as important it is to pick these in the right size, it is equally essential to master the technique of its application in order to get the desired look.

6) Smoky Eye Make-Up

Angelina Jolie smokey eye makeup

Smoky eye make-up never goes out of style. All you have to do is hide the under-eye circles with a fine quality concealer with black mascara and highlighter on the eyelids. Further accentuate the beauty of your eyes by using an eyelash curler and/or false eyelashes. Blessed with a striking jaw line and big beautiful eyes, Angelina Jolie looks absolutely ravishing with a smoky eye make-up.

Make-up is an art which can be excelled only through experience and constant practice. Celebrity make-up trends are natural trendsetters therefore considered as forever in-style. Regardless of this fact, it is very important for every woman to comprehend her individual beauty with topmost regards and accordingly ensure to adopt a particular make-up style that compliments her skin-tone and facial features.