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How Neon Can You Get in 2013? Ten Must-Have Neon Accessories

It’s glittering, it’s glowing, it’s captivating and it’s mesmerizing.

It’s NEON!

When neons come calling, it’s difficult to say no. Well, that’s not only because neons are highly in vogue this year, but also because we find these funky colors so irresistible that we can’t get enough of them.

Have you tried this funky trend yet or have you been waiting for some guidance on how to use them to avoid going wrong with trendy neons like pink, yellow, green, orange and blue?

Neon Accessories Trends

You’re at the right place, at the right time because we’re going to show you how you can work neons into your wardrobe and also the wide variety of neon accessories you can experiment with.

So are you ready to roll with neons? Buckle up; this is going to be one colorful joyride.

1. Neon Nail Polishes

Neon Nail Polishes

Think “neon” and think of something you can never go wrong with. Yes, nail polishes! Nobody really judges you for your nail polish color, so why not start off with something as safe as a neon nail polish? It’s pouring neon nail polishes this summer across a wide variety of brands.

2. Neon Belts

Neon Belts

Bring some zing into your old boring outfits by belting up with a funky neon belt. There is no better way to bring life into your office formals than with a trendy neon belt. And don’t worry, your boss won’t complain.

3. Neon Wrist Watches

Neon Wrist Watches

The thought of getting back home from work on Fridays gives you a thrill, doesn’t it? Keep looking at the time fashionably with a neon wrist watch and make casual Fridays even more looked forward to.

4. Neon Scarves

Neon Scarves

When the chill starts to set in, cover up fashionably with a neon scarf. You can wear any outfit, interesting and boring and a neon scarf is sure to perk it up in style.

5. Neon Pink Lipsticks

Neon Pink Lipsticks

Emma Stone was one of the few Hollywood actresses to first experiment with this neon pink lipstick and it was a hit. Now if Emma can pull it, so can you!

6. Neon Shoes

Neon Shoes

Give people some more reasons to stare at your sexy legs in 2013 with neon shoes. Your feet will keep smiling too with these bright hues of new shoes.

7. Neon Earrings

Neon Earrings

Jewelry and neon make a killer combination. Doll up with earrings, neon style and keep your ears looking fresh, pretty and glowing all day long.

8. Neon Bangles

Neon Bangles

Adorn your hands with edgy neon accessories. Step out on the streets with funky looking neon bangles and let people stop to take notice.

9. Neon Handbags

Neon Handbags

They say a woman cannot live without a handbag. Give yourself another reason not to live without your handbag by buying yourself a trendy neon handbag in 2013 and fill every other woman with envy.

10. Neon Necklaces

Neon Necklaces

Whether your outfit has a high neckline or a low neckline, it’s time to draw more attention to it with a neon necklace. A fancy pink, blue, orange, yellow or green with a metallic finish is a recipe for ultra modern fashion.

Don’t you find the world of neons tempting? Can’t wait to step into it, can you? Well, neither can we! So let’s jump in and make the most of this trend because neons are here to stay.

Being Shady – Tips To Finding That Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Tired, annoyed, frustrated? These would be some of the basic symptoms of Shade Syndrome. Trying to find that perfect pair of sunglasses is a delicate dance, that can sometimes leave you annoyed and frustrated.  Here’s a quick guide for some handy tips to finding that diamond in the rough / which in this case is your perfect pair of sunglasses that best compliment your shape.

house of holland round sunglasses

Heart-Shaped: Wearing your heart on your forehead, opposed to your sleeve? With having a wide forehead and cheekbones in conjunction to a narrow chin, cat-eye sunglasses are your go-to frame style.  The best attribute of cat-eye sunglasses is the illusion of lift. I refer to it as a face-lift in a frame.  For those of us who don’t want to go under the knife, cat-eye sunglasses are the purrrfect fit for you. Meow!

 cheap monday shades

Sunglasses Brand: Cheap Monday.


