Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

Warning! Are You Looking Older? Avoid These 5 Mistakes Now

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and while there is much truth behind this belief, there are certain universally accepted concepts of beauty. Most people believe that looking beautiful is all about looking younger than you are.

Yes, true beauty can in fact mislead people about your actual age, but did you know that there are 7 common mistakes that women make which could make you look older than you actually are?

We women try so hard to eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids, make frequent appointments with spas and parlors and use a variety of beauty products to retain that youthful glow. So why make these mistakes that can send your beauty plummeting down the wrong way?

Beauty Mistakes

We’ve listed for you the 5 common mistakes women make which you must avoid to prevent yourself from looking old.

1. Surplus Foundation            

Surplus foundation

The more layers of foundation you apply to your face, the more prominent it is to others that you are trying to hide something. And once this foundation starts fading away in certain areas, exposing your actual skin tone, your skin begins to appear patchy; thus making it look unhealthy and old.

Instead you can implement a skin care routine to achieve flawless skin so that you have very little to hide beneath your foundation.

2. Excessively shiny eye shadow

Excessive eye shadow Unless you are applying make up for a theatre performance, excessively shiny eye shadow is absolutely unnecessary. When you apply too much eye shadow, that area begins to show creases and cracks after sometime. This gives an appearance that you are suffering from crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, which are sure shot signs of ageing.

3. Abusing Your Hair

Do you love to experiment with different hairstyles all the time? You color it red one week, you curl it the next, then you straighten it and then you change your hair color once again. If this defines who you are, it’s time you change. Stop compromising with the quality of your hair just to look trendier with new hairstyles every time.

Tatty hair

Too many chemical applications to your hair can make it look unhealthy, dried and fried and that’s far from youthful hair. Instead of styling your hair with chemicals, look up various hairstyle ideas offering you different techniques to tie up or let your hair loose.

4. Excessive Concealer under Your Eyes

excessive concealer When you add excessive concealer under your eyes, it is easy to spot the difference between the rest of your facial complexion and the area under your eyes. This makes it very obvious that you are trying to hide dark circles.

There are some tricks that a make up brush cannot hide. Dark circles can be treated with 8 hours of sleep and consuming plenty of fluids.

5. Stressing Too Much

The adverse effects of stress not only affects you emotionally, but it can also cause physical changes such as dull skin, wrinkles, age lines, dark circles, skin sagging, hair fall and premature graying of hair, all of which can make you look older than you are.

Women meditating

Lead a healthy life. Take one day at a time. Treat yourself to some quality time once a week. And do not take the world on your shoulders in times of trouble to keep stress at bay.

When you ensure that you are following the corrective measures to each of these mistakes, you can bring back that youthful glow you’ve always wanted and maintain your youthful radiance to keep you looking younger than you are, always.