7 Facial Skincare Tips for Men – Get the Blemish Free Look!

Good skin care has always been women’s prerogative. That attitude is slowly changing nowadays as men too have become cautious about their looks.

It’s not the looks that matter; more often it’s the cleanliness that men look for. Skincare is one such area where men want that cleanliness aspect to come out more than mere looks.

Very clearly, artificial cosmetics are the last ones men would prefer using. They are fine with just a clean wash with a little moisturizer. But days are quickly changing with men preferring body washes of high quality, sunscreen creams and the like.

Men mostly prefer to avoid dry skin and the best tips that would help them get a radiating and healthy skin are as follows:

1) Facial Skin Cleansing  

Naturally, men’s skin gets oily through the day in most of the areas, sometimes during winter too. This gets more often worse as the oil sticks to one’s skin and blocks the pores, preventing the razor from gliding smoothly. Hence before you shave, make sure you wash your face and cleanse ensuring there isn’t any oil blockage.

2) The Shave

Moisturize the skin with a thin layer of shaving cream or gel. Smoothness ensures a better shave. Warm water is the key to a healthy skin. Splash your face regularly with warm water after you shave and cleanse the face. Use a quality cleanser.

3) Shave in the Shower

Isn’t it always good to multitask? Shave while you are still in shower. This will help you maintain your skin, keep it moist and open up your pores too. It also makes the hair softer and easier to remove. This is the ideal option to have it done altogether. Best means to maintain your skin.

4) Shave in the Direction of Your Hair Growth

Shaving in the direction of hair growth is the key to avoid irritation. It also controls hair damage. Take caution and avoid shaving in the opposite direction.

5) Choice of Razor for Perfect Skincare

Use a multi blade razor that’s soft on your skin. The most important thing in choosing a razor is comfort and less pressure on your skin. Lesser the pressure, better the skin condition over a period of time.

6) Avoid Shaving in Haste

Skin damage is a very common phenomenon. One possible reason could be due to hasty and careless razor movements. Take your time when you shave your beard. This reduces the pressure on the skin and also makes sure your skin is taken care of.

7) Use Your Moisturizer Regularly

The simple and most effective means to maintain men’s skin is to use moisturizer regularly (at least two times of the day). Look for one such which has nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, essential oils, etc.

Follow the above routine and make sure you use appropriate sunscreen lotions to take care of your skin. It is important that you too follow this on a daily basis to ensure that you get striking, glowing, radiating skin over a period of time; and of course attract a lot of women too.