A Slice of Men’s Fashion in 2013 – Colours, Metallic, Blazers and Suits & More

Here comes a fashion forecast that will immensely please all the hunks out there. Get the right look before others for the next year so that your style remains unbeatable! That’s possible only if you go through the content given below along with a few relevant tips to polish your personality further. A well dressed man in an updated look can make his presence felt even without speaking a word. 2013 has a lot in store for men, be it in terms of color, texture or style.

Want to know what we got for you from all the high profile fashion shows such as those of Milan and London Fashion Week 2013? Join us to enrich your fashion knowledge well in advance.

  1. Blast of Colors for Men

The designers regarded as the best in the fashion world, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Milan and many others showcased their men’s wear collection in the recent past. So, was it liked by the audience? Liked? It was an absolute hit among one and all. Now, after the models who wore those colors, it is your time to carry off bright hues to make a mark anywhere you go. The primary colors we are talking about do include neon! Besides neon, many of the colors noticed on the runways had a distinct amount of richness to them.

Sand stone colors as well as navy shades form a worthwhile color option for men belonging to any professional field. So, are you ready to ditch dull black and grey for your own good, next spring season? How about deep shade of red working as a blazer for work? To help you nail this look, utilize this smart tip: saturated shades look nice when teamed with neutral ones to strike the right balance.

  1. Masculine Touch of Metallic

We are eagerly waiting for this bold trend to make its way into the men’s wardrobe in the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Oh no, do not regard this one an outrageous style; it is in fact an outrageously fashionable trend! Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show was one of the first to showcase their metallic collection and many followed. Burberry laid emphasis on the shimmer element whereas the rest of the designers presented several subtle versions of the same.

Versace too opted for this trend and made it more sport trendy. The result expected from combining the metal based material and a navy suit is nothing but perfect.

We feel that metallic cardigans or accessories with metallic tinge, for example belts or footwear will pick up much faster than metallic trousers or shirt. 2013 is ‘bling bling’ time for boys and men.

  1. Blazers and Suits – There is more to come!

We covered each and every fashion exhibit and hand picked the very top ones for you to have a look at (before the rest, that’s the whole point!)  Just like the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ character named Barney Stinson who is obsessed with suits, you will find yourself in a similar situation. How? Your love for double breasted blazers will automatically start increasing once you see the smartness exuding from them. Touted as a ‘soon to be soaring’ clothing style, the craze for blazers and suits has never subsided.

For formal occasions, this is what many have and continue to depend on and that too, with blind faith. The vintage feel, the breast pocket with a colored pocket handkerchief provides is unmatched and if tried next year, will easily set your style quotient apart and above the rest.

  1. Bombers Return

Oh yes, they do but in 2013! We are most certain the disclosure of this trend must have made all men happy and relieved. Why so? Who didn’t like the look Tom Cruise carried off in Top Gun? Next year, men can have almost similar compliments that were showered on the star with colorful options in Bombers.

Which of these trends are you looking forward to? If you like what you saw here, get started with the countdown to the next year.