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Accessories’ Diva, Sarah Jessica Parker’s 5 Most Favorite Handbags

Wanna know what your favorite stars’ favorite bags are?

Are you totally blown over by some of these celebs’ amazingly fashionable bags? We must admit we have been startled by some. In the forthcoming posts, we are going to take you through the stunning handbag collections of your celebrities.

Today let’s take a look at accessories’ diva, Sarah Jessica Parker’s bag collection.

 Although you always relate to her as Sex And The City’s Carrie, however Sarah Jessica Parker has her own take on fashion. And mind you, her collection is mind blowing to say the least.

In the morning when she walks with her kids to their school, SJP frequently takes an extraordinary bag along, whether she’s wearing jeans, shorts or any other outfit.

We simply love her ‘be yourself’ attitude. Although she knows that she is going to be clicked any moment she steps out of house, she dresses up for whatever she’s up to on that particular day rather than dress up for the shutterbugs. Indeed, paparazzi contemplates that probably she dresses-down in a bid to keep photographers at bay. Well, let’s let the paparazzi speculate, while we see what Sarah Jessica Parker has in her handbag cabinet.

Wondering if Sarah Jessica has big, giant cabinet for handbags?

Let’s fill you in:

1) Metallic silver Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Would you agree with us that in the context of Sarah Jessica Parker and bags, the top of the mind recall is Fendi; considering, Sex And The City transformed the Fendi Baguette into the womankind’s first and foremost It Bag?

Are you already nodding your head in agreement?

If yes, then, we are sure you took a close look at the metallic silver Fendi Peekaboo Bag Sarah Jessica Parker is carrying in the picture above.

2) Python Fendi Spy Bag


Let’s go the old-style way with Sarah Jessica with this yet another Fendi bag. We told you, she simply loves Fendi. The python Fendi Spy Bag looks quite spacious and chic.

3) Black Fendi 2Jours Tote


The lover of Fendi, Sarah Jessica was spotted carrying a black Fendi 2Jours Tote. That isn’t all. Look closely and you’ll notice the ever famed initials, SJP inscribed on the bag emblazoned in gold. If you are an SJP fan and you like Fendi bags, you should definitely add this Fendi bag to your handbag’ collection if not for its awesome combination of black and silver, then certainly for its star attraction, the SJP initials!

Oh are you thinking we missed talking about the second bag that’s tagging alongside the Fendi bag? That’s Tod’s Signature Large Tote.

4) Black Quilted Chanel Chain Strap Shoulder Bag


If Sarah Jessica Parker was asked to choose her 2nd favorite brand, she would vociferously vouch for Chanel bags. Have you seen her flaunting this black quilted Chanel Chain Strap Shoulder Bag in many other photographs? Bet you have. Sarah has often been seen carrying this black Chanel bag for several years at various occasions.

5) Grey Chanel Reissue Bowler Bag


While we are speaking of SJP’s tradition of carrying her most favorite bags on a regular basis, take a look at this grey Chanel Reissue Bowler Bag which is another of Sarah Jessica’s evergreen and most preferred bags.

Here’s a trivia you would like:

Karl Lagerfeld has helmed both of her beloved bag brands.

Alright girls, that’s it for today, but we promise there’s a lot more to come in the forthcoming posts on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.