Oblong-Shaped: Why the long face? Can’t find that perfect pair of shades? With having the facial features of a long face, narrow chin, and cheeks, big over-sized sunglasses are your true match. The bigger the better! One great feature for over-sized wrapped sunglasses is the fact that when worn, you will give off a cool, chic, mysterious vixen look, and who doesn’t like a good Nancy Drew novel?

marc by marc jacobs shades

Sunglasses Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Square-Shaped: Having problems thinking outside the box? With broad being a key word, from having a broad forehead to a square jawline, you have your pick at a broad range of differently styled sunglasses. From round and oval to cat-eye frames, these will all compliment your facial features best. Sunglasses to stay away from would be any sharp geometric shaped frames.

  victoria beckham sunglasses   marc by marc jacobs sunglasses karen walker sunglasses

Sunglasses Brand: Left to Right – Victoria Beckham, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker


Oval –Shaped: Just like a supermodel in a Victoria Secret ad, you can pretty much pull off any style. With that being said, go out and invest in some great sunglasses that come in all sorts of different designs. Dare to be daring! Like in these Alexander McQueen two tone metallic sunglasses.

alexander mcQueen sunglassesSunglasses Brand: Alexander McQueen

 Round-Shaped: Around and round we go… The sunglasses that will best frame your round face would be any style of frames that are wide and rectangular. Opposites attract! And in this case it is your round face, with a perfect pair of wide, geometric styled sunglasses. No curves here!

stella mcCartney sunglasses

Sunglasses Brand: Stella McCartney


We all come in different shapes and sizes. It’s what makes you, Y-O-U! With all of us given an uniqueness about ourselves, it can sometimes be frustrating when trying to find our true fit. I hope this guide can be a quick fix to your dilemma.  Opposed to throwing shade, we need to start wearing shade. Great, amazing, fabulous, look at me shade!

All sunglasses are purchasable at Be sure to check out their website for great, on trend, styles of fabulous looking sunglasses from a variety of different designers.

Earrings Trends 2013: The Boldest and the Most Beautiful Earrings

Have you over-worn those simple studs that sit right in the front of your accessories drawer? It’s time to give those studs a day off for the next 365 days because bold earrings are here to dominate in 2013.

And no matter how bold these earrings get in 2013, one thing is for certain – they will always look cool on the hottest summer day and they will always make you look sizzling hot on the chilliest winter day.

Our designers got very creative in 2013 to bring to us some of the most fascinating jewelry pieces we’ve ever set our eyes on. Get ready to witness the trendiest earrings compiled for you below because this is going to be one joy ride you wouldn’t want to miss.

Earring Trends 2013

Make a statement with these bold and beautiful earrings for 2013.

1. J. Crew Crystal Bead Earrings

Go heavy on beads and loud colors this year. Making a statement with earrings like these is what 2013 is all about. A fascinating piece by J. Crew, these earrings will surely rock your world.

J Crew Crystal Bead earring Trends 2013

2. Dolce & Gabbana Gypsy Earrings

Nurture that soul of a gypsy hidden within you with these long, loud and excessively bold gypsy earrings brought to you by Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce and Gabbana Gypsy Earring Trends 2013

3. Etro Orange Gypsy Earrings

Go minimal on color with your attire and your make up and let your earrings be the focal point of your ensemble. Etro presents the most exhilarating jewelry pieces in 2013 especially these orange gypsy earrings to make a bold statement.

Etro Orange Gypsy Earrings Trends 2013

4. Miu Miu Crystal Bead Drop Earrings

Combine colorful crystals and beads into a single piece with beaded crystal earrings. The rules to wearing accessories have been transformed with 2013’s jewelry collection and you do not have to keep it sober anymore. Bring on the beads and crystals in different color for a haute choice, inspired by Miu Miu.

Miu Miu Crystal Bead Drop Earrings Trends 2013

5. Cabinet Arctic Earrings

With the dazzling sheen of blue sapphires and the striking gleam of gold, Cabinet brings you an elegant pair of earrings for the evening. Flaunt this lovely pair with your long gowns or cocktail dresses and give everybody a reason to talk about you and your beautiful earrings.

Cabinet Arctic Earrings Trends 2013

6. Nasty Gal Neon Earrings

Color Block trends are making their way through dresses, handbags and shoe trends since 2013. Invite this innovative trend into your jewelry box as well with color block earrings in loud neons by Nasty Gal.

Gal Neon Earrings Trends 2013

7. Oscar De La Renta Victorian Earrings

There are some great antique pieces lined up in 2013 that possess the old world charm and the modern elegance for evening wear jewelry. Oscar De La Renta brings the Victorian era back to life in 2013 with a line of charming Victorian pieces of jewelry like these intricate earrings.

scar De La Renta Victorian Earrings

8. Aurelie Biderman Condor Clip Earrings

And here’s a pair that will lead to some serious head turning on the streets. They’re jazzy enough to hit the streets with in 2013.

