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The Natural Makeup Look: 5 Steps To Perfection

Always in style, the natural makeup look is, in most cases, harder to prepare than other daytime or evening looks. Why? Because it takes quite a bit of time (and effort!) to perfectly conceal any trace of visible makeup so that the end result it a natural, almost barefaced, I woke up like this look.

natural makeup runway look

The 5 Steps To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look:

Step 1: Start With A Flawless Base

A perfect makeup starts with a sound base. A natural makeup look is no different, but keep in mind that you will add very little on top of it – so take special care at this step. In order to get that natural-looking skin, start with your usual moisturizer. Apply it to your clean face and let it set in. Then go over with the tiniest amount of foundation and add more if necessary. Remember you can use your fingers instead of a brush for a more credible result. Finally, gently conceal any spots for an even-looking result.

natural makeup look no makeup

Step 2: A Little Bit Of Brow TLC

Even if you are going for a natural makeup look, do not ignore the brows! Comb them in place and fix them with a transparent brow gel. You might want to skip going in with color, but this is totally up to you. If filling in your brows is part of your regular routine, feel free to lightly, lightly do it now as well.

natural makeup valentino hc 2013

Step 3: The Eyes

The most important step, the eye makeup (or lack of it thereof!) will make or break the look. To make them stand out without any visible effort, tightline them carefully with a brown or black eyeliner, depending on the color of your natural hair. Then, finish off with a fine swipe of mascara – one coat, just one coat. Remember, you don’t want it to look like you’ve actually put any effort into it at all. Wink!


Step 4: The Lips

For the natural makeup look, the lips are better left bare. A bit of transparent lip balm should suffice to give them some sheen. If you want to even them out and make them match your skin tone, you can dab a small quantity of concealer before applying the balm: simple and subtle! Of course, a “your lips, but better” lipstick can also look good – just keep the color light and almost unnoticeable.

natural makeup look lips

Step 5: Highlight

No makeup is complete without a dab of highlighter, and this one is no exception. Use a liquid highlighter to add a simple glow to your cheekbone, nose and brow-bone areas. Remember to carefully blend and smooth everything out and to go in with a light hand at all times. Keywords: dewy and effortless – these are very essence of the natural makeup look.

defined natural makeup look bianca balti

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the gallery below:

Give Yourself A Radiant Glow With These Top 10 Celebrity Inspired Wedding Makeup Ideas

Being a bride is tough work. Choosing the right dress, the perfect shoes, that flawless makeup and taking care of the wedding arrangements simultaneously is no piece of cake. Nailing the perfect look for your big day requires a lot of planning and it’s not easy.

Sometimes, the best that you can do is follow your favorite celebrities’ wedding makeup ideas. However, celebrity brides often stick to neutral and nude makeup on their big day to enhance their flawless skin.

But rules are meant to be broken and makeup is meant to be experimented with, which is why, we have chosen your favorite celebrities’ red carpet looks for a wide variety of makeup ideas.

Dear brides, your search for the perfect makeup ideas ends here. Step into the world of luscious eye liners, juicy lips, glowing cheeks and an attractive facial appeal with these Top 10 Celebrity Inspired Makeup Ideas.

Celebrity Wedding Makeup Ideas

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Wedding Makeup Ideas

Jennifer Lopez guarantees that her classy look with smoky cat eyes, nude lipstick and a tinge of pinkish blush on the cheeks will keep you looking chic all through your wedding day.

2. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Makeup Ideas

Style yourself after Mila Kunis and achieve a sexy and dramatic look for your big day with a thick layer of kohl liner applied to the bottom and upper rims of your eyes. Don’t forget that heavy dosage of glossy black mascara for seductive eyes.

3. Rooney Mara

 Rooney Mara

When you have a flawless complexion, enhance it by giving yourself a light layer of foundation, a very light pink blush and blood red lipstick to light up your beauty. Red lipstick makes for luscious, juicy and kissable lips just like Rooney Mara’s.

4. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

A soft rosy glow with a fresh pop of striking pink lipstick a la Natalie Portman will keep you looking like a blushing beautiful bride all through your wedding celebrations.

5. Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Edgy brides always steal thunder. You can take a cue or two from Emma Stone to complement your edginess with bold pink lipstick and thin cat lined eyes. Emma’s look has just the right amount of glamour that you’d want as a bride.

6. Zooey Deshcanel

Zooey Deshcanel

Zooey Deshcanel inspires a super girly, super flirty and super fun look for your wedding day with thinly lined eyes, a light pink blush and fabulous orange lips, which is perfect for a summer wedding.

7. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

A beach wedding calls for a beach goddess look just like Kate Hudson. Kate accentuates her tiny eyes with a splash of black lined makeup. Her pink blush and nude gloss add to her goddess appeal.

8. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

If you want to look like a beautiful doll on your wedding day, you need not look beyond Reese Witherspoon. All you need is smoky eyes, a pink blush and very light pink lip gloss to keep your cheeks and lips looking as pretty as a doll.

9. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

Look like the goddess of love on your wedding day with Jessica Chastain’s rosy cheeks and light brown lipstick.

10. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

If you want to enhance your flawless complexion and highlight your natural beauty, embrace minimal makeup like Sienna Miller does and show off your bridal glow with a light blush on your cheeks and light pink lipstick.

And as we come to the end of this lovely compilation, we hope that we’ve helped you decide on a look for your wedding day. Be the glamorous and beautiful bride you deserve to be!

Cast A Spell On The World With The Prettiest Eye Shadow and Eye Liner Hues For Summer 2013

Isn’t it difficult to imagine a dull summer?

