The Pixie Cut

A Hairstyle, A Trend: The Pixie Cut And 5 Ways To Style It

I recently realized we have dedicated plenty of space, and came with many wonderful ideas on how to style the long hair this season. But what about the ladies that dared going for a total make-over and are now sporting extra short hair? The pixie cut’s fame goes back a long, long time, as you may recall Twiggy’s super famous portrait shot in the 1960’s, with the supermodel rocking her combed and perfectly placed hair cut. Everything has evolved that’s for sure, but during every decade this classic hairstyle marks a glorious comeback, with little changes to keep things fresh, but as edgy and appealing as ever. With celebrities like Ginnifer Goodwin, Emma Watson, and more recently, Miley Cyrus going for this bold style, it’s no wonder the pixie cut rapidly became the next best thing in hair matters. Going for this style implies a drastic change, and although it’s true that in time the hair ends up growing back, make sure you choose this cut for all the right reasons. Either you feel it’s time for a complete change in your overall appearance, you like to experiment with your hair, or you simply grew tired of always carrying your hair long, make certain that the pixie cut it’s exactly what you’re looking for. If it is, embrace the change and learn how to effortlessly wear your new and adventurous hair style.

The Pixie Cut

There’s nothing quite like a pixie cut to show off and emphasize a perfectly beautiful bone structure. Actress Ginnifer Goodwin reinvented her image by using this youthful hair style and she totally rocks the trend. To bring a touch of edginess to your look, add a little bit of texture to it and play with your hair until achieving that organized do that’s slightly punky. Keep it sleek in the front and messy in the back. Style the look with smokey eyes and gold accessories and be ready to impress.

The Pixie Cut

True Blood star Evan Rachel Wood is pretty familiar with the entire process of experimenting with her hair. Over the years she sported quite a few different styles that always kept her on the fashion radar. Last year, the actress switched the long hair for a bold pixie cut. We love her way of styling the pixie into a teased and slightly voluminous side-part pompadour.

The Pixie Cut

The super adorable Michelle Williams makes the pixie cut hair style look like the most delicate thing ever. If you want to play upon the feminine accents while sporting the pixie, keep your look casual and sleek and add some playfulness to your appearance with the help of a statement headband piece. It will take your look to a whole new level. In order to make it a total success, remember to keep your make-up as natural and toned down as possible.

The Pixie Cut - Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is the latest famous name to opt for the drastic change in the hair department. The pixie cut elevated Miley’s look and we cannot help but notice that she loves to showcase a wilder side on the red carpet now. If you happen to love Miley’s hair do, or if your style is rather on the rocker side, than this sky-high pompadour might just be the thing for you. Complement the dramatic look with statement accessories and edgy silhouettes. Don’t play it safe.

The Pixie Cut - Emma Watson

If you feel like trying out something completely different and far from safe, take actress Emma Watson for inspiration. The young start sported a sleek and wet low side part pixie for the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” New York Premiere. To achieve this look, mix equal parts of gel and smoothing serum products and apply them liberally to the hair. Polish the look by using a high shine product and spray all over to make sure the hair will sit.

As you can easily notice, there are many options for successfully styling the adorable pixie cut, so don’t let this aspect stop your from going for a total make-over. Just make sure to pick the cut that will best complement your face and features. A short hair cut is a great new way to start over, it’s incredible fast to style and easy to maintain. Let your beauty speak and enjoy the transformation.