Aurelie Biderman Condor Clip Earrings

9. Maxi Earring Trends 2013

Maxi earrings in all shapes and colors dominated runways and have in fact become part of celebrity fashion. A useful tip- keep your neck bare while wearing maxi earrings and pay extra attention to face makeup and hair as the earrings will naturally draw all attention, bringing your face and hair into focus too.

Maxi Earring Trends 2013

10. Bold and Bright Earring Trends 2013

Feeling bright and bold in the summer? Let your earrings reflect that. The Dolce and Gabbana earring collection for spring 2013 consisted of bright fruits and African face designs. It may not make sense, but it sure looks good.

bright earrings

11. Statement Earring Trends 2013

Statement earring trends are present every season; it is only that the statement differs each year. While last year statement earring trends focused more on elegant studs and graceful ear-drops, the 2013 statement earrings are about ‘being big’ But the elegance and the grace remain unchanged as you can see here on the red carpet for the recent Golden Globe Awards.

Statement Earrings

12. Ear Cuff Trends 2013

We did talk about studs not being part of 2013 earring trends, but ear hugging ear cuff style earrings are definitely in. And you guessed it right, they are bigger and bolder than ever.

ear cuffs

And we come to the end of another truly mesmerizing collection of earrings. Remember to keep it bold and beautiful in 2013 because your earrings are going to be talked about, girl.

Glam Up With these 6 Hottest Accessories For Spring 2013

Spring brings with it a shopping fever, doesn’t it? Just like the weather transforms itself, we feel the need to transform our wardrobes too. It feels great to ditch all the warm winter wear and get into something comfortable after a long break.

The time for shopping till you drop is here and if you have already caught the shopping bug and are well on your way to shop till you drop, you’re going to need a little help with what to pick.

With bags, shoes, jewelry, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, dresses and sunglasses already on your “To Buy” list, here’s a guide with the Top 6 hottest accessories that you can shop for this spring 2013. So get ready to get all your money rolling because spring is here and there are quite a number of goodies that you can invest in for a fresh and new look.

1. Floral Shoes

 Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

Floral Shoes are the rage. Oh yes, they very much are. If you can wear floral tees and floral jeans, why not allow your show the privilege to look floral too? Floral shoes perfectly suit a bright spring day and you can go in for these prints with pencil heels, ankle straps, pumps, ballerinas and flip flops too.

2. Yellow Handbags

Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

If you want to give the sun a complex about its fiery color, go get yourself a striking yellow bag. Yellow is a great color for spring 2013. Its brightness can really add to the trendiness of your look. And the best part about flaunting yellow in spring is you need not make sure that the colors of your outfit match perfectly with the bag.

3. Sling Bags

Spring 2013 Accessory Trends Your wardrobe will be incomplete if you do not have a sling bag for spring 2013. Sling bags have been the hottest item among bags since 2012 and they still are. So do not waste another opportunity to buy one and just go grab hold of it before everyone else buys all the sling bags in the world.

4. Oversize and Dangling Earrings

Spring 2013 Accessory Trends Don’t hide those beautiful ears behind layers of your hair anymore. The time to flaunt your ears is now and there is no better way to do so than by wearing some really pretty oversize and dangling earrings. Ensure that you pick up loud colors like pink, orange, yellow and blue. Whether they are spiked, shaped like a scary skull, a long dangling rectangle or embedded with gemstones, each of these earrings are sure to make a loud fashion statement for spring 2013.

5. Bold Necklaces

 Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

Give your loud earrings some loud company with bold necklaces. The ultimate tip this spring 2013 is to keep your accessories loud, so go grab as many necklaces that stand proudly around your neck this spring.

6. Sunglasses

 Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

Don’t forget to shield your pretty eyes from the sun and while you’re at it, make your eyes look trendy too with a fabulous pair of oversize and brightly colored sunglasses.

Don’t you forget to add all these accessories to your wardrobe as soon as you can! Remember that accessorizing well gives you a complete and perfect chic diva look. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Feeling Unfashionable? Belt it Up with our 4+4 on How to Wear Belts Stylishly this Summer

A belt can really turn any outfit upside down. A simple belt across your waist can either make or break your outfit. You can jazz up the palest looking outfit or you can add that extra inch of fabulousness to your already chic look with something as simple as a belt.

