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What To Wear With A Leather Jacket: 10 Inspiring Looks

Wondering what to wear with a leather jacket? Well, how about something like this:

leather jacket fantasy styling Flare December 2011
Flare Magazine, December 2011; photo via fashionindustryarchive.com

OK, just kidding. While this type of editorial looks are oh-so-pretty in the pages of magazines, things are not that simple in real life. The truth is, there are countless ways to wear a leather jacket, depending on its style, color and shape, but also on the occasion.

You probably have a pretty clear idea about how to wear your leather jacket. But it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, so it might be time to try out something new. Here’s some inspiration to get you going: 10 out of the box looks, all of which involve a leather jacket. Enjoy:

01. Pair your leather jacket with.. jeans

01 leather jacket boyfriend jeans hat

This is the perfect look for the weekend, when you don’t feel like getting too dressed up, but going out looking frumpy isn’t an option either. The boyfriend jeans and the leather jacket look almost feminine when paired with a hat and some low heels, right?

02. Pair your leather jacket with… a short skirt

02 leather jacket short skirt

A simple and chic look that is easy to throw on and go, any day of the week. All you need is a bouncy skirt, a simple tee and a leather jacket and you’re good to go.

03. Pair your leather jacket with… a midi skirt and heels for a date night

03 leather jacket long flowy skirt

Dare to make an excellent first impression with a look that is neither too romantic, nor too boyish. The leather jacket will look softened up next to that delicate skirt – and his heart might do the same!

04. Pair your leather jacket with… a long skirt for daily wear

04 leather jacket long skirt daily wear

For this look, the key is pairing a maxi skirt with a distressed leather jacket. Perfect for running errands around town.

05. Pair your leather jacket with… a pencil skirt for a day at the office

05 leather jacket day at the office pencil skirt

Who said only blazers can pave your way to success? A leather jacket can look just as tough if chosen wisely. Go for a more ladylike style and pair it with a pencil skirt for a powerful office-ready look.

06. Pair your leather jacket with… a lace pencil skirt for dinner with the parents

06 leather jacket lace pencil skirt

This is a tricky one… keep it soft and feminine with a lace pencil skirt in a sweet color in order to balance out that leather jacket. Everyone around you will be smitten!

07. Pair your leather jacket with… sequins, for a special occasion

07 leather jacket sequins special occasion Ashley Madekwe

Add a whimsical touch to your look by wearing a sequin skirt with that leather jacket of yours. Just keep the rest of your look as simple as possible – you certainty don’t want to overdo it!

08. Pair your leather jacket with… a LBD for a formal occasion

08 leather jacket special occasion lbd

Looking clean, polished and on trend has never been easier. Choose a sleek little black dress and wear it with your regular leather jacket. For a pop of color, add red accessories and a red lip.

09. Pair your leather jacket with… shorts for Sunday brunch

09 leather jacket shorts

An easy and cool look that is perfect for the first part of the day. Plus, you’ll appreciate that it’s comfortable – nothing will ruin your disposition while swapping stories about the night before…

10. Pair your leather jacket with… a soft dress and boots for a gallery opening

10 leather jacket soft dress boots

This cool and edgy look would fit right in with the vibe of a newly opened gallery – but that’s not to say you couldn’t also wear it to the after-party! For the perfect mix of high and low, pair some wild booties with your otherwise delicate dress and step into the night.

Here’s one more suggestion on what to wear with a leather jacket, for when you feel like being extra fabulous. Because… why not?!

11 leather jacket red tulle

Get Jennifer Aniston’s Perfect Street Look for Spring 2013

Jennifer Aniston is one of the many celebrities whose sense of style we are madly in love with. It makes us wonder what really works the wardrobe magic for her. Is Jennifer Aniston hot enough for every outfit out there or does she simply manage to nail the perfect look again and again and again? Maybe it’s both, what do you think?

We found Jennifer Aniston, casually dressed, taking a walk down the street one spring morning and we loved her look. So casual, yet feminine and perfect for a sunny spring day! Do you want to try on this look? If yes, then here’s how you can GET THE LOOK!

Jennifer Aniston Spring Casual Wear

What you will need for Jennifer Aniston’s Spring look:

1. A Grey T-shirt

Grey T-shirt

What a simple choice a grey tee is, yet Jennifer Aniston manages to rock the look by accessorizing well.

2. A Pair of White Shorts

White Shorts

White Denim shorts will work well for this look as they fit well and stand out perfectly on any body type.

