Bangles for 2013…How About Some Stylish ‘Arm Candy’ Ma’am?

Wondering how to dress up your arm in 2013? Watches are fine, but very predictable and boring and not nearly enough.

Bangles are the secret style weapon for your arm in 2013. Bangles are very ‘in’ in 2013. Several creative and contemporary bangle designs have emerged on the catwalks in the Spring Summer 2013 collections. And here is the round up of the most stylish bangle trends in 2013.

Bangle Trends 2013Bangles for 2013

1.  Fringe Bangles for 2013

Just like we saw the trend for fringe neckpieces for 2013, fringe bangles were observed as a popular trend in fashion shows for 2013. This trend was particularly showcased in Paris by Kenzo. To pull off this trend, we would recommend NOT combining it with the fringe neckpiece, as that might produce an overwhelming effect. But if you dare to be different, go right ahead. After all, fashion is all about you and how you interpret the trends.

Fringe Bangle Trends 2013

2. Colorful Tribal Bangles for 2013

Lulu Frost showcased tribal bangles for 2013 in vibrant colors and in-your-face designs. The best way to wear this trend is to stack up the bangles on your arm as high as you can. Don’t even bother matching the bangles with your outfit. That will be next to impossible given the vibrant multiple hues of these bangles. Your best bet is to pair the bangles with plain dresses and outfits so that they really stand out.

tribal bangle trends 2013

3. Wooden Bangles for 2013

At the other end of the spectrum are no-nonsense chunky wooden bangles, a stylish trend for 2013. Fashion house Elizabeth and James presented dark brown chunky wooden bangles paired with a contrasting all white ensemble to create a classy and elegant look. One of my personal favorite bangle looks for 2013.

wooden bangle trends 2013

 4. Open Bangle Designs 2013

Pushing limits of creativity is what designers do best. And in bangles for 2013, we saw some unconventional open design bangles. (Well, bangles are traditionally closed, right?). Presented by Vita Fede, they add just a touch of edginess to your look. Do you dare to wear this trend? And don’t forget to stack them up for the right effect.

 open bangle trends 2013

5.  Bangles as Cuffs for 2013

An interesting variation of the bangle designs for 2013 was the cuff that was showcased by several prominent designers. The cuff is a single thick bangle, usually worn singly (not stacked up). The cuff designs were varied and included cuffs color coordinated with outfits (DVF), clear acrylic cuffs (Michael Kors). In their 2013 resort collection, Michael Kors showcased jewel embellished cuffs that quite stole the show.

cuff angle trends 2013

6. Rose Gold Bangles for 2013

This trend that was slowly catching towards the end of 2012 has become very strong in 2013. And why not. Just see how elegant the color looks. You will fall in love.

rose gold bangle

In 2013, there is no excuse for keeping your arm bare. You have loads of options to choose from. Make sure you dress your arm with the most stylish ‘arm candy’.