Be Happy, Jeans Trend Is Gearing Up for 2013!

We are back from our expedition undertaken in search for the upcoming fashion trends. And we have amazing trends to take you through! We know how much you love anything and everything related to fashion, therefore to keep that love intact here goes another trend for the next year! The seasons of 2013 will look totally different from that of the current year. How? As you welcome the New Year with open arms, make sure you open the doors of your wardrobe too. Why?  To welcome fun and voguish jeans trends that will hit the market like a breath of fresh air.

Jeans Trends are Evolving


 Yes, surely they are! Many thought jeans aka denims reached plateau stage where newer styles weren’t being churned. Fortunately, girls and boys will get to enjoy fresh changes in the way jeans are styled and worn. In short, the universally appreciated denim jeans signed a brand new, colorful lease of life to keep you happily on fashion tracks for the coming year. One of the best things about wearing jeans is the rule of ‘do nothing’.

You’ll nod your head in agreement that jeans form one wardrobe component that has been worn by all age groups by both the genders regardless of the time of the day or month. Let us peep into the varieties of jeans that will be out soon to make headlines everywhere.

Cropped Jeans

Skinny jeans in cropped form up till the knee or ankle will make it big next spring or summer season. So, if you are amongst the lucky ones with long, sexy legs and no flabbiness, you can totally rule this trend of jeans. The trend is quite style friendly for all age groups and cool for fun outings as well as office wear too. This jeans pattern with blazer and a sophisticated blouse underneath will look great for a formal meeting.

Bring on the Vivid Colors in Jeans



Lately, lustrous color trend has seeped into all types of clothing, be it for men or women, hasn’t it? Maybe the fashion world thought why on earth are jeans that we love so much being left out! The realization has finally dawned on them and the next year will see jeans painted in many color options. Wearing this type of jeans next season will definitely give your style statement a big boost.

Here are a few colors that will most certainly be picked up by the crowd (Oh yes, we surely have counted you too). Wear a light chiffon blouse with or without ruffles and team it with a low waist, cropped jeans which has colors such as tangerine, pink, red and purple too. You’ll notice endless number of renowned personalities fast adopting this trend on camera as well as off camera.

Bleached Style Jeans for 2013

Want to exude a retro yet modern feel without overdoing either of the two aspects? It is easy! All you have to keep in mind is to invest in a pair of deliciously well fitted bleached jeans. We are eagerly looking forward to this trend in particular and you must too because it will help you get noticed by one and all. Do not be like others; always wearing and even repurchasing the same old dark blue jeans regardless of the fashion waves.

This trail blazing trend was a hit a few years ago and we can predict that the exact craze will be repeated. If you do not want to invest in a new pair of bleached jeans, just do it on your own! Does that sound good enough? Many will be doing the same as you (That way, bleaching solutions will be a rage too).

Quick Three Step Bleaching Guide

All you need is a sponge or brush, a pair of rubber gloves, diluted solution of bleach prepared by mixing 3 parts of water to it and you are good to go! Do not work on a dry denim material, it is always better to soak it in water for a minute before dabbing the bleach soaked sponge onto the jeans. Be organized while doing this and stick to either the front or the back. The last step is to rinse off the bleach applied after waiting for five minutes or so with normal water. Bleached jeans is ready to be worn! (After you dry and iron it, that is!)

Print Your Own Fashion Style with Printed Jeans

Oh sure jeans will remain your wardrobe mainstay, there is no doubt about that. It is just that next year, you will notice people wearing jeans that have lovely designs and prints on them. Take for example, for floral, ethnic Aztec prints or the very feminine small polka dots. All of these patterns offer you a chance to break away from the way jeans are looked at. Don’t you think such eye pleasing prints will be an anti-monotony trend as far as jeans are concerned?

Even the wild prints of fake animal skin or fun graffiti print will represent your style sense perfectly. And guess what, it is a must have option for parties and fun occasions.

Wear Your Jeans Higher’ Jeans Trend!


 This jeans trend is waiting to be pounced by hordes of girls and women. It’s only a matter of a few more months! That is a great reason to opt for crop tops too! If you want to prove to the world the fashion trends you go for are always impeccable, then you should at all costs go for a pair of beautiful, high waist jeans. This style is one of the most comfortable and stylish options to go for in 2013.

You can imagine for yourself how sexy a black or mint colored high waist jeans would look on you whist keeping the causal theme intact.

What is your take on the above discussed jean styles? Like them or love them? Just remember to pair a smart pair of shoes or chunky wedges to complete the outstanding look in jeans.