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Alexander Wang For H&M: 5 Things You Need To Know

Say what you want, but the collaborations between H&M and famous fashion houses are in high demand from the moment they’re launched. Fashionistas everywhere flock to the nearest H&M stores (or, you know, browsers) to shop their favorite looks. Clothes are flying off the racks and general madness ensues… and it seems that this will be the case once again this fall.

Come November, we will be able to shop the latest designer collaboration: Alexander Wang X H&M.

Here are 5 things you need to know, while you wait to hit the “Add To Bag” button:

1. LAUNCH DATE: The collection will launch in select H&M stores and online at hm.com on November 6th. Before that, you can watch the launch event live from New York. The live streaming will start on October 16th at 8:15 PM EST on the H&M website.

alexander wang hm 2
Photo from the Alexander Wang HM lookbook.

2. EARLYBIRD: The first look from the collab was worn by Rihanna during New York Fashion Week. She sported leggings and a crop top, both with the word “Wang” written across them.

alexander wang hm rihanna photo rex
Rihanna wearing Alexander Wang HM total look.

3. GET SPORTY: Unsurprisingly, the theme for the collection revolves around sports. With this collection, Alexander Wang treats us to a fine selection of sporty-luxe pieces that are as true to his design aesthetics as they are to H&M’s price points. The collection includes both womenswear and menswear and, judging by the lookbook, it will massively pump up our street creds. Scuba dresses, sweatshirts, leggings, gloves, beanies, sweatshirts, knee-high socks and parkas – they all speak of a credible and action-ready street-style collection.

alexander wang hm teaser
The first Alexander Wang HM teaser.

4. THE WANG EFFECT: If you love his designs, you’ll want to show them off! Most of the pieces in the collection, from beanies to tops, gloves and socks all prominently display the designer’s name: WANG.

alexander wang hm 12
Photo from the Alexander Wang HM lookbook.

5. IT’S A FIRST: This is the first time H&M collaborates with an American designer. Alexander Wang has launched his namesake brand back in 2007. Ever since, his name has become synonymous with a cool, effortless and often sport-themed chicness. All the IT girls have flocked to wear his latest clothes and killer shoes, and for good reason: he knows what’s cool and he knows how to put his own signature spin on it.

alexander wang hm 1
Photo from the Alexander Wang HM lookbook.

So, what do you think about the latest H&M guest-designer collection?

Photos via vogue.com

Top 5 Fall 2014 Fashion Trends You Need To Know

Cheer up, girls! Even though summer is coming to its inevitable end, there’s a lot to look forward to (at least fashion-wise) in these colder months. For starters, here are the top 5 fall 2014 fashion trends you need to know RIGHT NOW. Because hey, it’s never too early for a colorful fur, right?

1) FAUX Fur, Fur, Furs!
Speaking about faux furs, they were all over the runways in the Fall/Winter 2014 shows – they are pretty much unavoidable in the colder months. Luckily, this season, the designers have pumped it up a notch and have boldly sent a vast array of colorful faux furry coats down the runway. From pink to red or pastel blue – and everything in between – colorful furs will reign supreme.

colorful fur

Above: Prada/Marc Jacobs/Lanvin/Fendi/Gucci

2) Power Knits
Next up, another major element of the fall 2014 fashion trends: knits. Forget about single sweater pieces! Instead, the designers were all about the head-to-toe knitted look which included an oversized sweater and knitted skirts or pants. Talk about staying warm! This season, we’ll be cozying up to massive (and hopefully super-warm) knitted outfits.

power knits

Above: The Row/Celine/Acne/Calvin Klein/Marc Jacobs

3) Cool Sneakers
If you love being both stylish and comfortable, this is one of the fall 2014 fashion trends you will surely love. Come winter, the almighty colorful sneakers will most likely become a must for every fashionista out there. Wear them with skirts, pants and anything in between: we’re pretty sure they will become your new best friends.

cool sneakers

Above: Chanel/DKNY/Marc by Marc Jacobs/Chanel

4) Capes
Talking about the top fall 2014 fashion trends… here’s one clothing item we haven’t seen in a while! Judging by the sheer amount of capes sent down the runway this season, this old/new staple is bound to be the next best thing in fashion. Maxi or midi, floral or in bold colors, the cape is a versatile piece. Pair it with mini skirts or dresses for the ultimate romantic look.


