Rachel-Bilson's Bags

Be Amazed with Rachel Bilson’s Top 5 Luxurious & Stylish Bags

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Today we bring to you American actress Rachel Bilson’s bag collection. We are warning you in advance that you are likely to be filled with envy and an uncontrollable urge to go splurge on some of the bags that you might find lined up for you in this collection.

Rachel Bilson’s bag collection is absolutely mesmerizing. When you take a look at some of her shots by the paparazzi, you are left simply impressed with her accessories and her collection of charming bags.

Rachel Bilson’s wide collection of hand bags showcases her loyalty to a number of brands such as Chloe, Miu Miu and Phillip Lim, but you can certainly tell that Chanel is the actress’ personal favourite. Bilson was seen sporting a number of Chanel pieces on her famous TV show The OC which left viewers gawking only at her bags.

1. Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag

Chanel being Bilson’s favourite brand, it makes perfect sense to begin with it. We’ve spotted Rachel sport this Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag forever since it hit stores in 2005. It’s probably difficult for her to part with such a timeless piece. The crisscross pattern embedded in the grey leather makes this piece one that she can carry wearing clothes of any colour. A rare find that matches practically anything and something which we’re sure to see her carrying in the future too.

 2. Chanel Woven Straw Hobo

Here’s one piece I wish Rachel would lend me. Rachel’s favourite hand bag by Chanel, the Woven Straw Hobo is one that I have my eyes set on. Its colour and style make it a perfect choice to complete a casual street look. Chanel’s experiment with this piece to divert its look from the usual Parisian style was surely a successful move.

 3. Chanel Quilted Tote

Nope, we aren’t endorsing Chanel, but yes we surely are endorsing Rachel’s obsession with Chanel. Here you can see Rachel’s big black Chanel Quilted Tote. We have also noted the crisscross pattern embedded in the leather repeating itself and conclude that this is another of her favourites as she is seen sporting this piece often.

4. Louis Vuitton Antheia Leather Hobo

Here we have Rachel’s Louis Vuitton Antheia Leather Hobo. A trendy choice for whenever you need to stuff your bag with a million things.

5. Chloe Elsie Bag

Here is Rachel’s Chloe Elsie Bag. The orange and tan colour of the bag with the antique gold string stands out in perfect contrast against her dull coloured apparels.

 Rachel Bilson may not always be dressed in the most lavish apparel. However, her bags are always the most interesting and stylish part of her attire, even when she is dressed down. If you were to describe Rachel Bilson’s bags in a few words, what would immediately come to mind is interesting, eye catching, luxurious and trendy.

It is a known fact that Rachel Bilson offers design ideas to Shoe Mint for affordable yet stylish footwear. Shoe Mint has recently expanded into bags, probably another suggestion offered by Bilson herself.