Animal Prints: Very Much in the Fashion Radar

You’ll nod your head in agreement that absence of change in the way you dress up leads to monotony. Break the boring cycle and get set to work on your aura with the sizzling trend that’s gone viral! Totally! Rock this year with amazing animal prints in dazzling colors and combinations! So, hop in and share the UK’s renewed predilection for fake animal prints with our guide tips and updates. Let’s begin our stroll in the jungle world:

 animal print fashion

Fashion world is LITERALLY feeding on these prints!

Get this crystal clear: Animal prints have always been the smartest and quickest way to become the center of attention. This is probably the only reason why we can’t get enough of it and this wild print trend keeps re-surfacing for good! Of the endless types of animal prints, the one that has picked up exceedingly fast is the Leopard print.

One of the looks to deliver spectacular results is that of Dalmatian spots. You’ve adored them to death in movies; now get adored by the same prints on tees, bags, tights and more. It’s a sightly alternative to girly polka dots.

Do take out time to indulge in the unexplored wild side of your personality with accessories and clothes with animal prints. If worn correctly and carried off with flair, this hot trend of animal prints can ooze sensuality, cuteness and wildness, whatever you want. Yes, and that too without having to go even a tad overboard.

Go ‘Grrrr’ With Animal Prints

 Animal Print Tops

Get some of the leopard or tiger print marked tops. Even the newly arrived zebra prints look so chic! These prints are bound to dominate all the months of 2012 so go ahead and try them on. You can make a striking impact with even a single component of your outfit that has the wild prints. Oh and yes, don’t restrict your access to this trend by wearing animal prints in colors of black or camel. Instead, try tops of pink, cream or stone based colors.

Animal Print Leggings

Animal prints such as that of snakeskin, zebra and other wild beasts’ looks in vogue, especially on leggings. Take the example of Kourtney Kardashian who not only dared to flaunt her toned legs in leopard print tights, but also blended it in a perfect way. Full marks on such incredibly put together attire. And now it’s your turn to wear similar animal print leggings and team it with dresses, coats etc. Glittery outfits that ooze sensuality along with the sharp contrast of printed leggings look unimaginably wild.

Animal Print in Handbags and Shoes

The animal print trend has grown so much that even footwear and handbag designers have begun using the call of the wild. The latest collection of shoes from Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and handbags from Prada, Dolce and Gabbana etc- all have injected the jungle influence in their creations.

 leopard print shoes

So, it’s your fashion duty to attack these animal print shoes, right from ballerina flats, wedges, pumps to boots and loafers!

A Style Guide You Must Refer To

animal print sequin dress

There truly are unlimited ways to incorporate animal prints in your daily wear outfits! Don’t pay heed to those who state “It’s safe to stay away from this wild trend”. Hell no! Do add some elements of animal prints to your look and turn it into a fab look. You can begin by taking baby steps, if that’s what makes you comfortable.

  1. Begin by getting a thin slice of animal print, say tiger or leopard print slim belt to your dress or top.
  2. Another knockout style could be wearing animal print shoes with a casual tee, jeans and a blazer.
  3. When it comes to floor length dresses like a maxi, wearing one that has animal print throughout its length will get you the look that says “Neither too subtle to ignore nor over the top”.
  4. Tiger print exudes a mysterious allure that is attractive.
  5. An animal print that is considered a little difficult to wear sans being tagged ‘tacky’ is the peacock feather print. This print together with color brings forth a flamboyant style.

 feather print dress

 The trick to go error free is to wear it with footwear or an accessory that tones down the ‘vibrancy’ it releases.

Do’s and Dont’s with Animal Prints

Stay atop your game with the following must do’s:

  1. Try and shake things up, girl! It’s time to try animal prints in neon pink or red. Add variety with colors.
  2. If you’re not in the mood for animal print dresses, just add a touch of style with accessories in animal print.
  3. Also, take your hair and makeup into account with animal prints. Reason? Well, animal prints are generally loud; hence need subtle makeup and hair styling to complement the overall look.

Don’t even think of it

Don’t get lost in the jungle by mixing two animal prints! You don’t want to look tacky, right? And do not try to overdo the prints.

So, tell us which of the above style and animal print will you update your wardrobe with?

One thing you can be sure of is that these  prints have an inherent style to them that will never fail to impress.