Above: Dolce&Gabbana/Ralph Lauren/Saint Laurent/Saint Laurent/Valentino

5) 60s Vibes
Last but definitely not least, the 60s are back in style! Mini skirts worn with knee-high boots are a massive trend this season. From super-colorful ensembles to pastels, browns and blacks, there’s something for everyone. So whip out those miniskirts ladies! Out of all the fall 2014 fashion trends, this is the one that will make a modern vixen out of ya!

60s vibes

Above: Saint Laurent/Gucci/Valentino/Valentino/Versace

Top 10 Timeless Fashion Pieces That Are Worth the Splurge

Fashion is disposable, there is really no way around it. If you’re a trend setter, or a trend follower, the chances of that trendy item making its way into the next season are probably slim to none. So you toss it out, donate it to charity, if you’re really lucky, you sell it and make a bit back on your investment. Unless you’ve got the bankroll of Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston, you probably aren’t selling your soul for uber trendy items when you know you can get the knock-off version of a labeled trend for a fraction of the price. That being said, there are certainly items in your wardrobe that you probably did spend a mint on, and if you were smart about it, they’re items that never go out of style. So if your super trendy wardrobe seems to be missing a few timeless touches, here are 10 items I think spending some good coin on will pay you back in dividends.

1) Fitted Leather Jacket

fitted leather jacket
Fitted Leather Jacket Is A Timeless Fashion Piece

Leather is always in. Period. Leather jackets may follow trends, the designs will change slightly, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the most splurge-worthy pieces in your wardrobe. It’s not an impulse buy, and it may take years to find the perfect jacket, but trust me, it’s so worth it! The key of course is to find a timeless cut, and that means something that’s fitted in the waist, arms and shoulders will little or no embellishment. Avoid studs, heavy buckles or any other types of hardware that might date it.

black leather handbag

2) Black Leather Handbag

Keeping up with the handbag trends can be a bit exhausting, not to mention detrimental to the ‘ol bank account! We’d all love to be able to keep up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians), but Coach, Louis Vitton and Kate Spade isn’t always in the stars for all of us. But forget trendy labels, a sleek, black leather purse is a must for every woman’s wardrobe. Realistically, we don’t need a closet full of handbags, besides, switching back and forth is such a hassel, so if you can bring yourself to purchasing a classic or two, you’re all set!

black silk blouse

3) A Silk Blouse (or two!)

Sure, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but so is silk, and it’s cheaper! Having a silk blouse or two in your wardrobe will relieve you of all those “what-to-wear” conundrums. You can wear silk to work, out with girlfriends, or out on the town with your date. If you can manage to snag one in black and one in white, you’ll have more looks than you’ll know what to do with.

black skinny jeans

4) Black Skinny Jeans

The slim or skinny fit jean is definitely a trend that’s come and gone, but we now know that it’s a style that is going no where fast. From casual to couture looks, the black skinny is a style that looks great on absolutely every body type. Whether you style it down with a simple over-sized t-shirt, or you chic it up with your signature silk blouse and a tuxedo blouse, it is without question one of the most versatile pieces you’ll ever purchase. You don’t have to spend a mint, but to ensure quality and the longevity of color in the fabric, make sure the denim is ring-spun, soft and with as little hardware as possible.

black dress

5) The Little Black Dress

Remember Audrey Hepburn’s iconic black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s? That’s the sort of impact you should make with your little black number. You should definitely have more than one, but let one or two of them be timeless silhouettes rather than trendy flash-in-the-pan designs. Stay away from anything with mesh or sheer material as a staple, it’s not classic. Don’t cheap out, great fabric costs money and will last through decades of wear.


6) Lingerie

It may be tempting to buy the $5.00 thongs from the panty bin at our local lingerie shop, but we all know they don’t last. The elastic starts to go on them, the colors fade, and before you know it, it looks like you’re wearing second hand underwear, yuck! Over 90% of us are wearing the wrong sized bra, and it’s often because we get suckered into flash sales, scooping up as many bras as we can, for as little as we can. A good set of bras is always worth splurging on!

classic trench coat

7) A Classic Trench

There’s always that funny transitional time between summer and fall, and winter to spring, when you need something that keeps your warm enough, but is light enough you can layer if you need to. The classic trench is a piece that no wardrobe can go without. It is arguably the most versatile coats you can purchase, and it’s definitely something worth spending some good coin on. Choose colors that are timeless like black, tan, or even red.