So what’s new this summer with belts and how can you jazz up your summer look with an awesome belt? Well, for starters, there are a variety of outfits with which you can belt yourself up. Wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses because a belt this summer is going to be burning hot.

1. Shorts

A pair of colorful or denim shorts would look incomplete without a nice belt holding it together. You may choose to wear a T shirt with it or a buttoned down shirt and you can simply tuck it in to show off your fabulous belt. The right way to accessorize a pair of shorts with a belt would be going for a broad belt with a conspicuous buckle. As for the color, you can go with whatever best compliments your outfit and also stands out.

Belt Trends 2013

2. Skirts

Just like a belt goes great with a hot pair of denim shorts, belts look fabulous with denim skirts too. Although, you must be careful not to overdo it by wearing belts with every type of skirt because belts don’t look great with formal, leather and long skirts. Casual miniskirts look terrific when paired with a belt.

3. Jeans

We’ve been accessorizing our pairs of jeans with belts for as long as we can remember and it goes without saying that a tucked in T shirt with a pair of jeans and a belt with it looks simply amazing. So you can go ahead with this look for summer 2013 and you can add a bit of funkiness to it by alternating your blue denims with all the new bright colors like red, yellow, green, pink and purple for the summer.

 Belt Trends 2013

4. Dresses

Casual summer dresses with fun floral and abstract prints and designs look complete with a belt. The best part about this is that your belt need not match the color of your dress to the inch and you can play around with color and also the width of the belt as a smart way to let your belt stand out.

For summer 2013, you can pair belts up with a short summer dress or a long flowing Bohemian maxi dress, either way, it will look really beautiful.

Belt Trends 2013

Types of Belts

When it comes to selecting a belt we girls are really lucky and spoilt for choice. There is so much under the sun and much more under the summer sun this year with belt trends. This awesome collection of belts include various prints, various widths, buckle types and belt patterns.

1. Animal Print Belts

Animal print belts are a hot favorite among animal print lovers. You have tiger prints, leopard prints, snakeskin belts, zebra prints and so much more; you are surely going to want to have one of each this summer.

Belt Trends 2013

2. Fancy Buckle Belts

Ditch the old boring belt buckle and go in for something new and funky with diamond studded buckles, scary skull buckles to give people the creeps, brand logos, ornate floral designs and many others.

3. Colorful Belts

You can take any of your favorite summer colors like green, yellow, blue, red or pink and buy a belt of that very color. Accessorize your outfits with it and you are ready to go. And how would you like a rainbow colored belt? You could use it during the monsoons as well.

Belt Trends 2013

4. Double Buckle Belts

This latest trend with doubled up buckles is really kicking in. Although this trend first started out with broader belts, you now have a lot of narrower ones with double buckles, both on the same strap. These look fabulous and will go down very well for a cowboy look with a checkered shirt and blue denims.

Belt Trends 2013

We have displayed for you a number of ways in which you could make a belt the hottest fashion item this summer. So we do hope you are going to rock this summer and beat the heat with the most fabulous fashion trends.

Sunglasses Trends 2013: Stylish, Sexy, Sophisticated & Oh Yes, Sun Shield Too

It is possible that a long time ago, sunglasses were donned exclusively for sun protection. Over the years, sunglasses have evolved as fashionable accessories. Sunglasses today are sexy, stylish, sophisticated, and so much more than just sun protection.

All major fashion houses like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and others present their signature sunglasses trends every season. So what are the trending sunglasses this season? How do you make sure you step out in style while protecting your precious eyes from the sun’s glares?  Read on to find out.

Sunglasses Trends Summer 2013

1.  Floral Frame Sunglasses Trends 2013

Summer is the time for a burst of florals on the runway. Whether you turn to apparel or accessories, the floral motif is everywhere. But sunglasses were usually exempt. Not so in 2013.  Inspired designers from Prada and Anna Sui have extended this trend to sunglasses too.

Prada chose to incorporate delicate floral patterns along the entire circumference of the frame except the lower portion. A slightly overwhelming look, but exceedingly stylish.

Sunglasses Trends

Note how the sunglasses have been coordinated with the outfit. Fashion, after all, is in the details.

Anna Sui on the other hand, opted for just a hint of pretty flowers at the frame corners. This created a more subtle look (as compared to Prada), but one that was equally stylish.


Thus the same floral trend has been interpreted in two diametrically opposite ways. Which one would you prefer?