3. A Brown Leather Belt

 Brown Leather Belt

While you can go in for a non-leather belt in any other color, what we notice is that this brown leather belt really makes Jennifer’s outfit stand out even more. Don’t believe us? Try and imagine this look without a belt and see the huge difference it makes.

4. Beige Wedges

 Beige Wedges

Here again Jennifer Aniston nails the perfect color for this look with this fabulous pair of strappy wedges. Pumps wouldn’t look that great and neither would wedges in any other color.

5. A Beige Scarf

Beige Scarf

When you accessorize, you got to do it right. Get a beige scarf to go with your look; beige enough to match your wedges.

6. A Beige Fedora

Beige Fedora

A very feminine beige fedora on your head is a perfect match with those shoes and that scarf.

7. A Neck Accessory

Neck Accessory

Add a bit of funkiness to your look just like Jennifer does with a piece of junk jewelry hanging from your neck.

And that’s how you achieve Jennifer Aniston’s look for spring 2013.

Take to the Streets in Style in 2013: New Looks for Street Style 2013

What is it that makes street style so inspiring? Is it the spontaneity with which we put together clothes and come up with a brilliant unique look or is it the artistic thoughts that go into conjuring up something fashionable? Well, if you’d ask us, we’d say that it’s a little bit of both that make the world of street fashion go round.

Street fashion is about anything and everything under the sun; vivid colors, bold prints, trendy shoes, stylish bags, fashionable trousers, blouses, dresses, shorts, accessories and so much more that are all synonymous with street fashion. A fashion enthusiast would go crazy considering the wide variety available under street fashion.

The runways of the world’s hottest fashion houses have given us quite a comprehensive look as to what’s in store for street styles for 2013. And here is your chance to take all the time you need to set yourself fashionably in place to gear up for street style in 2013.

Here’s presenting to you the hottest trends in street style for 2013.

1. Leather Skirts 2013

A must have for all leather lovers! The trend of leather skirts is not an entirely new concept; however, 2013 gives a new dimension to leather skirts in terms of length. We have tried leather minis and short skirts and it’s now time for knee length and below knee length leather skirts.

Street Style 2013

These leather skirts are patterned around a body hugging waist line that flares up towards the bottom. Leather skirts are best paired with short t-shirts and buttoned down blouses.

2. Bohemian Maxi Dresses 2013

Bohemian Maxi dresses are a great way to turn casual street styles into elegant street fashion. Maxi dresses are available in floral, abstract and animal prints as well as mono colored styles with lace and crochet embellishments to make it look graceful. Bohemian maxi dresses are all about femininity and grace. And if you’re looking to achieve elegance when it comes to street wear, then these Bohemian Maxi Dresses are a must have for you.

Street Style 2013

3. Denim Jackets 2013

To pull off a sexy and confident look, denim jackets work the spark well. Classic blue denim jackets are in for 2013 and you can pair them up with anything from trousers to shorts and from violet to red because of their versatility.

Street Style 2013

4. Oversize Handbags 2013

Oversize handbags are an inseparable part of street style because you can stuff as many things that need to go along with you, in style. You need not worry about loading up your hands with things you need to carry and can just stuff everything into the most stylish oversize handbag.

Oversized Handbags

Oversize handbags are meant for a casual look. Considering the trend in 2013, light colored oversize handbags like white, blue, pink and yellow are in vogue.

5. Knitted Jackets 2013

For the months of winter, knitted jackets do a great job with protecting you from the chill as well as making you look fashionable. This look is a complete “no-no” for the summer, but it certainly is a great way to beat the winter chill with a cool fashion statement.

Street Style 2013

6. Jumpsuits 2013

Want something you can jump into with ease and take to the streets in no time? If yes, then jumpsuits are the thing for you. Jumpsuits get trendier with each passing year. And while 2012 saw a rage in floral jumpsuits, we can tone it down a few notches with trendy mono colored jumpsuits. Long or short doesn’t matter, both are quite trendy and in vogue for 2013.

 Street Style 2013

7. Floral Wide Leg Pants 2013

Taking the trend of floral and printed leggings forward is the trend of floral wide leg pants in 2013. With floral prints that are pretty much in trend all year through and with the trend of wide leg pants resurfacing in 2013, wearing floral wide leg pants is the most fashionable way to combine both these trends and give you a modern, edgy look.

Street Style 2013

8. Distressed Denims 2013

The trend of torn jeans acts like an eclipse. They appear, disappear and reappear and disappear and appear again and the cycle continues. Distressed jeans are trending in 2013 with classic blue denims ripped along in length for a rugged street look.

