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What To Wear With A Leather Jacket: 10 Inspiring Looks

Wondering what to wear with a leather jacket? Well, how about something like this:

leather jacket fantasy styling Flare December 2011
Flare Magazine, December 2011; photo via fashionindustryarchive.com

OK, just kidding. While this type of editorial looks are oh-so-pretty in the pages of magazines, things are not that simple in real life. The truth is, there are countless ways to wear a leather jacket, depending on its style, color and shape, but also on the occasion.

You probably have a pretty clear idea about how to wear your leather jacket. But it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, so it might be time to try out something new. Here’s some inspiration to get you going: 10 out of the box looks, all of which involve a leather jacket. Enjoy:

01. Pair your leather jacket with.. jeans

01 leather jacket boyfriend jeans hat

This is the perfect look for the weekend, when you don’t feel like getting too dressed up, but going out looking frumpy isn’t an option either. The boyfriend jeans and the leather jacket look almost feminine when paired with a hat and some low heels, right?

02. Pair your leather jacket with… a short skirt

02 leather jacket short skirt

A simple and chic look that is easy to throw on and go, any day of the week. All you need is a bouncy skirt, a simple tee and a leather jacket and you’re good to go.

03. Pair your leather jacket with… a midi skirt and heels for a date night

03 leather jacket long flowy skirt

Dare to make an excellent first impression with a look that is neither too romantic, nor too boyish. The leather jacket will look softened up next to that delicate skirt – and his heart might do the same!

04. Pair your leather jacket with… a long skirt for daily wear

04 leather jacket long skirt daily wear

For this look, the key is pairing a maxi skirt with a distressed leather jacket. Perfect for running errands around town.

05. Pair your leather jacket with… a pencil skirt for a day at the office

05 leather jacket day at the office pencil skirt

Who said only blazers can pave your way to success? A leather jacket can look just as tough if chosen wisely. Go for a more ladylike style and pair it with a pencil skirt for a powerful office-ready look.

06. Pair your leather jacket with… a lace pencil skirt for dinner with the parents

06 leather jacket lace pencil skirt

This is a tricky one… keep it soft and feminine with a lace pencil skirt in a sweet color in order to balance out that leather jacket. Everyone around you will be smitten!

07. Pair your leather jacket with… sequins, for a special occasion

07 leather jacket sequins special occasion Ashley Madekwe

Add a whimsical touch to your look by wearing a sequin skirt with that leather jacket of yours. Just keep the rest of your look as simple as possible – you certainty don’t want to overdo it!

08. Pair your leather jacket with… a LBD for a formal occasion

08 leather jacket special occasion lbd

Looking clean, polished and on trend has never been easier. Choose a sleek little black dress and wear it with your regular leather jacket. For a pop of color, add red accessories and a red lip.

09. Pair your leather jacket with… shorts for Sunday brunch

09 leather jacket shorts

An easy and cool look that is perfect for the first part of the day. Plus, you’ll appreciate that it’s comfortable – nothing will ruin your disposition while swapping stories about the night before…

10. Pair your leather jacket with… a soft dress and boots for a gallery opening

10 leather jacket soft dress boots

This cool and edgy look would fit right in with the vibe of a newly opened gallery – but that’s not to say you couldn’t also wear it to the after-party! For the perfect mix of high and low, pair some wild booties with your otherwise delicate dress and step into the night.

Here’s one more suggestion on what to wear with a leather jacket, for when you feel like being extra fabulous. Because… why not?!

11 leather jacket red tulle

5 Wardrobe Staples That Help You Transition Into The Cold Season In Style

For as much as we love fall, with all its beautiful colors and warm sun, we know that nothing lasts forever and as the days go by, we are slowly approaching the cold season that lies just around the corner. This is the perfect time to start playing with layers and cuddle in cosy knits, but keeping warm, while feeling comfortable and looking stylish could end up being quite a challenge. We usually tend to favor comfort and loose the chic factor along the way, but thankfully the transition into the cold season can be done in more appealing ways too. The first and most important step to approach the chilly days in style, is made right in the moment you choose the coat or jacket that will represent you throughout the entire season. Here are our top 5 favorite choices in the matter, and we hope they will help you figure out what’s the best option for you.

Boyfriend Coat

ASOS Oversized Boyfriend Coat

1. The Oversized Boyfriend Coat. The “Boyfriend” trend is not going anywhere any time soon, so after taking full advantage and getting used to the super cool boyfriend jeans and jackets, it is definitely time to add one more staple piece into our closets. The oversized boyfriend coat is one of the most versatile items out there, and can be easily transformed into a statement piece during fall and winter. It looks sharp, edgy, it is comfortable and above all, it goes with pretty much anything you might have in mind. If you think the tough look is not made for you, try sweetening it up a bit by picking one in a very feminine hue like red, orange or burgundy.

Leopard Print Coat

Nordstrom Gryphon Leopard Print Coat

2. The Leopard Print Coat. You might have already spotted this elegant piece on an impressive number of celebrities that can’t seem to have enough of the fun print this season. This coat will most certainly turn heads on the streets and make you stand out in the crowd, so if you don’t want to fade into the background, make sure you give this one a chance. Its classic sillouethe and clean lines prevent the leopard print coat from becoming excessively loud, and help preserve an understated sense of gracefulness.

The Check Coat

ASOS Check Ovoid Coat

3. The Check Coat. With its classy check pattern and adorable retro vibe, the check coat made a huge comeback this season, and we clearly understand why. Usually made out of 100% wool, this exquisite piece will make sure to keep you warm, while also flattering your figure in the best way possible. It’s perfect to create a soft and feminine outfit, but it is able to add an original touch even in the most unexpected combinations. Comes in an array of colors, prints and shapes, so in case you’re looking for one, just know that it’s already out there waiting for you.

The Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Edun Leather Jacket – Motorcycle

4. The Motorcycle Leather Jacket. When it comes to this cool and modern piece, it is pretty much safe to assume that it became more irresistible as the seasons went by. Judging by the large number of ladies that choose to walk the cold streets donning edgy motorcycle leather jacket outfits that inspire such confidence, I’m pretty sure it crossed everyone’s mind to give it a try at least once. The leather jacket is incredible easy to style, dress up or down according to ones needs, and it’s a constant trend among celebrities. That must stand for something, right?

The Tweeted Cape

Calvin Klein Tweed Cape

5. The Tweeted Cape. The charming cape ads such a nice touch of mystery to any women wearing it, while also making her look elegant and chic. This lady-like item is constantly reinvented by the designers with unpredictable little tweaks, transforming it into a timeless piece.  The classic tweed adds even more of that iconic vibe to it. The cape is the perfect kind of outwear to be worn in the busy cities during fall and winter, inspiring sophistication and luxury at the first glance.

If one of these charming pieces made you smile or consider giving it a try, than you shouldn’t waste more time. We must start getting ready for the cold days to come and why not do it in full style?