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For Your Ears Only: 8 Trendy Earring Patterns for 2013

We love our earrings, don’t we? So feminine, so pretty and so charming!

With the wind breezing through your hair and these danglers in your ears, get ready to strut about the streets proudly, adorned in nothing but the best.

If you go through lengths of trouble to ensure that you’re wearing the best of clothes, the trendiest shoes and carrying the most elegant bag, why shouldn’t your jewellery be stylish too?

We bring to you some of the latest earring trends and patterns lined up for 2013. Be prepared to shell out a fancy amount of moolah on the hottest and trendiest earrings for 2013, that we bring to you in this compilation.


1. Oversized Rules for 2013

Well, we’re not compelling you to throw away those studs and clip-on’s you like, but do go shopping for some oversized danglers. We noticed that oversized earrings ruled major fashion shows for 2013 like those by Tony Birch, Ferragamo and Nina Ricci.

We have often seen our celebrities decking themselves up in oversized shiny metal and precious gemstone earrings on the red carpet for award ceremonies. Oversized jewellery stands out on the red carpet and matches elegant gowns perfectly.

No, you do not need to wear oversized jewellery only for a red carpet look; there is a wide variety of casual looking oversized earrings available to suit your needs. Adorn yourself with these pretty oversized danglers and stay in vogue with this lovely earring trend in 2013.

2. Victorian Antique Earrings 2013

The antique look for jewellery is in. You can go for these antique Victorian styled earrings and be prepared to have all eyes on you. Victorian styled jewellery possesses a rare elegance that makes it a perfect look for formal dos. This is one earring trend for 2013 that you MUST HAVE!

3. Versace’s H&M Cruise Collection

Versace never fails to impress and you can see this in the magic created by Donatella for the H&M cruise jewellery collection for Versace. We’d love to call this the blue butterfly collection as each of these designs has a consistent blue butterfly running through them. These circular hoops adorned with pretty butterflies will certainly be in vogue for 2013. Go hurry to the nearest jewellery store and buy yourself these earrings right away, you do not want the butterflies to fly away, do you?


4. Floral Earrings 2013

Take the summer theme of keeping it floral all the way up to your earrings. These floral pieces are inspired by the floral printed apparels showcased on the ramp during the London Fashion Week. You can have them custom made for you with some precious corals or you can simply stick to plastic floral earrings. These are sure to make you look like you are in full bloom. Very fashionable, very stylish, the perfect choice for Summer Spring 2013 earring fashion!


5. Coral & Pearl Earring Fashion 2013

Get inspired to don the “Under the Sea” look with this fabulous coral and pearl earring collection. While pearls translate into classy and elegant, corals spell out trendy. Of course you do not want to shell out a lot, some imitation pearl and coral jewellery will fix the budget problem and still help you stay in vogue 😉


6. Chanel Earrings 2013

Ladies, stand up and applause as we introduce to you the Chanel Earring Collection for 2013. This simple, yet elegant piece will delight you. Sealed with the brand logo and with a bow on top, these dainty earrings are the perfect choice for those of you who dislike danglers.

 7. Serpent Styled Earrings 2013

These serpent style earrings are sure to be one rocking hit for earring fashion in 2013. A unique and trendy design, that was a major hit on the runway, is available in various metallic colours such as gold, blue and silver.

8. Timeless Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs are certainly not a new trend, but considering their popularity, you will see a number of women, and earring loving men, too, sporting this earring fashion. So, always keep this piece handy in the upcoming year.

We have so much to say about your favourite jewellery, but, unfortunately, we just cannot keep going on and on. Because if we did go on, you would be glued to your computer screen and you wouldn’t want to go shop for these beautiful earrings.

Well, we hope we have inspired you to go out and splurge! So, on you mark, get set and SPLURGE!