Street Style 2013

Fixated already and cannot wait to try on these new looks for street style 2013? Well, then go ahead and make the most of these trends, because 2013 is just 363 days away from ending and you wouldn’t want to miss a single day of making your street-wear memorable.

Taylor’s Swift Adorable Off-Duty Style

Living a busy life, always on-the-go, our favorite stars manage to somehow look inspiring even when they are sporting laid-back off-duty attires. Leaving the red carpet glamour behind, when the celebrities hit the streets they become just like anyone of us. Except maybe for the “being followed by the paparazzi” part that’s missing from our daily scenario. Other than that, there’s a great deal of fashion inspiration and styling tips to be learned from their unique experience, and that’s what we plan on doing today. So if you’re stuck on ideas, this series of articles could eventually turn out to be extremely inspiring when it comes to reworking the wardrobe.

Taylor Swift is the undisputed queen of those feminine garments touched by a vintage flare, styled with bold red lips and the most adorable hair do’s. Currently promoting her latest country album entitled “Red“, the singer has been spotted looking gorgeous these past couple of weeks and here are the street style looks that we loved most.


The beginning of November caught Taylor Swift promoting her newest album in London. Spotted as she was leaving the hotel, the country star looked flawless in a super pretty ensemble, perfect for a busy day out in the city. We fell in love with her French Connection Polka Dot sweater featuring a cute cat detailing, that she teamed with a cropped pair of Theory Testra Tailor pants.

A pair of dainty O Jour ballet flats and a large whiskey colored preppy brown satchel perfectly complemented the cozy look. Taylor finished off her lady-like appearance with a pearl necklace, orange lips, a classic pair Ray-Ban shades and a lovely braided up-do.


On the same day in London, Taylor was photographed leaving her hotel again, but this time donning one of her signature garments that consisted in a feminine and quirky NW3 Dice Print with contrast collar shirt dress. The casual frock was styled with a pair of cool black tights, the preppy satchel and the same O Jour ballet flats. Taylor also kept the bright colored lips and the fancy braided up-do for the day. Perfectly adorable ? We believe so.


On November 17, Taylor Swift joined Selena Gomez for dinner at the Osteria La Buca restaurant. For the occasion, the country singer kept things simple and comfortable by sporting a knitted sweater featuring white and black stripes, a pair of dark denim fitted jeans and a cute pair of Ralph Lauren Collection Quintessa velvet loafers. What seems like Taylor’s favourite bag of the month, the large whiskey satchel, her signature red lips and a casual bun, added the final touches.


On November 21, Taylor proved once again that she has maybe on of the most fashionable, but always comfortable travel-ready styles, being photographed at the Narita International Airport in Japan. The blonde beauty effortlessly mixed a Ralph Lauren slim fit cable cashmere sweater in Antique Sage, with a pair of Ralph Lauren Atlantic Leather patch jodphur.

The Ralph Lauren Collection Quintessa velvet loafers, the preppy leather satchel and bright orange lips complemented the smart and sweet travel ensemble.


The latest fashionable Taylor Swift pictures spotted the beautiful singer out and about in her way to grab breakfast on November 25, during her trip in Sydney, Australia. For the day she opted to wear a Theory Tommie striped sweater, a pair of dark-hued denim pants and a super comfy pair of red Keds Champion canvas sneakers.

The delightful whiskey preppy satchel (proving just ho much does Taylor love her bag), dark red lips, her classy Ray-Ban shades and a sweet ponytail made for the final touches.

Shoe Trend Spotlight: Metallic Accents

The Spring 2013 Runways may have been filled with delightful attires, structural pieces, daring ensembles and ethereal gowns, but behind each impeccable design, we spotted bold, modern and eye-catching accessories in ruling metallic accents. The biggest shoe trend of the upcoming season has already picked his next fashion victims, all charmed by the mesmerizing metallic footwear that currently rules the fashion scene.

A pair of statement heels and an empowering attitude is all it really takes to rule the world, and we, much like everyone else, already fell in love with the metallic trend. The silver and gold numbers represent the most inspiring fashion direction envisioned for spring and summer. Runway favorites, street style and red carpet magic, off-duty takes, they’re all here, ready to convince you to join the fashionable “mad for metallic” crowd. Embrace the futuristic twists!


