Accessories Trends 2013

11 Ways to Accessorize like a Fashionista: Accessories Trends for 2013

There’s one thing that only girls know how to do best. Can you guess what it is? Oh yes, it’s accessorizing. When it comes to accessorizing, we are born with the innate ability to come up with a look so fabulous that one can only stand and stare in amazement.

But you’ve got to admit that we (girls) always need some guidance as to what’s in vogue and what’s not so that we do not go wrong while accessorizing. So here’s a little help from us today, the perfect guide to the best accessories that you can pull off in 2013.

Get ready to embrace these new trends in 2013 because these trends are sure to embrace you in the most fashionable way. Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and so much more, you’d want to dive into this fabulous world of accessories and never bring yourself out of it.

1. Oversize Floral Ornaments 2013

2013 is about showing off the accessories you’ve got. And there is no better way to do so than by wearing large oversize accessories. We have seen quite a number of oversize floral pieces on the ramp at fashion shows for 2013. And we can tell you for sure that oversize floral pieces are going to be in huge demand. Wearing floral elements are a great way to bring out your feminine side and oversize pieces are a must have for this year. Oversize Ornaments

2. Neon Jewelry 2013

2013 is the year of loud bold colors; especially neons. And these colors are going to reflect in jewelry for 2013 as well. So get ready to splurge on some hot neon colors like pinks, blues, yellows, orange and greens so that you are up to date with this jewelry trend for 2013. You can also combine the trend of oversize jewelry and neons and find yourself oversize neon pieces of jewelry.

Neon Jewelry

3. Plastic Toys Shaped Jewelry 2013

Reminisce your childhood days of going back to the playground or gathering your plastic toys and having a blast with your childhood friends with these plastic toys shaped jewelry pieces. They are made out of plastic, shaped like toys and joined together to form neckpieces and bracelets. And to add that extra “toy” effect to it, they are given candy colors like baby blue, baby pink and green.

 plastic toy shaped accessory trends

4. Fringe Bracelets 2013

If you can have a fringe for your hair, attached to your skirts and dresses then why not have fringe bracelets? Bracelets with a fringe are a trend that is kicking in, thanks to the Parisian designers who stormed their brains to come up with a unique jewelry idea for 2013.

 fringe bracelets accessories 2013

5. Fringe Neckpieces 2013

You will surely need something to complement your lovely fringe bracelet with. So here’s a fringe necklace to go with your lovely fringe bracelet. Take fringe to the next level by going all out with a front or side fringe hairstyle, fringe attached to your clothes and now fringe jewelry.

fringe neckpieces accessories Trends 2013

6. Heavily Beaded Bracelets 2013

If you are a fan of beads, then you will surely go crazy and fall in love with this trend. We are so accustomed to pearls and beads as part of our formal ensemble, but beads go casual in 2013 with heavily designed and oversize pieces. So now it’s not just going to be one piece at a time that takes all the focus, but a number of beads on your bracelet or neckpiece that are going to fight it out to be noticed.

heavily beaded bracelets accessories 2013

7. Heavy Metal Rings 2013

Are you fixated with rings? If yes, then go ahead and wear one on each finger because the trend of being heavily accessorized in all the jewelry that you can possibly imagine is back. So go get ten sets of rings, one for each of your finger and choose only those that are quite heavy and full of metal. No delicate embellishments or intricate designs will do.

8. Flashy Gold Jewelry 2013

Gold can get so flashy at times that it can begin to hurt the eyes. But don’t you fret about it because in 2013, you have all the licenses you will need to strut about in flashy gold jewelry without snide comments because flashy gold jewelry is in vogue for 2013. And most importantly, flashy gold jewelry is a casual look for 2013 and not a formal one as gold usually is.

Gold Accessories Trends 2013

9. Heavy Metal Band Jewelry 2013

You might have realized by now that there is nothing delicate or intricate lined up for jewelry for 2013, so here is some more of the heavy metal accessories that will continue throughout 2013 in style. Heavy Metal Band Accessories like neckpieces and bracelets have sprouted up in various hi-end jewelry brands, just for you to buy them, wear them and look fabulous. There is something about heavy metal jewelry that brings out your feminine side with toughness, don’t you feel so?

Heavy Metal Band Jewelry

10. Chain String Jewelry

Jewelry for 2013 keeps getting flashier and louder and continuing with this trend is the trend of chain string jewelry. Although, this time the chain strings aren’t small and inconspicuous, but large and loud enough for the design to be noticed. So you can go get yourself heaps of chain string bracelets, necklaces and earrings for 2013 so that you are in vogue all through the year.

2013 chain string accessories trends

11. Tribal Jewelry

Tribal jewelry is already loud enough and hence it makes it to the list of the top accessories of 2013. Tribal jewelry is all about loud colors, oversize elements and loud and flashy designs. So keeping in sync with the “flashy” jewelry trend of 2013, here comes tribal jewelry to make you look like the hottest tribal there ever is.

tribal accessories trends 2013

Now even though we haven’t featured formal pieces on this list, it doesn’t mean that they are not in vogue, because we really cannot eliminate the grace and beauty that diamonds, silver and gold rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets bring to our wardrobe.

So this is all for casual accessories for 2013 that are surely going to enhance your entire look and keep you looking fabulous all through the year.