Roar..Run..the Animals are Here…in Your Wardrobe: 5 Ways to Wear Animal Prints with Style in Summer 2013

Here are some phrases you often hear. “Man is a social animal”. “We live in a concrete jungle”. Apparently, animals and the wild are deeply ingrained in us as a society. And society finds an expression for this via animal print designs in fashion.

That has to be a primary reason why animal prints are part of fashion trends practically every season. Though basics remain the same, every year designers add their own subtleties and creative expressions to animal prints. And 2013 is the same. Spring summer 2013 shows that have just concluded on runways around the world exhibited trendy animal print designs that are sexy, sophisticated and which look absolutely gorgeous.

And here is the guide we have put together just for you to rock the animal print trend in summer 2013.

Five Ways to Wear Animal Prints in Summer 2013

1.  Animal Print Dresses are Trendy in 2013

Marc Jacobs showcased delicate black and white animal print dresses as part of the spring summer 2013 collection. Here is the runway look.


But if you are uncomfortable with the long sleeves and the collar, you can still sport this trend in an informal manner. Opt for a very short length dress and keep the sleeveless short or you could even go sleeveless.

Animal prints in general create a sexy look and keeping the dress length short can push up the sizzle quotient several notches higher. Pair with the right stylish shoes, make up and accessories and you will be ready to party the night away just like these lovely ladies here.


2.  Animal Print Blouses for Easing Into the Trend

If you are uncomfortable becoming 100% ‘animal-printed’ with dresses, you can ease into this trend by pairing a chic animal print blouse with plain trousers or skirts. Avoid patterns in your trousers or skirts as you don’t want the patterns contrasting with the animal prints.

An extremely safe and sophisticated choice is black with animal print tops.


You can also pair your animal print blouse with jeans for a more casual look.

3. Wear Colorful Animal Prints in Summer 2013

For long, animal prints have been associated with the yellow and black hues of leopard prints and the black and white shades of the zebra prints. In 2013, colorful animal prints are in vogue. Proenza showcased this trend at the New York Fashion Week.


You can’t deny that colored animal prints add extra glamour to the look.

4. Want to be the ‘Animal’ in your Bedroom?

Nature has no inhibitions and animals make love with wild abandon. While you are restricted in public, there is nothing stopping you from unleashing your wild side in the bedroom. Animal print lingerie is very popular in summer 2013. Try it on.


And think about it. Instead of the standard “let me slip into something comfortable” line, you could say the sexier “let me slip into something wild” and actually mean it.

5. Experiment with Snake Skin Prints in 2013

2013, as you know, is the Chinese year of the snake. So perhaps, it is not so surprising that snakeskin prints were a common sight on the Spring Summer 2013 runways. Snakeskin prints are more detailed than the bold animal prints. Don snakeskin prints in the form of dresses, tops and trousers to make a unique style statement.


Apart from animal print apparel, animal prints are extremely trendy in accessories in 2013. Animal print inspired motifs are hot in bags, shoes, belts, scarves and earrings. If you don’t feel too comfortable donning animal print clothes, go ahead and incorporate these wild prints in your accessories.

After all man (and woman too) is a social animal. Tell us what would you choose- animal print apparel or accessories?