Baywatch – Rihanna Closely Watches a Fan Trespassing into her Barbados Home

Celebrities have to pay the price for their stardom. They strive so hard to rise to fame. But when the fame and fortune becomes their day-to-day reality, the same popularity can sometimes creep into their personal freedom and make their life uncomfortable.


Rihanna, the 24 year old Barbadian singing sensation recently experienced this harsh reality behind the glittering mask of stardom. While she was having some quiet moments away from the glitz and glamour, in her native place Barbados, she was alarmed by a trespasser’s dubious activity.

A male fan was seen moving suspiciously around her house in her hometown while she was having some good time with her friends.

Later recognized by the police as a German national, the alleged intruder was wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks. The incident was promptly dealt with by Rihanna’s personal security guards, who steered the man away from the scene. He had already called it quits when the police arrived at the scene.


Rihanna was seen in a relaxed mood with minimal clothing, wearing just a black string bikini. Her well-toned body was glowing under the Barbadian sun and the large tattoo just below her chest could be easily seen even from a mile’s distance.


A ‘generous at heart’ person, Rihanna recently donated equipment worth $1.75 million to a hospital named Clara Lionel Foundation in her homeland. “It was my way of giving back to Barbados”, she said while speaking about her charitable gesture.

Rihanna was spotted gazing through her pair of binoculars long after the fan had left the scenario. She was relieved of the intruder’s fleeting nuisance and was seen back in her usual chilled-out mood speaking over her cell phone.


Her tweet on Monday highlighted the importance of being happy and eliminating negativity in this holiday season and beyond.

Spot on, Rihanna!