Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway’s Stunning and Trendiest Handbags

We know that more than the runways, it is celebrities who tend to inspire trends among women. This is why each time we talk about handbags, we present you with the best bags that celebrities own and we know you love this section on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.

This much looked forward to section on your favorite stars’ favorite bags keeps growing with the number of celebrities and number of bags we keep adding to this compilation. And today we put Anne Hathaway’s bags on a pedestal for you.

Imagine walking through the glass doors into a room full of bags, lined up just for you; all owned by the famous Anne Hathaway. Take a few moments aside to treat your eyes with some of the trendiest bags you will ever find.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway may go wrong with her clothes, shoes or even hairstyles at times, but this actress sure does know the value of a great handbag as you will seldom see her with a shabby one.

So get ready to soak yourself in Anne Hathaway’s trendy bags. And all you will want to do after this is visit the nearest store or surf your favorite shopping website to place an order for at least one of these pieces you will see displayed here today.

1. Devi Kroell for Target Python Print Tote

Anne Hathaway seems more like the casual girl, even though she really knows how to work formal dos to her advantage. Anne Hathaway’s Devi Kroell for Target Python Print Tote really stands out in contrast to her casual jeans and t-shirt look. The golden bronze color and the huge size of the bag draws you to this bag the moment you set your eyes on it.

Anne Hathaway

2. Miu Miu Coffer Shoulder Bag

Anne Hathaway’s Miu Miu Coffer Shoulder Bag is certainly worth all the attention. The unusual pattern created using black leather really adds to the bag in terms of its look. With the latest fashion in sling bags, this one certainly seems like the one you can go for.

Anne Hathaway

3. Chanel Quilted Nylon Bowler

Now this seems like the perfect bag for those who love neons. Anne Hathaway’s bags somehow manage to be the focus point in every photograph and this neon blue Chanel Quilted Nylon Bowler bag certainly steals the focus not only because of how trendy it looks, but also because of its color.

Anne Hathaway

4. Tod’s 24H Shopping Grande Bag

It is natural for Anne Hathaway to be carrying around Tod’s Bags; she is after all the face of the brand and Anne manages to pick a great piece here for endorsement. Anne’s royal blue Tod’s 24H Shopping Grande Bag goes well with the star’s casual look. It seems spacious enough to stuff a lot of things into, and it also seems very stylish from the outside.

Anne Hathaway

5. Tod’s D-Styling Bauletto Bag

And here is Anne Hathaway flaunting another Tod’s handbag. This time it’s a classy dark beige Tod’s D-Styling Bauletto Bag.Quite a pretty choice for those days when you need to stock your bag up with a lot of stuff!

Anne Hathaway

6. Coach Gigi Leather Tote

Anne Hathaway works the chic look perfectly with a red trench coat, black pencil heel pumps, dark sunglasses, wavy hair and…… a brown Coach Gigi Leather Tote which is the chicest part of her attire.

Anne Hathaway

7. Prada Convertible Tote

Trust Anne Hathaway to show you how to make nerdy look sexy. We know that this silvery grey Prada Convertible Tote rouses feelings in you, making you want to snatch it away from her and own it. We understand how you feel, we love it too!

 Anne Hathaway

8. Jimmy Choo Chandra Clutch

Anne Hathaway brims with angelic elegance in this white dress and she has paired it perfectly with a beige Jimmy Choo Chandra Clutch. The color of the clutch, its size and the silver ornate design embedded on it makes this one great piece to accessorize your evening wear with.

Anne Hathaway

Ah! The saddest part is here! It’s time to conclude and say bye-bye to Anne Hathaway’s bags, until you meet them again here. But you won’t have to be sad if you’re sure you’re going to make at least one of these handbags your own by buying it as soon as you can.

All the very best and we hope you choose a great one!