Spotted on the Runway. It was the Spring 2013 collections that really set the tone for the metallic notes that completely transformed the usual footwear into a loud and modern statement. Either they were paired to the beautifully layered looks in the Chloe collection, the checked patterns in the Dries Van Noten one, or to the soft but edgy silhouettes featured in the Giambattista Valli presentation, the metallic heels shined bright on the catwalk, all on their own. Balmain, Viktor & Rolf and Rue Du Mail are just a few of the other established fashion houses that played upon the futuristic accents in their Spring 2013 collections.


Celebrities Love the Metallic Shoes. It was only the next natural step for the celebrities to start sporting the modern shoe trend on the red carpet. Alicia Keys emphasized her elegant look with a pair of Gianvito Rossi mirrored silver patent leather pumps for the 2012 European Music Awards.

Zooey Deschanel styled her pair of gold metallic pumps with a navy blue mini dress, and a retro bouffant on the red carpet, while Emma Roberts attended the Rag & Bone flagship store opening in Los Angeles, wearing a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2012 golden pumps.

Street Style - Metallic Shoes

Street Style Magic. The streets belonging to the biggest cities in the world provided us with the most inspiring examples yet, on how to style the metallic shoes, even during the cold season. A splash of gold on the heels, a pair of silver pumps, subtle touches of color, skinny jeans or black tights, make the trend appear wearable, stylish and beyond modern. There’s something about a metallic pair of heels that screams high-fashion, and no, you don’t have to be a world renown blogger attending the Paris Fashion Week to rock this trend.


Off-Duty Glam. Luckily, the metallic craze is not only centered around high-heels and platforms. Gold and silver flats make for the most intriguing and chic accessories when paired with flattering silhouettes, earthly tones and clean lines. They add a touch of eccentricity and femininity to even the most simple and plain outfits. It’s the perfect way to stay fashionable and comfortable, without looking like you’re trying too hard. After all, the real beauty lies in the little details, right?

Miranda Kerr Rules The New York City Streets

They say chic doesn’t ever come effortlessly, but all it takes to realize that for some ladies it’s practically impossible to get it wrong, is having a quick look at Miranda Kerr‘s impeccable fashion style. Now that the temperatures have dropped considerably, it’s only fair to begin seeking comfort in the process of gathering inspiration for the seasons to come, especially when that inspiration is described as timeless. The 29 years-old supermodel is maybe the best dressed celebrity when it comes to street style, raising the bars pretty high for anyone willing to follow on her footsteps.

Whether she attends a business meeting, or she simply enjoys a walk with her son, Miranda always manages to somehow look flawless. Her candid shoots look like pages torn out from a high-fashion magazine, and that’s why we decided to celebrate Miranda’s effortless style with five of the most beautiful looks she recently wore on the streets of New York. Get ready to steal her style, to find out why are her outfits always head to toe perfect, and what she loves to wear.


Miranda Kerr debuted her fashionable month of November in Manhattan, photographed as she was headed to attend the rehearsals for the 2012 Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show. The Australian supermodel sported a chic but undeniable sexy ensemble, rocking a pair of black leather over-the-knee boots from Hermes’ Fall 2012 collection. She paired the boots to an Alexander Wang gray tweed mini-dress featuring black side panels and long sleeves, and to a super chic wool blend double breasted Givenchi coat. A pair of Flint Hasta Luego sunglasses and a Givenchi black leather duffle, perfectly accessorized Miranda’s stylish ensemble.


On November 6, Miranda Kerr sported a fashionable and beyond inspiring layered look while in New York City. She took on the streets wearing a sheer gray Isabel Marant Fall 2010 sweater, under a Chloe patchwork mid-blue denim shirt that she topped with a gray Isabel Marant Khan tweed coat. Miranda kept her look edgy and color coordinated, by incorporating a pair of Maison Martin Margiela black leather high-waisted shorts into the stylish outfit. The same Givenchi “Antigona” black leather duffle, a pair of feminine Miu Miu Fall 2011 cat eye sunglasses, and a pair of Isabel Marant berry suede and leather boots complemented the modern look.


Proof that even the celebrities have their favorite wardrobe items that they love to wear on repeat, Miranda Kerr took another spin on her gray Isabel Marant Khan tweed coat, and successfully inserted it into a slightly more casual outfit. She paired the elegant coat to a blue denim button down shirt, and to a pair of Nobody “Cult” dark blue skinny jeans. To add a touch of fun to her minimal look, Miranda opted for a pair of leopard print loafers, and a retro pair of Stella McCartney two tone sunglasses. A luxurious Cartier Juste Un Clou nail bracelet, and a Burberry the Barrel suede nubuck leather bag added the final touches.