8) A Slammin’ Pair of Sunnies

Eyewear. We always find some way to justify blowing all of our money on a killer pair of sunglasses, and to someone who doesn’t love fashion as much as we do, they may think that’s ridiculous. Well, it all depends on how much you’re forking out, but the higher quality the sunnies, the more expensive they are, and at the end of the day, is your eyesight (and perfect sense of style!) really worth cheaping out for? Of course not! The challenge is finding a shape that doesn’t peg you into one fashion era.

silk scarf

9) A Silk Scarf

You might be scratching your head on this one, but trust me, a silk scarf is something I bring out several times a month for all sorts of events. Use it to tie your luscious locks back, pair it with your little black dress and use it as a shawl, or drape it around your neck to refine your look. Here’s hoping Hermes is having a sale!



10) A Signature Scent

It can take forever to find your perfect scent, but when you do, watch the world fall at your feet! Believe it or not, perfumes go through trends also, but let’s get real here, who really wants to smell like everyone else? Not me! Take a peruse through the perfume department at your favorite beauty shop or department store, and commit some time to seeing what works on your skin!

Hollywood’s Top 5 Super Moms’ Yummy Mummy’s Fashion Guide

Women tend to slow down post pregnancy. When the new born bundle of joy makes his/her first appearance into the world, the mother completely loses herself. No longer does anything else hold as much significance to a mother as her new born baby and she decides to put everything on hold for the little one.

This leads new mothers to put themselves at the backseat, gain weight, sleep less and tone down the fashion and in short DE GLAM. Health and beauty no longer feature on their list of priorities. Going against these odds are some very famous Hollywood moms who maintained their looks, beauty and body post motherhood and their amazing fashion sense tremendously contributes to their appeal.


If you have been looking for inspiration to turn on your charm post motherhood, titillate your partner with a new found appeal and get back into the game, there’s plenty of inspiration available in Hollywood. Let Hollywood’s top 5 supermoms give you a bit of advice on how to dress post motherhood and still possess charm.

Here’s presenting the yummy mummies in Hollywood.

1. Angelina Jolie

We still find it hard to believe that the soon to be Mrs. Pitt plays mother to a handful of 6 children. With minor age differences between all six of them, this super mom still manages to stay beautiful and in shape and her flawless sense of style takes years off her age.

Most of Angelina’s memorable public appearances have been on the red carpet, so if you are attending a formal do post motherhood, you can draw inspiration from her.


2. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has effortlessly managed to defy all possible signs of ageing and is one rocking Hollywood mom. Currently a single parent, Lopez manages to grab people by the eyeballs with her looks. Her fashion sense is simply mesmerizing and we could pick up more than a lesson or two from her.

While you check out her clothes, one thing you will notice about Jennifer is the variations in hairstyles she comes up with. So if you’re attending your kid’s school functions, taking them to the park or gracing a formal occasion, do try on some of her hair dos.

3. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has proven successful in passing on her fashionable genes to daughter Suri and now, not only is Katie a style icon but Suri too is a fashion sensation with parents wanting to dress up their baby girls just the way Suri dresses up.

Katie Holmes’ casual look is a perfect one to carry for school visits. Stock up on trousers, jeans, t-shirts jackets, boots and you’ll find Katie Holmes staring back at you into the mirror. This look is sure to have all the other moms gawking at you in amazement wondering what your beauty secret is.


4. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s fashion is timeless and elegant. Drawing inspiration from her is sure to get you back on the fashion scene and establish you there once and for all. Let’s say you are at a wedding and are looking for something which will show people that motherhood hasn’t taken a toll on you at all, then Nicole Kidman is the way to go mama.


5. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is one super mom who knows how to add a youthful zing to her look each time she steps out. And what she loves doing is accessorize.

Bright, colourful and oversized accessories add a youthful touch to your image and make you look much younger than you actually are. So the next time you’re stepping out, no matter what you’re wearing, be sure to accessorize and you will be a yummy youthful mommy.


We hope that you’ve picked up some amazing fashion tips from Hollywood’s hottest moms to zing up your wardrobe and style.

You can take it slow, but don’t let it lay back forever.

Christopher Kane To Take Over Balenciaga

After the unexpected news announcing the sudden departure of Nicolas Ghesquiere from the house of Balenciaga surfaced the internet on November 5th, the entire fashion world was left in a haze. The French designer chose to dramatically end a 15 years collaboration with the Paris fashion house, which he converted into a modern luxury brand with his original aesthetic and innovative creativity.

