Perry and Mayer

Are Katy Perry & John Mayer ready?

The gossip mill is churning the latest rumors that the few month old “Katy – John” romance is taking a new direction as “Dear John” (sung by ex Taylor Swift) is planning on dropping one knee. Let’s see what the talk around town is.

Perry and Mayer

Katy Perry & Russel Brand walked it within a year of dating so what’s wrong with Katy Perry (again) & John Mayer. John “Mayer the Player” as he is known by his friends, has been known for his string of relationships with high profile celebrities (read Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc). But if sources are to be believed this time’s the one for Dear John.

Mayer the Player

Well a source close to John claims that “John really likes the fact that Katy is so independent and not needy and clingy like other girls he has dated. This is the first time John has felt so strongly about a girlfriend”.

Insider info is that Mayer is head over heels for the pop sensation, and can’t seem to wait to settle down with her. If the rumors are hitting the mark, then Mayer the player has met his match in the “Fireworks” star and is just waiting for the right moment to pop the question.

 Santa Baby

The Talk – of – the – town duo have been doing rounds of the city, hitting the town’s sweet spots and keeping eyewitnesses busy. E! News confirmed that the cute couple was spotted enjoying themselves with a group of friends at Disneyland and following up on the next day with dinner at Matsushisa restraint in Beverly Hills.

The inseparable couple has been dating for the past few months and recently enjoyed Christmas at Santa Barbara, with Katy tweeting a pic entitled “Santa Baby” of Mayer playing Santa Claus. Jingle (Wedding) Bells anyone.