2. U-Shaped Sunglasses Trends 2013

An innovative sunglasses trend observed on the runways for summer 2013 was the U-shaped frames. In general, oversize sunglasses are extremely popular in 2013. The U-shaped sunglasses are oversized, but are distinguished by their unique shape. Another distinguishing factor about these sunglasses was the use of bold colors in the lower portion, with contrasting accents at the top. This design really makes the U-shape stand out. Here take a look yourself.


3.  Safety Goggles Sunglasses Trends Summer 2013

Protective eyewear, part of uniform in several professions, actually made it as a stylish trend for sunglasses in 2013. (No wonder, some people say they can’t understand fashion). Surprisingly these safety goggle shaped sunglasses actually looked quite cool and sexy. Michael Kors, Tracy Reese and Milly by Michelle Smith showcased this particular trend on the spring summer 2013 runways.

Tracy Reese and Milly by Michelle Smith kept the sunglasses clear, while Kors added some tinted colors to enhance the glam quotient.

Sunglasses Trends

Here’s a thought. The next time you pass by a construction site, take a moment to admire the ‘trendy’ eye glasses the workers have on. Bet they have no clue that they are sporting the latest fashion trends!

4. Frame – Fame Sunglasses Trends 2013

All through the spring summer 2013 sunglasses collections, one aspect was constant- the focus on frames. And we have decided to call this the ‘frame-fame’ trends, because these really out-of-the-ordinary frame designs and embellishments are sure to make you famous (or at least make sure that others notice you).

House of Holland opted for a bronze intricate design frame, framing the lens completely. Carven and Calla concentrated on the upper portion of the frame, creating an edgy look.

Sunglasses Trends

5. Animal Print Frame Sunglasses Trends 2013

Animal prints are very trendy this summer. From bags to belts to apparel, animal prints were so rife on the runways that some fashion editors though they were in the jungle and not at a fashion show. (You know I am kidding right?)

Well animal print trends have wriggled their way into sunglasses frames too. Ladies, time to bring out the ‘beast’ in you.

Sunglasses Trends

An excuse for cat fights? Well, that’s up to you.

What style is yours for sun protection this summer?

Top 7 Bracelet Trends for 2013 – ‘Arresting’ Fashion for your Arm

Bracelets are powerful fashion accessories that can add so much to your overall look. Sleek bracelets in intricate designs, with or without studded gemstones create an aura of understated elegance. And vibrant, beaded bracelets in multiple hues bring out the free spirit in you and transform you into a funky diva.

No wonder all major fashion houses like Prada, Fendi and others unveil a special bracelet collection every season. And yes, the fashion bracelet trends for 2013 have been revealed.

What are you waiting for? It is time dress your arm in some ‘arresting’ 2013 bracelet fashion.

Bracelet Trends for 2013

1.  Cuff Bracelets for 2013

Cuff bracelets are very fashionable in 2013. If you never liked stacking up multiple bracelets on your arm (the earlier trend), you now have an option. The cuff bracelets unveiled by several big fashion names such as Lenora Dame and Pyrrha are thicker than conventional bracelets. You slip on one, and you are all done. The cuffs are available as plain solids, and some cuffs sport intricate designs. I personally like the solid cuffs. What is your preference?

Bracelet Trends

2. Color Blocking for Bracelets in 2013

While color blocking was a popular trend in apparels for 2013, Fendi has incorporated this trend into their spring summer 2013 bracelet collection. Solid blacks and whites were observed in several Fendi bracelets. The designer took the color blocking trend several notches higher in the style department by including solid spikes against a contrasting solid background. And at the other extreme, single color bracelets (black) were also part of the collection. The best effect is obtained by combining the various designs together as one of these pictures shows.

Bracelet Trends

3. Floral Bracelet Designs for 2013

Prada has creatively incorporated the floral motif for its 2013 bracelet designs. And trust Prada to do it in style. The simple floral design has been presented in various creative formats in the collection. There is a ‘link’ design embellished with tiny studded flowers. Or you can opt for simple sleek floral design on a base cream bracelet. The pride of the collection, though, are two designs, comprising floral ‘circles’, linked to each other by a sparkling band of gemstones. One bracelet is white and other is black and they stand out in the photos below.


4. Beaded and Layered Look for Bracelets 2013

Beaded bracelets are a staple trend in bracelet fashion. In the M.Cohen spring 2013 collection, the beaded bracelet look was made even more creative by combining bracelets with colored beads and plain beads together and layering them up. Made quite an eye catching spectacle for sure. And remember what we said earlier about unleashing the free sprit within you. This is exactly what we were talking about.


