Julien and Asda

Asda Bag for Life Designed by Julien Macdonald

Anyone who watches the episodes of the famous fashion show Britain And Ireland’s Next Top Model will instantly relate to the name Julien Macdonald. His thoughts on fashion are infinite and he never misses a chance to make use of them and reveal them to the world.

This is what has led him successfully to his most recent undertaking of working with the Asda. He agreed promptly and has designed a bag solely intended for the brand available in all Asda outlets. The icing on the cake is that its price is only £2.50. Moreover, 80 pence from it goes towards the Tickled Pink breast cancer charitable trust and its crusade.

When Julien was asked to talk more about this, he had loads to share. When the Asda team contacted him to work on this campaign and create a bag that was very affordable, he was more than happy to be a part of a charity cause which he normally enjoys doing.

 As the name Tickled Pink campaign suggests his bag is also about the color pink. It is completely loaded with butterflies all over and continues the trend of his patterns in animal prints. The vivid pink shades as well as blue colors used in his designs add glamour to the overall look of the bags. Undoubtedly these are the most stylish shopping bags that women would love to carry around. He strongly believes that this is not about just any other ordinary bag but should succeed in raising breast cancer awareness among public especially women.

When asked about his latest Spring/Summer collection at the recently held London Fashion Week, he said this time around, his collection was on the subject of being passionate and romantic. Bright colors that are just perfect for summer were used extensively.

He strongly feels that the current contenders Britain and Ireland’s show are very capable and have fantastic personalities who have transformed into models being able to catwalk on the ramp. He feels there is no scope for pressure or competition with his fellow workers. He further opines that they are his great friends and they gel well together and enjoy all the light moments.

Being straightforward and candid by nature, he thinks it is extremely essential to stand up for the things you believe in. Only then will the world believe in you.

After being part of such a hectic work culture and on his toes all the time to impart fashion to the world, he finds his own stress busters and means to relax by taking his pet miniature Doberman to Hyde Park or by chilling out with his buddies.