The question that emerged on everyone’s lips soon after the news broke down had everything to do with the name of the person who was going to try and fill in Ghesquiere’s shoes. On Friday afternoon, the French media confirmed that Scottish designer Christopher Kane was the one chosen to step as the new creative director for the house of Balenciaga.


Nicolas Ghesquiere began his brilliant collaboration with Balenciaga as creative director back in 1997, when he was only 25 years-old. His respect towards Cristobal Balenciaga’s original aesthetic mixed with his strong vision, soon transformed the Parisian fashion house into the critically acclaimed brand it is today. His latest collection for Balenciaga Spring 2013 was defined by a surpassing elegance that successfully blend together elements of cubism, architecture and dance movement. Flamenco ruffles met rigid cut-outs, high-waist silhouettes were paired to contrasting cropped tops, for an overall modern and seductive approach.


Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Emma Stone, alongside Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Connelly and Diane Kruger, are just a few of the celebrities that were always in love with the Balenciaga creations and chose them repeatedly for countless occasions. The Hollywood ladies devoted to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s aesthetic made for bold and inspired appearances every single time.


Christopher Kane established his eponymous label back in 2006 with the help of his sister, Tammy Kane. In 2009, the Scottish designer also began a fruitful collaboration with Donatella Versace for the Versus line. Known for his impeccable construction skills and for his use of unexpected materials, Kane and his unique vision appoint him as one of the most talented designers, most certainly able to change directions for the house of Balenciaga.

Cristopher Kane’s Spring 2013 collection was an eclectic mix of unusual elements and shapes that came together as a fully cohesive and chic array, playing upon art and strong impulses.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Keira Knightley and Alexa Chung are the latest celebrities to have worn the Scottish brand. Other fans of the fashion house are Rosamund Pike, Caroline Sieber and Shailene Woodley, all looking equally beautiful and stunning in Christopher Kane’s designs.


Although we are not happy with Nicolas Ghesquiere’s departure from Balenciaga, we cannot help but feel excitement for what the future holds for the super talented Christopher Kane, who will take Nicolas’ chair starting December 1st. Both of the designers are expected to write new brilliant chapters of their history, and we cannot wait to witness the outcome.


The Cropped Sweater: Fall’s “It” Piece and Five Easy Ways To Style It

The cropped sweater might not be exactly the newest trend on the fashion radar, but its longevity and versatility should definitely stand for something. It was back in 2010 when the designers first thought about reintroducing the cropped sweater into their fall collections, and here we are two years later, with the trend becoming bigger and bolder than ever. New shapes, new prints, new fabrics and countless ways to wear it, helped reinventing this comfy trend season after season. Celebrities developed an early passion for the effortless wardrobe piece and made absolute sure everyone else noticed, after all, they are the real trend-setters. And although the cropped silhouette might seem like a rather odd option for the colder season, don’t worry, as there are many ways it could successfully replace the slouchy, long or oversized sweaters we’re so used to by now. It will feel nice to try and switch things up for once, and with the help of our five inspiring examples, you’ll understand all the fuss around this cute and modern item that promises to carry you from work, all the way into a fancy evening out.

The Cropped Sweater Trend

1. Layer the cropped sweater over a longer shirt. This is the easiest way to incorporate the cropped silhouette into your fall and winter wardrobe. The resulting look is chic enough to be worn at school or work, without having to compromise on the comfort factor, or having to think about the cold for instance. The cozy upper part of your outfit can be easily complemented by nearly anything from pencil and floor length skirts, to cropped, flared pants or even shorts. Depending on your personal choice of fabrics and prints, this look can be extremely versatile and easy to reinvent. Maybe that’s why it never gets boring or old.

Cropped Sweater Trend

2. Pair the cropped sweater with a dress. You know all of those sleeveless dresses you love to wear so much during summer, that became practically useless once the cold season settles in? Well, with the help of a stylishly cropped sweater you can transition your favorite dresses into fall and winter whenever you feel like it. This way you get to make double use of your existing wardrobe, while also sporting one of the hottest trends of the season. I say it’s a win-win situation.