 5. Colorful Bracelets for 2013

You can now add a splash of color to your arm. The Miansai spring summer 2013 bracelet collection showcased colored printed as well as plain bracelets. For those of you, who don’t want to completely unleash the free spirit within (with the M.Cohen bracelets), but perhaps, want to let go just a bit, these bracelets are perfect. They are casual without being wild.

Bracelet Trends

6. Gemstone and Marble Bracelets for 2013

Some of the most beautiful bracelet looks for 2013 included gemstones and marble stones. Gemstones add the shine and sparkle and enhance the look of your bracelet. And when gemstones are set in a creative pattern, they further embellish the overall look. Renowned jewelry designer Lele Sadoughi has created this exquisite scarab style Egyptian bracelet design that appears luxurious and exclusive all at the once.

Another masterpiece from her is the solid column slider bracelet with marbles. Now who would have thought stones on the arm would be stylish? Perhaps Wilma Flintstone was the inspiration?

Bracelet Trends

7. Creative Bracelets for 2013

And in 2013, designers pushed the limits of creativity in their bracelet designs. Moving away from the conventional designs, we saw Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg showcase some refreshing bracelets that were simple, uncomplicated and yet daringly different from norms.

 Bracelet Trends

 What is your favorite bracelet look for 2013? And don’t you think its time you started dropping hints to the significant other on appropriate Valentine’s gifts? You could perhaps send him the link to this article.

Bangles for 2013…How About Some Stylish ‘Arm Candy’ Ma’am?

Wondering how to dress up your arm in 2013? Watches are fine, but very predictable and boring and not nearly enough.

Bangles are the secret style weapon for your arm in 2013. Bangles are very ‘in’ in 2013. Several creative and contemporary bangle designs have emerged on the catwalks in the Spring Summer 2013 collections. And here is the round up of the most stylish bangle trends in 2013.

Bangle Trends 2013Bangles for 2013

1.  Fringe Bangles for 2013

Just like we saw the trend for fringe neckpieces for 2013, fringe bangles were observed as a popular trend in fashion shows for 2013. This trend was particularly showcased in Paris by Kenzo. To pull off this trend, we would recommend NOT combining it with the fringe neckpiece, as that might produce an overwhelming effect. But if you dare to be different, go right ahead. After all, fashion is all about you and how you interpret the trends.

Fringe Bangle Trends 2013

2. Colorful Tribal Bangles for 2013

Lulu Frost showcased tribal bangles for 2013 in vibrant colors and in-your-face designs. The best way to wear this trend is to stack up the bangles on your arm as high as you can. Don’t even bother matching the bangles with your outfit. That will be next to impossible given the vibrant multiple hues of these bangles. Your best bet is to pair the bangles with plain dresses and outfits so that they really stand out.

tribal bangle trends 2013

3. Wooden Bangles for 2013

At the other end of the spectrum are no-nonsense chunky wooden bangles, a stylish trend for 2013. Fashion house Elizabeth and James presented dark brown chunky wooden bangles paired with a contrasting all white ensemble to create a classy and elegant look. One of my personal favorite bangle looks for 2013.

wooden bangle trends 2013

 4. Open Bangle Designs 2013

Pushing limits of creativity is what designers do best. And in bangles for 2013, we saw some unconventional open design bangles. (Well, bangles are traditionally closed, right?). Presented by Vita Fede, they add just a touch of edginess to your look. Do you dare to wear this trend? And don’t forget to stack them up for the right effect.

 open bangle trends 2013

5.  Bangles as Cuffs for 2013

An interesting variation of the bangle designs for 2013 was the cuff that was showcased by several prominent designers. The cuff is a single thick bangle, usually worn singly (not stacked up). The cuff designs were varied and included cuffs color coordinated with outfits (DVF), clear acrylic cuffs (Michael Kors). In their 2013 resort collection, Michael Kors showcased jewel embellished cuffs that quite stole the show.

cuff angle trends 2013

6. Rose Gold Bangles for 2013

This trend that was slowly catching towards the end of 2012 has become very strong in 2013. And why not. Just see how elegant the color looks. You will fall in love.

rose gold bangle

In 2013, there is no excuse for keeping your arm bare. You have loads of options to choose from. Make sure you dress your arm with the most stylish ‘arm candy’.