People's Choice Awards 2013

7 Divas at People’s Choice Awards 2013: Who rocked the Red Carpet?

At our latest outing on the Red Carpet at the People’s Choice Awards 2013, we truly had a blast. We witnessed some of the greatest moments in fashion manifest on the Red Carpet, right before our eyes, setting it ablaze with fashion’s trendiest flames. It was a splendid evening filled with many rights and thankfully, not too many wrongs.

So would you like to play the fashion police, judging all of Hollywood’s divas on the Red Carpet at the People’s Choice Awards 2013? Because, we have brought to you only the best among the best and so we leave it up to you to decide who stays at the top and who goes to the bottom from our awesome compilation of the trendiest choices at the People’s Choice Awards 2013.

Being presented to you in no order of preference are the stars that rocked the Red Carpet at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards.

1. Lea Michele

Lea Michele came all dressed looking perky and trendy in a short pink dress. Although many go wrong with this color, Lea certainly rocked this glittering piece and walked home with an award for favorite TV comedy actress. We’d have loved it had she chosen another pair over those pink strappy sandals, but these aren’t too bad either, right? Well, you’re the judge!

People's Choice Awards 2013

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift mesmerized us beyond words. The singer looked simply angelic, dressed perfectly for the Red Carpet in this flawless white flowing evening gown. She certainly surprised us with her look, were you surprised too? People's Choice Awards 2013

3. Chloe Moretz

We loved Chloe’s Red Carpet look at the People’s Choice Awards 2013 for two reasons. Not only did this girl go with neon, a ragingly trendy color for 2013, but she also went for a floral print ushering the arrival of spring very soon and the beginning of spring fashion trends for 2013. Did you like it too? Or did you think it was too early to flaunt spring fashion?

People's Choice Awards 2013

4. Heidi Klum

Can this supermodel ever go wrong with anything she wears? Heidi Klum looked truly fabulous and classy in black as she sizzled on the Red Carpet with every step she took with those pointed toe heels. The slight skin show spiced up her ensemble in quite a classy way.

People's Choice Awards 2013

5. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts opted for a classy color combination of black and gold on the Red Carpet and looked like a true Hollywood diva, in style from head to toe, spelling out “CLASSY” with every move. We loved the precious stone studded neckpiece and the elegant box clutch as well.

People's Choice Awards 2013

6. Rachel Leigh Cook

Rachel Leigh Cook looked like an Egyptian goddess (minus the flashy gold) in this elegant turquoise blue gown and her gold neckpiece. The well fitted corset top flaring into a flowing skirt makes Rachel look like a princess.

People's Choice Awards 2013

7. Jennifer Aniston

The Little Black Dress never fails to go unnoticed on the Red Carpet now, does it? Jennifer Aniston’s shiny little black cocktail dress seemed like one unique piece to flaunt on the Red Carpet; however, it did work for her. So we’re not complaining.

People's Choice Awards 2013

So have you made up your mind? Which celebrity rocked the Red Carpet and which didn’t? It’s time to cast your votes now, so don’t forget to leave your comments as to which actress’s look worked best for you.