College Fashion 2012

Asymmetric Hemlines: “Dip” Hemlines Rises!

One of the fashion trends that can render a wonderful look to your personality besides maximizing your style quotient is that of asymmetrical hemlines. This trend is one all you girls must look out for. For those who are not quite aware of what an asymmetrical hemline refers to, take a look at the given image.

asymmetrical hemline outfit

Yes, that’s an outfit that highlights an asymmetrical hemline. Basically, it is a type of hemline that has a slope like appearance beginning from one side of the attire to the other. So this year is going to witness unevenness in the fashion world but in a noteworthy way! Adding a component to the hemline that lacks in symmetry makes the dress an attention grabber. Really! That’s because of the incorporation of certain “edginess” to the cut.

Such hemlines have been noticed in fabrics which are free flowing, with a soft texture. Who says you have only one style of asymmetrical hemline? There are many, for example- The Handkerchief style, the skewed and the diagonal reduce designed hemline.

Handkerchief hemline

The key to accentuate your look is to wear such uneven hemlines while at the same time choosing the correct length. Yes, this will help bring out your style even more. Clothes with handkerchief styled hemlines usually extend from mid-calf to tea length. This is extremely well suited for ladies with more height. Young girls and women with less height can use knee length dresses having the characteristic jagged hemline to their utmost advantage. This is possible as it brings forth the illusion of a taller person. Check out the image below for a clearer idea.

handkerchief hemline

Diagonal Hemline

This peculiar hemline is characterized by shorter hemline placed above the other. Frills and pretty ruffles infuse more elegance and style to this exciting type of hemline. So, the next time you feel like adding a tinge of sensuality to your style statement, remember- You just need to wear dresses with diagonal hemline. These look best for occasions such as ball parties or a beach party. Adorn yourself with the above for well deserved attention.

These unusual hemlines have definitely paved their re- entry in the fashion world and celebrity world too. It was not too long ago that renowned personalities such as Heidi Klum were photographed flaunting their confidence and charm in these asymmetric hemlines.

Call them either “tail” or “dip” hems because of their being short on any one side and comparatively lengthier on the other but do note that they make you look great. These make a perfect option for summer fashion. After all, these are the days when your wardrobe must give you ample scope to stay both, relaxed, comfortable and at the same time fabulous! Strut around in any of the following asymmetrical hem lined outfits- from tank tops, shirts, crop tops to lovely and oh so feminine dresses.

Dresses with Uneven Hemlines

 dress with uneven hemlines                                         

If you are way too bored of the same old classic style dresses, try dresses with an element of “uniqueness”. Yes, opt for dresses and evening gowns that have a non- linear hemline. Such hemlines look gorgeous with any coloured fabric and lace. There’s a reason why this year all fashion stylists, bloggers and experts are going head over heels in love with the dresses that feature different hemlines. It’s time to show off your sexy, toned legs with equally sexy looking hemline dresses especially the ones from Emilio Pucci.

Such dresses add a dose of extravagance and this is the core motive with which more and more celebrities seem to be experimenting with the same.

Nicole Kidman too has been spotted donning a Stella Mc Cartney dress. Be it formal gowns or prom ones, asymmetrical hemlines are bound to make you a show stopper. Be fashionable by wearing these different than usual hemlines that manage to maintain the red carpet look.

An Eclectic Collection of Skirts with Unusual Hemline

 assymetrical skirt with uneven hemlines                                      

Picture this: You in a well fitted top that looks chic with a skirt that has an asymmetric hemline to it. Complete the look with stunning, strap sandals and the end results look perfect. Such non linear skirts are also gaining popularity. Try skirts with either shorter hemline in the front and in the back or those which have asymmetric hemlines from one side to the other. What makes these skirts a must have is that they complement all body types. Plus, the imbalance created by the hem introduces a tinge of bounciness making the skirt sway along as you walk. Those with pear shaped body can really benefit from wearing such type of skirts.

Tops with Asymmetric Hemlines

Tops with unbalanced hemline give rise to a look that says “My style is captivating yet effortless”. Don’t opt for cotton shirts with scoop neck and short sleeves this year. Instead, add a shorter hem in the front for a new look. If you have sexy abs, why not show off via asymmetrical tops.

Asymmetric Hemlines top

You can team these tops with either colored shorts or skinny jeans.

Wear these unique looks not just because it is a raging trend and will stay for long but also because it gives a flattering look for sure.