Animal Print Trends in 2013: Apparel, Bags, Shoes & Belts

Animal print trends have re-emerged very strongly on the fashion scene in 2013. In fact, animal print trends have always been around. What is it about this particular print that fascinates us? Perhaps, it reflects our innate desire to bring out our wild side. Or perhaps, it is an acknowledgement of the fact that this is as close as we can get to animals in the wild. Or perhaps the popularity of animal print trends over time is simply because they look really cool and totally stylish.

Whatever the reason, right now is the season to rejoice if you are an animal print fan. For in 2013, animal prints are trendy for apparels and accessories.

1.  Animal Print Trends in Apparel

Giambattista Valli presented leopard print gowns as part of their Spring Summer 2013 haute couture collection. Instead playing with traditional leopard colors, the designers went basic black and white, which created a look of understated elegance. As always, the style factor was extremely high with one strapless gown and another creatively designed single shoulder gown.

Animal Print Trends

Of course traditionally, black and white animal prints are associated with the zig-zag zebra prints. But then presenting an unusual concept like black and white leopard print is exactly what creative designing is all about.

Animal prints in apparel extends to all forms of clothing such as blouses, dresses, trousers, skirts and even outerwear like coats and jackets in 2013.


 Modern Take on Animal Prints

Designers also showcased a new perspective on the animal print trends in 2013. Rather than focusing only on patterns, animal images found themselves as patterns on apparel. Kenzo features this prominently in their winter 2013 collection.

 Animal Print Trends

2. Animal Print Trends in Bags 2013

Animal print bags made a unique style statement in several of the spring summer 2013 collections. Major designers like Jason Wu, Peter Som and others showcased this trend. And animal print bags for ladies are available in all forms and sizes from miniature clutches that will barely hold you cell phone to voluminous totes that hold your entire world.

And there is something for the men too

Burberry Prorsum and Paul Smith showcased smart looking office bags for men in animal print.

Animal Print Trends

The Burberry Prorsum bag is clearly leopard print. But what of the Paul Smith bag print. What do you make of it? Are you thinking what I am thinking? In any case, the bag looks utterly gorgeous.

And if you will pay close attention to the Burberry Prorsum model, you will notice that his shoes are …you guessed it ..animal print. So let us move on to the next animal print trend for 2013.

3. Animal Print Trends for Shoes in 2013

Animal print trends have crept everywhere in 2013, including into the footwear trends. The animal print trends for shoes in 2013 are extremely versatile and extend to all styles of shoes. For instance, animal prints were combined with high heels, stilettos, platform heels. Animal print boots are also a huge trend in 2013.


Here is an ultra sexy leopard print shoe complete with strappy details and killer pointed heels. You have often heard the term “if looks could kill”. You had better be careful with these heels, they probably will.

Animal Print Trends

Hollywood has taken to this trend in a big way. Here are some leading ladies from showbiz sporting their leopard print shoes with exquisite élan and casual chic.

Animal Print Trends

If you are wondering how to wear animal print shoes, a good idea would be NOT to combine them with an animal print outfit. Yes, you do want to get in sync with your wild side, but do you want to create an overwhelming effect on others? These ladies have done wise thing, by keeping their outfits animal print free. It focuses well deserved attention on the boots and the dress equally, instead of creating one confusing single picture.

What do you feel? Would you confidently mix animal print shoes and outfits?

4. Animal Print Belt Trends in 2013

Belts as accessories are very ‘in’ in 2013. In general, the 2013 women’s fashion trends have been focused on creating a feminine, sexy look for women. The trend for androgyny seen in earlier seasons seems absent this time around. And belts are THE accessories that bring the emphasis on the waist and enhance the femininity of the look.

And given the major influence of animal prints in all aspects of fashion in 2013, it is no surprise that animal print belts are in vogue.

Following the trends of wide belts showcased on the ramp, you have wide leopard print belts that can glam up your outfit. The golden detailing for the buckles and the belt holes enhance the charm of the belt.


And if you want a classic black and white look, you can’t go wrong with basic zig-zag zebra print belts.

Animal Print Trends

And if you are not keen on a ‘complete’ animal print look, there are options. You could choose belts that are plain, with animal print detailing only in specific areas. How’s that for customization?

Animal prints are here to stay. Though the specific details may vary, we can safely say that animal print trends will be around for the coming seasons too. The prudent fashionista will invest in high quality animal prints now so that they last her for long. And if you already have animal prints in your wardrobe, just rout them out and viola, enter the stylish diva for 2013 – you.