Belt Trends 2013 - Experiment

Adorn Your Waist with Top 8 Belt Trends for 2013

If you have been following our articles on Fashion 2013, you will have already observed that spring, summer, fall and winter 2013 is going to be rocking with accessories.

Now of course we aren’t saying that you should stock up only on accessories and avoid buying the lovely clothes we have showcased to you in fashion for 2013. We are here to show you that there are a number of lovely belts and various belt trends available for fashion 2013 that you can choose from to adorn your pretty waist.

We have complied for you a comprehensive list with the top 8 belt designs, trends and styles for all you pretty ladies out there. Use a belt to complete your look and strut fashionably in it with these trendy belt trends for 2013:

1. Experiment with Belts for Different Apparels

Those days are a passé when women wore belts only with trousers. The major fashion trend for 2013 is that you can wear a belt with anything. Name it and you can put a belt on it.

Whether you’re wearing a skirt or a dress, or jackets, tunics, coats and furs, wearing a belt with it is a very trendy and modern fashion. You don’t have to worry about going wrong because everyone on major fashion ramps is wearing it.

All you need to do is take care that the colour of your belt goes with your overall look.

Belt Trends 2013

  2. The Bow Buckled Belt 2013

Anything that has a bow on it looks very feminine and romantic. The bow buckled belt is for all you pretty ladies out there who love to be feminine and trendy.

Whether the bow is a small one or whether it is oversized, here size does not matter as both the styles are very chic.

 Bow Buckle Belt Trends 2013

3. String Belts 2013

Strings belts are very flexible and hence they are the best choice to wear with coats and jackets. To make it your style statement, as it already is in 2013, wear string belts on top of your coats and jackets instead of inside it.

 String Belts Trends 2013

 4. Stylized Belt Buckles 2013

While experimenting with buckles, look beyond colourful buckles and bows. The trends for 2013 with belt buckles include animal faced buckles and ornamental buckles. Although these stylized buckles appear edgy and eccentric, however, they are very modern and stylish. These buckles are a good way to go for a casual look.

 Belt Buckle Trends

 5. Textured Belts 2013

The great advantage with women’s belts is that, we do not have to stick only to leather belts. We can experiment with various kinds of fabrics when it comes to wearing a belt. Belts made of jute and fur are slowly kicking in for fashion 2013, while metallic and leather belts are being embedded with metallic chains and ornaments on their surface for a trendy and modern look.

 Textured Belt

 6. Size Doesn’t Matter in 2013

It was not established by any major fashion house whether oversized belts or narrow belts will rule for 2013. We saw an array of narrow and wide belts on the ramp. Wide and narrow belts have been a fashion sensation ever since the trend of women wearing belts kicked in.

7. Sparkling Belts 2013

If you can adorn yourself with glittering earrings, rings and chains, then why should you leave out your belt? Grace your belt with sparkling ornaments too by going for a stone studded belt. Belts embedded with studs are going to be in fashion for 2013. If you dislike going for a look where you are sparkling a bit too much, you can always opt for a plain belt with only the buckle studded with stones.

Studded Belt Trends 2013


8. Leather Belts

A leather belt is a classic accessory if you plan to dress up in formal clothes with a neat cut. And it is something you should always keep handy for those occasions where you cannot show off your trendy and vivid styles and colours.

We hope that with these top 8 belt trends, you will be able to put on your fashionable best and be the envy at your workplace or among your friends.

We promise to always keep you abreast with the latest fashions and trends for 2013 so that you can always add a chic and modern touch to your image.

Which of these belt trends did you like most?

We will eagerly look forward to read your views.