Russel Crowe Dating Dita Von Tesse?

Are Russell Crowe and Dita Von Tesse Hollywood’s Latest Hook up?

The latest entry to the game of hook ups, link ups and break ups is Russell Crowe. After his recent divorce in October 2012 with Danielle Spencer, his wife of nine years, Russell seems to be back in the flirting game, if at least not the dating game. But we aren’t pointing fingers here; Russell is a free man now and he can make the most of it.


His latest link up is with actress and dancer Dita Von Teese. The series of events leading to the link up begins with Russell Crowe and Dita Von Teese enjoying some romantic time together by indulging in a couple’s massage with each other in New York City at the Four Seasons Hotel in December. Now who’s to say whether this romantic couple’s massage was in reality two friends catching up on a friendly massage together instead?

The duo has also been reportedly flirting on Twitter ever since their friendship has been blossoming.

However, Russell rubbished claims of this link up by using the same platform that led us to believe something was cooking. Russell Crowe took to Twitter stating how wonderful Dita is, by describing her as “brave, smart, sweet and elegant” and went on to say that Dita is just a friend of his and stressed again that the two are friends and not lovers.

Russel Crowe Dating Dita Von Tesse?

There is, however, no claim from Russell denying the massage they enjoyed together, which leads us to believe that the massage did indeed happen.

Now Russell may have denied it, but it kinda makes you wonder why two friends would be catching up with each other over a couple’s massage, doesn’t it? Seems like something’s fishy! Only time will tell if this friend “ship” sails into the sea turning into a “love boat.”