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How To Wear Oversized Sweaters: 7 Fabulous Looks

Ever wondered how to wear oversized sweaters so that they look just right? The basic look is not hard to plan out: take an oversized sweater, add some skinny jeans and you’re good to go, right?

Well, things can be a little bit different if you’re going for an out of the box look. Think: short skirts, pencil skirts, maxi skirts or leather leggings. Hey, even the classic oversized sweater and skinny jeans combo can look majestically different if styled right. Remember, the devil is in the details…

How To Wear Oversized Sweaters #1: With Skinny Jeans

01 how to wear oversized sweaters preppy look

The oldest trick in the book is to balance out the volume on top with some tight fitting bottoms. But if you want to flex your styling muscles, go for a preppy look and add a (chambray) shirt into the mix and a pair of platforms.

How To Wear Oversized Sweaters #2: With Leather Leggings And Sneakers

02 how to wear oversized sweaters leather leggings converse

For a more casual twist, pair the sweater with a pair of (faux) leather leggings and some sneakers. After all, we shouldn’t sacrifice style for comfort even on our laziest days.

How To Wear Oversized Sweaters #3: With A Short Skirt

03 how to wear oversized sweaters short skirt

Paring a mini skirt with a large, oversized sweater can be so much fun! Keep the proportions in check by having the skirt end a little lower than the sweater, so it can actually be seen. Bonus points if you’re going for a matchy-matchy color pallet: it will make your look more harmonious.

How To Wear Oversized Sweaters #4: With A Pencil Skirt

04 how to wear oversized sweaters pencil skirt

This is a sleek look that you can wear to feel powerful and comfortable at the same time. Since you’re all covered up at the top, go for a pair of ankle booties to give the ensemble a sharp edge.

How To Wear Oversized Sweaters #5: With A Maxi Skirt

05 how to wear oversized sweaters maxi skirt

OK, you may need a bit of courage for this one… but it’s worth it! Play with the contrasts by adding a casual, oversized sweater to a delicate maxi skirt. You can elevate the look by adding a fancy necklace or a bright lip (or both!) and you’re ready to hit the town!

How To Wear Oversized Sweaters #6: With Shorts

06 how to wear oversized sweaters with shorts

This may not be a look that you can wear all winter long, but you can certainly get away with it in fall. Allow the shorts to be seen by tucking in your sweater and, why not, try out this look with a pair of thigh-high boots as well.

How To Wear Oversized Sweaters #7: By Itself

07 how to wear oversized sweaters dress

This might be breaking into sweater dress territory, but if your sweater is large and long enough, why not? Make sure to have a contrasting shirt peeking underneath, as it makes for an unexpected detail.

2013 Winter Trends: The Oversized Madness

Going through our wardrobe during these cold winter days, is an action that doesn’t resemble for sure the same fun and excitement we faced while picking up an outfit during the days of spring and summer for example. At a first glance, as we stand in front of the closets, nothing is quite warm enough, sophisticated enough, or comfortable enough, because these three are the key elements that matter most in an outfit this season. If you care for your looks to also incorporate some of theĀ 2013 winter trends in them than the fashion challenge you face becomes significantly bigger.

2013 Runway Trends

Of course, things would be a lot easier if we had closets filled with runway worthy garments, just waiting to be mixed and matched accordingly, but as it happens, the reality of our closets is shaped a little bit differently. By having to make the most out of the clothing items belonging to some of the previous seasons, we must absolutely find at least the inspiration somewhere in the current trends. Infusing this winter wardrobe with a little sense of high fashion is in fact quite effortless if we choose not to play by the rules.

The oversized madness keeps getting stronger, as the loose garments became quite the wardrobe staples over the past months. Here is how to incorporate this modern and edgy winter trend into your own wardrobe in order to make it warm, cozy and cool.

2013 Runway Trends

01. The Oversized Vest. Perfectly embodying the 2013 winter trends in both the oversized aesthetic, and the edgy army style, a cool statement vest would make for a versatile and tough seasonal piece. Going great against leather, it can easily be styled with slouchy skirts or skinny pants, and the effect would be just as striking. The oversized vest can also be worn indoors if paired with t-shirts or sleeveless turtlenecks, or it could make for an amazing layering number, if mixed with chunky knits and oversized coats during those extremely cold days.

2013 Runway Trends

02. The Oversized Fur Coat. Just picture yourself wrapped in a beautiful and warm oversized fur coat this winter! Besides looking utterly elegant and luxurious, this wardrobe staple is set to infuse your daily outfits with great energy and a new level of comfort. Easy to throw over a dress for a fancy evening out, and looking even more gorgeous if paired with skinny leather pants for a busy day in the city, this furry sensation would never let you down. Available in an impressive array of modern hues, we especially love how it looks in a head-to-toe oxblood outfit.

2013 Runway Trends

03. The Oversized Sweater. Now this is what we call a life saver during the cold days when the temperatures drop below zero. Extremely comfortable, utterly elegant and versatile, a cozy oversized sweater is the go-to wardrobe item this season. Easy to style in chic combinations with cropped pants, fitted skirts or a simple pair of warm leggings, these kind of sweaters are totally worthy of the investment. As soon as you’ll find your favourite chunky sweater, we bet it will become harder and harder to get out of it.

2013 Runway Trends

04. The Oversized Coat. Luxurious looking and quite of an edgy wardrobe staple, the oversized coat is an absolute must-have this season. Easy to dress up with elegant choices, or toned down with casual and comfy attires, this cocoon coat can hide layers and layers of clothing underneath without ever showing it. For maximum effect, style the coat with a sleek bun and a pair of classy shades.

2013 Runway Trends

05. The Oversized Pants. They might look a little bit unusual at first, but if styled impeccably the oversized pants can easily turn into a modern and tough piece of clothing. Spotted on the streets and in stores in a variety of colors and fabrics, they are meant to be incorporated in laid-back looks, emphasized only by colorful chunky knits and minimum jewelry. If you care to make a long lasting impression, opt for the edgy black leather oversized trousers this winter.