When these gorgeous images of Miranda Kerr surfaced the internet on November 12, I think every woman that saw them must have wished to take her place for at least one day. Fashion met perfection when the supermodel walked the New York streets in her Victoria Beckham three-quarter sleeve sheath dress featuring a V-neckline, styled with a Miu Miu boxcalf leather belt. The Miu Miu Fall 2011 cat eye sunglasses, a pale blue Prada Pyramid Accordion frame leather bag and a pair of beige Lanvin pointed-toe asymmetric leather pumps completed the flawless look.


The most recent pictures of Miranda Kerr spotted the supermodel at the Milk Studios on November 14, together with her super-adorable son, Flynn. For the day, Miranda chose an elegant all-black ensemble with just a hint of cobalt blue. She matched a black mini-dress to a black Isabel Marant Fall 2010 wool cocoon coat, and to the black leather Givenchy “Antigona” duffle. The Linda Farrow Luxe black and natural python sunglasses, and a pair of Pierre Hardy colorblock suede sandals emphasized the modern appearance.

Needless to say we are completely in love with Miranda’s style, beauty and attitude.

Shoe Trend Spotlight: The Canny Rainboots

You don’t have to be a major fashionista to see past all of the fall’s enchanting colors, and start planning ahead for the rainy days that come along once the leaves start changing their colors. Protecting your beloved shoes from the soaking rain and above that, keeping your feet dry during the gloomy autumn days are two major concerns that usually end up cutting off the tremendous fun that lies in the simple acts of walking, jumping or running in the rain.

With a little inspiration and a lot of determination, all the major shoe brands managed to find a fashionable solution to all of our worries by transforming the ugly farmer boots into runway worthy rain gear. With each new season, the creative process reaches new heights that result in an array of stylish puddle jumpers meant to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes. The bright and bold colors, the fun prints, the elegant patterns and the most surprising little details successfully managed to change the way the fashion industry perceives the super-practical rainboots these days. Once the first rain drops hit the ground, the celebrities alongside the street-style trendsetters, love to take out the waterproof footwear and walk the streets untidily. Here’s the spotlight on the canny rainboots.

Rain Boots

There’s something about these ugly-pretty boots that instantly gets you thinking about how versatile and how wonderful they seem to match any fall outfit idea. From that point, getting to buying your own pair of rainboots it’s just a matter of time, and taste. Deciding on the ideal pair it’s not as easy as it initially may look like, so chances are you’ll probably end up with a puddle jumper collection in no time. The good thing is, you will get a lot of use out of it it during the fall season, winter, spring and even summer. It’s maybe safer to assume that the adorable wellies keep you from getting waterlogged all year round. That sounds perfect indeed !


Celebrities Love The Rainboots. Aside form being the perfect footwear to be worn on the muddy locations hosting the biggest music festivals around the world, the rainboots are also part of the everyday celebrity attire. Their off-duty outfits include the canny boots more often than one would expect, and if they happen to be worn even on the not-so-rainy days it means they hold more than meets the eye. Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson and Elizabeth Olsen are just a few of the big names that love sporting the comfortable boots across town. You should follow on their lead!


The Rainboots Take Over The Runways. While it’s true that the canny wellies were featured in the Dsquared’s Spring 2012 collection, they would look just as actual and modern if worn during fall and winter. Even the outfit inspiration coming straight from the runway screams high fashion in that relaxed mode that doesn’t require much pampering. For that ultimate fall alignment, team your favorite rainboots with a pair of complementary over-the-knee socks and a dainty hat.


A High Fashion Rainboots Affair. You know a pair of shoes became fashionable and right on trend, when a famous fashion house like Burberry Prorsum decides to introduce their own take on the practical footwear to their large audience. The campaign, starring supermodel Cara Delevingne re-enacts a rainy fall day, highlighting the must-have pair of rainboots and the imperative umbrella. Who knew looking stunning in the rain was even possible?


Street Style Rainboots. It wasn’t long before every aspiring fashionsita took on the chance to bring in the spotlight their own individual approach on the canny footwear. Throughout the last few seasons we had the opportunity to witness some exquisite looks featuring the most colorful pairs of rainboots. We’re even talking chic dresses, classic trench coats, pearl collars and comfy cardigans, making for the most wonderful combos with the puddle jumpers. And the daily dose of street-style inspiration featuring the rainboots is far from being over.

We’re curious to find out what’s your take on the canny rainboots, and what are your favorite ways of wearing them during fall and winter! Tell your part of the story and turn into a leading example!