College Trends 2013

Be the Hottest and Coolest College Fashion Diva: Flaunt These 5 Looks

One of the reasons why your college years are among the many glorious years of your life is because of the fun and freedom you enjoy. You could be anything, do anything and you could wear whatever you wanted to.

Yes, college is that one place where people get to live fashion to the max, experiment with styles everyday and set fashion trends for everybody to follow. It is also that stage of life wherein you could really be a fashion hit or a fashion miss and that’s why it is so important to do it right when you’re in college.

Today, we’re on a mission to make you the ultimate trendsetter of your college and so we bring to you these top 5 great looks that you can throw together and become your college’s fashion icon.

1. Sport a Warm Casual Look

The onset of spring can leave you in a dilemma about what to cover up and what to flaunt. Keep it simple and brave the slight chill with a pair of shorts and get a few degrees warmer with a scarf draped around you.

The best way to make that scarf stand out is by wearing a plain t-shirt. Add a touch of spring to your look with a pair of floral shorts. Bring on some accessories, a pair of flats and a backpack to complete this look.

College Trends 20132. Be the Coolest Casual Gal

Wanna be the coolest gal on the block and in college too? Then go for the simplest fashion items, only to put them all together in style.

Wear a black t-shirt paired with denim shorts. And load it up with lots of junk jewelry and you’re ready to brave everybody’s watchful eyes in college.

College Trends 2013

3. Keep it Effortlessly Chic

 Ever seen celebs on the streets walking about in a buttoned down shirt with shorts? Oh yes, loads of times because this look is quite a classic and chic look for spring.

Grab your dad’s, brother’s or boyfriend’s shirt and pair it up with some hot shorts. Then add a touch of “girlyness” to it with a handbag, hair band, accessories and a pair of shiny sneakers.

College Trends 2013

4. Play the Dating Game

 Your dating life can be quite the talk of the college and if you’re one of the most datable girls, you got to be ready at all times. Keep femininity and also your youthful trendiness in every style you flaunt.

A very girly blouse will do the trick and a pair of torn jeans will show people that you mean business. Stick to a feminine color like pink, lilac or purple and get a tough wallet and a pair of flats in that very same color. You now are “Date Ready!”

College Trends 2013

5. Create Odd Combinations

 On days when you’re not really in the mood to “dress up” you can experiment with different things in your wardrobe and come up with some creative and contrasting combinations that look really appealing.

Surprise yourself by throwing together things that you feel won’t be a good match and who knows you might actually come up with something really fabulous.

College Trends 2013

So did you enjoy these 5 looks to flaunt for college? With these spring and summer fashion trends showcased above, get ready to become a part of history as the hottest and the coolest fashion diva of your college.