The Cropped Sweater Trend

3. Wear the cropped sweater with a high-waist silhouette. If you feel like making a statement using your cropped sweater, or simply want to take full advantage of its sophisticated and alluring cuts, than you may want to wear it with a high-waist skirt or fitted pair of trousers. The cropped and the high-waist silhouettes seem like the absolute perfect match, looking absolutely divine together.  Follow on Diane Kruger’s footsteps for more exciting examples, as the actress is a clear fan of the cropped concept. She makes it look incredible effortless and chic.

Cropped Sweater

4. Match a cropped sweater with a classic pair of ripped blue jeans. For that carefree and laid-back look, perfect for a busy day filled with errands to run, there’s nothing quite as perfect as pulling a pair of distressed jeans out of the closet, and team it with a cozy and great looking cropped sweater. The instant effect screams comfort and style. Accessorize your casual-chic look with a pair of wedges or ankle boots, keep your hair natural or pull it into a high ponytail and you’re all set and ready to go in no time.

The Cropped Sweater

5. Team the cropped sweater with a flared pair of pants. The most amazing quality the cropped sweater possesses is most definitely its versatility. Depending on the way you choose to style it, it can take you from looking edgy, to sporty, sophisticated and even bohemian. For a unique and eye-catching outfit, try teaming a cropped sweater with a pair of super flared pants. Keeping the look monochromatic will add an extra touch of glamour to your appearance. This sophisticated approach will make you stand out and don’t be surprised if some heads will turn on the streets.

Integrating the cropped silhouette into your wardrobe is actually not that difficult. If you make sure to follow just a few common sense fashion rules and add your own personality to the mix, the results can become outstanding. The cropped sweater is an extremely flattering and smart piece, that is able to fully emphasize the rest of your wardrobe, so don’t think twice before achieving it.


5 Of Kate Middleton’s Unforgettable Outfits On Significant Occasions (From Reiss)

Are you completely obsessed by your Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s outfits, her shoes, her hairstyles and every fashion statement she makes?

But have you noticed that she seems to be obsessed with the high street fashion brand, Reiss? Today, we are going to take you through some of Kate’s most stylish and elegant coats, belts and dresses from Reiss.

 Kate Middleton’s outfits from Reiss

1) Kate’s outfit on her trip to National Football Centre St George’s Park

Let’s press the rewind button and take you back to a little less than 2 weeks. Kate Middleton dressed herself in steel grey Reiss coat for a trip to the new National Football Centre St George’s Park.

Kate kept the collar up so as to ensure the cold winds stay away. She paired it with black ankle boots, black tights as well as a clutch in black color.

The experimentative fashion diva that she is, Kate used a belt so as to highlight her waist. This is one of her favorite Reiss belts from Autumn 2009. The outfit is one of Kate’s typical signature look with a well-designed coat flaring into a skirt and the use of belt that emphasizes her waist.

2) Kate’s 1st public speech

On her 1st ever public speech, Kate wore a Reiss dress in blue with black belt and black heels. Incidentally, her mother wore this dress before.

3) Kate’s trip to the Unicef center, Copenhagen

In November 2011, Kate went to Denmark with William in order to increase awareness about the famine in east Africa. The duo’s trip to the Unicef center in Copenhagen facilitated in raising donations worth £1million in just 1 day. Well that’s the power of this beautiful Duchess.

To keep chilly winds at bay, Kate chose to wear a bold red overcoat. How could she miss her trademark style? Any guesses?

Yes, you got that right! She used a Reiss belt to focus all the attention on her waist. She simply loves highlighting her waist.

By the way, if you’re planning to get yourself this stylish belt, please do so, because it is quite reasonably priced at £69. OK well, not too cost-effective but not too expensive either. Come on you can treat yourself with it. You deserve the best!

4) Kate’s 1st royal tour

Kate’s outfits during her 1st royal tour in July 2011 were a huge sensation. And her attire on Canada Day is definitely one of the most unforgettable ones.

Queen of outfit theming, Kate teamed up her Reiss Nanette outfit with red heels, raffia clutch in red artwork and a red hat with Canada’s symbol in a bid to honor Canada’s national colors.

5) Kate’s 1st official meet with Michelle Obama

Although Michelle Obama is growing to be a fashion American idol however our lady Kate definitely gives every fashion star a run for their money. And she did the same during her first official meet with America’s First Lady after being sworn in as the Duchess of Cambridge.

