Stay Warm & Sexy with these 7 Trench Coat Trends for Winter 2013

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, it is equally true that necessity is the true source of fashion too. Take trench coats for instance. Developed as an alternative for the serge great coat used by British and French soldiers, the trench coat today is an important part of the fashionable woman’s wardrobe.

The trench coats were originally developed as a garment to keep soldiers warm and to offer protection from rain.  Hence they were made with water proof material with wool (or other warm material) lining inside. The typical trench coat length was below the knees, had plenty of pockets for convenient storage, and usually included a broad belt.

Over time, trench coats in more or less the same format, (with belts, buttons, pockets et al) crept into women’s fashion trends and for some time now have been an inseparable part of women’s winter outer wear trends.

Trench Coat Trends for Winter 2013

1.  Metallic Trench Coat Trends 2013

Burberry Prorsum, the original trench coat creator showcased metallic trench coats in their 2013 collections. These bright colored trench coats definitely do grab the eye. The belt in these coats was tied up in a knot rather than being traditionally buckled up, which added further to the look.  The belt color was either the same as the coat or was in a contrast hue. The show stealer in our opinion was a dual tone pink and gold trench coat.


2. Lace Trench Coat Trends 2013

When it comes to trench coat trends in 2013, we observed much creativity and certainly several surprises. Lace, though, a favorite fabric for women’s trends is traditionally not associated with outer wear, let alone winter outer wear. Yet Burberry included a lace trench coat in its 2013 winter trench coat collection for women.

This emerald green lace trench coat with the contrasting black belt is sure to send temperatures soaring this winter.

Trench Coat Trends 2013

3. Leather Trench Coat Trends 2013

No surprises here. Leather, as staple fabric in winter wear (both outer wear and inner wear) was seen in the ramps as showcased by Belstaff. The Belstaff leather trench coat collection had a chic and sophisticated look. One of the options in the collection was the trench coat with fur accents (again a staple winter fabric and yes, you can opt for faux fur) which added a sexy appeal to the ensemble.

Trench Coat Trends 2013

4. Grommet Belt Trench Coat Trends 2013

Italian luxury fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo focused on the grommet belt in its 2013 trench coat collection. While the material was leather, the presence of the grommet belt added the extra pizzazz to the outfit. Wide lapels and contrast lapels were the other stand-out features in this collection.

Trench Coat Trends 2013

5. Contrast Piping in Trench Coats Trends 2013

An interesting trend observed in 2013 was the use of contrast piping in trench coats. Several major fashion houses showcased this trend and it did make quite an impression. Contrast was created using zippers, decorative stitching, and patchwork using fabric such as leather, denim or suede. All in all the overall effect was extremely pleasing to the eye, creating a sophisticated look.

Trench Coat Trends 2013

6. Classic White Wide Lapel Trench Coat

The classic white never goes out of style. Though admittedly an item in your wardrobe that requires high maintenance and care, and which definitely is not ‘cheap’, the classic white wide lapel trench coat is definitely worth its price. Its elegance and grace transform it from a mere outer wear to a core fashion apparel by itself. Here, have a look at this piece from Burberry’s 2013 collection and decide for yourself.


7. Color Trends for Women’s Trench Coats in 2013

Apart from the metallic colors observed in the Burberry 2013 collection, the rest of the color trends for trench coats in 2013 remained muted and neutral. Fashion biggies like Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and others stuck to the tried and tested (if tad boring) greys, blacks and creams.

So if you have any of these colors already sitting in your wardrobe, you are in luck. Just bring them out and you are all trendy for 2013.

Trench Coat Trends 2013

So these are the top trench coat trends for winter 2013. While typically, trench coats were used more for rain protection and in the enemy lines, now you can flaunt them fashionably.

The options are plenty. The trends vary from creating a look next door to a look that is elegant and sexy.

What do you think? Can you pull off the bright metallic Burberry trench coats? Or would you rather stick to the classic white? And for everyday practical use too there are several options Which trench coat will you go with? And which is your absolute favorite? Do let us know in the comments.