At this Buckingham Palace do, Kate wore a nude Shola dress by Reiss. She looked gorgeous in this knee length dress with cap sleeves.

Kate very well knows the art of turning every outfit into a happening one.

She has an incredible ability for outfit theming. She has never been afraid of experimenting with her outfits. And Kate always amazes fashion critics, fashionistas and you and me.

Did you like this post on Kate’s Reiss outfits?

Which outfit do you want the most for your collection?

Write to us for you know we love hearing from you.



Chic Hair Style Trends 2013: Straight from the Runway

The rapidity at which fashion changes and transforms the trends is almost unbelievable. The new hairstyles for the spring/summer season 2013 are gorgeously elegant and above all wearable.

We have put together the 2013 hairstyles guide for you. This guide gives you an insight into our favorite hair styles from the runways. We liked these hairstyles for their versatility, ease in putting together and the X factor. These hairdos were donned by models on the runways during various fashion shows for 2013 including the London Fashion Show, Milan Fashion Show, Paris Fashion Show and the unforgettable New York Fashion Show among others. We bring you the hairstyle trends for 2013.

Moreover, some of these trends were flaunted by the celebs at various red carpet events and while they showcased designer collections for spring summer 2013.

Trendy Ponytail Hairstyle 2013

Ponytail was one of the favorites among many fashion designers while they showcased their outfits having their models flaunt ponytails of different types.


From sleek ponytails to tightly put together ponytail to roughly and loosely styled ponytails, the runways were replete with many a ponytail. You have more choices – choose from low ponytail, high ponytail, mid ponytail, ponytail with fringes in front and more.

 Blunt Bangs Hairstyle 2013

One of the most prominent hair fashion trends for 2013 is the blunt bangs. Add straight fringes to your hair just like the Versace models walking the ramp flaunting their blunt bangs with panache. If you think the bangs may make you too dramatic, then we suggest you try the sleek look and pin straight. You have many options for partings – whether you want to go for the mid parting or the side parting or more. With the blunt bangs, you are all set to look stylish and chic all through this season.

Emo Hairstyle 2013

With a different, stylish and urbane definition, the emo look is making its way among young girls and boys in an unprecedented manner.

 So what exactly would the emo hairstyle for girls characterize in 2013? A haircut with colored streaks or layers mostly in black or some vivid colors with some fringes will perfectly mark the emo look for 2013. The more fascinating the motley of the colors the better it looks. What’s more, the most unusual trait of the emo hair cut is the uniqueness with which a number of asymmetric streaks and layers appear in the hair.

One of the best and most stylish ways to style the emo look is to use a head band or a hair band. This perfectly leaves the asymmetrical, fashionably irregular bangs facing outward. Several models were seen flaunting the emo look with a side parting.

 Long Hairstyles 2013

Long Hairstyle never goes out of fashion.

Are you thinking, ‘well, long hair is boring. It’s too every day. There’s nothing much to change in the look?’. Sorry to say, you may be wrong for we are now going to hold your hand and help you with the most striking long hairstyles.

 With long hair, you can make braids, or let your hair open. If you plan to let your hair loose, you have many choices in that too: you can either go for a messy, unkempt look or give your long hair a straightened look. Moreover, you can roll some segments of your hair into beautiful curls and tresses.

You can also keep your hair wavy, just like the Vera Wang models did while they walked the ramp showcasing the Spring Summer collection 2013. And, if a new hairstyle isn’t what you would like to go for – then may be coloring your hair is a good idea. Why? Because we are envisaging very lively and dramatic hair color trends in 2013.

High Buns Hairstyle 2013 and Fun Buns Hairstyle 2013

The high buns trend has been trending up the fashion ladder for the past few months. And with the ramp walks and presentations for 2013 that we saw in the past couple of months, we undoubtedly see that this trend is only going to get stronger and trendier.

 Why is the high bun gaining so much popularity? For its suitability to every face type. Yes, the high bun looks stylish on every face shape. Moreover, this hairstyle is very easy and doesn’t take much time in setting.

What’s more, the high bun is a perfect hairstyle for many occasions including parties, official meetings, get together with friends, engagements and weddings and so many other events. And the fun bun gives extra boost to your hair. If you want a mint fresh look with the fun bun, don’t forget to apply hair oil.

No look is complete without the perfectly done hairstyle. A braid, a bun, tresses, locks, wavy long hair and fringes are some of the many hair styles for 2013 that you can go for.