We’ve always related summer to bright sunny days, colorful flowers, the piercing stare of green leaves, the dazzling blue sky and the sparkling rays of the sun dancing on blue waters. Summer is mesmerizing indeed. And what makes summer one of the liveliest seasons is the use of colors that come alive during these months.

Summer calls for living it up with the brightest, liveliest and the most colorful trends. So are you ready to celebrate summer with some fantastic new shades of eye shadows and eye liners?

Eye Makeup

Let your eyes do the talking this summer as you join the summer bandwagon of everything that is bright and colorful.

1. Platinum

latinum eye shadow pencil

The future looks dazzling bright with a shimmering shade of platinum eye shadow. Give your eyes a futuristic look with this lovely shade. Use a black liner with your platinum eye shadow for a more defined effect.

2. Burnt Orange

burnt orange eye shadow

Rusty hues were quite a rage on the runways for Fall 2013. Wanna look like a supermodel this summer and make people stop to take notice? Use a burnt orange eye shadow for an appealing effect and enhance the look of your eyes a hundredfold.

3. Seafoam

seafoam eyeliner

You need not choose over the top bright colors in summer to make you look like a tropical princess. Sometimes, all it takes to look your prettiest best during the summer are feather light shades like this bluish green pastel seafoam.

4. Nectarine

Nectarine eye shadow

Nectarine shades bring out the color in your eyes. They also give you a subtle sun kissed glow which makes you look fresh and energized after a summer holiday. Give the summer sun a run for its money with this artificially acquired yet blissfully natural sun kissed eye shadow.

5. Black And Blue

black and blue eye liner

Be glamorous by day and go sultry by night with this dual edged eye liner. This eye liner will work round the clock for you. Define your eyes with the rich lightness of blue by day and bring out your edginess with thickly lined black sexy eyes when the sun sets in the sky.

6. Shimmering Lilac

Shimmering Lilac eye shadow

Summer is a time for a lot of shine and loads of shimmer. This sparkling lilac eye shadow will give your eyes just the right amount of vibrant color and that much needed dazzling sparkle. This juicy lilac shade with all its glitz and glamour is perfect for a day out in the sun and a night out on the town.

7. Emerald

Emerald eye shadow

Emerald was not chosen as Pantone 2013’s color of the year for no good reason. Emerald really brightens up your day, doesn’t it? The warm hue of green and the subtle hints of shimmer make this color a great eye shadow and eye liner shade to keep looking fabulous throughout summer.

8. Rose

rose colored eye shadow

Floral shades are perfect to turn a dull summer day upside down into a bright sparkling delight. Bring on the floral shades of red, pink and peach and let those beautiful eyes glow like a floral petal.

Doesn’t the summer look brighter than ever with these Top 8 fascinating eye shadow and eye liner colors? Don’t forget to tell us your favorite picks!

Top 5 Eye Trends for Spring 2013

It always feels like there’s a million and one make-up and beauty trends to follow whenever we round the bend of another season. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed, remember, you don’t have to try them all, nor will they all suit you. However, there are plenty of looks that you may not think about, and would probably look incredible on you , so here are 5 of the seasons’ most coveted and most wearable beauty tips just for you!

Natural Tones eye trends for spring 2013

1) Au  Natural Tones

The aux natural look is certainly nothing new, it makes an appearance every spring and summer season. What’s different this season is that it truly is about looking natural. Skip those frequent trips to the tanning salon, it’s all loving the skin you’re in. Apply primers and concealers to hide blemishes and lighten darkened eyelids if necessary. Then use volume pumping mascara to accentuate the shape of your eyes. It’s quick, it’s versatile and think about how easier it’ll be to remove your make-up at the end of the day!

smokey eye trends for spring 20132) The Smokey Look

The smokey look has long been a favorite because it creates a little drama, and makes your eyes the star of the show. Get creative and blend tones that you may not include in your usual beauty repertoire. Blues, greens, neons, and pastels all make for uber fresh and edgy smokey looks.

ombre eye trends for spring 2013

3) Eye Ombre

Ombre is absolutely everywhere from hair styles, to fashion trends, but have you ever thought about doing it on your eyes? Me neither until I saw this beautiful photo and decided that I just had to try it. Use softer tones for a demure day look and deeper, richer tones with a matte finish for the evening.

electric eye trends for spring 2013

4) Electric Avenue

Bright shadows and eyeliners are your best friend this season, and Electric Blue is a favorite! Just remember, if you’re going to rock anything luminescent or bold on your eyes, keep the rest of your make-up simple, and neutral.

 cateyes trends for spring 2013

5) Sultry Cat Eyes

Few shadow trends stand the test of time like the ‘cat eye’ look. It’s complimentary to every eye shape, can be worn day or night, and it takes a matter of seconds to get the look! Bring the drama with rich, dark, eye popping shadows, or dial it down and let a sleek liquid liner do the talking.

6 Celebrity-Inspired Make up Secrets Revealed

Do you covet Jennifer Aniston’s flawless glow? Do you desire Kim Kardarshian’s seductive smoky eyes? Does Angelina Jolie’s perfect shiny pout fill you with envy every time you look at it?

Get ready to say goodbye to all that unnecessary jealously. You are beautiful and you can recreate your favorite celebrities’ looks too with a few makeup tips.

Thanks to our favorite Hollywood stars and their makeup artists who have created the most memorable looks we’ve ever seen, we are here today to share some piece of makeup wisdom with you.

Celebrity Make Up Secrets

Here you will find the tricks and the tips to achieve that perfect look each time you bring out your makeup kit. So go ahead and get enlightened with these celebrity inspired makeup secrets.

Secret # 1 – Inspired By Katie Holmes

Celebrity Make Up Secrets

You can trick anyone into believing you have perfect skin by using a concealer. There may be days when you need to hide those dark circles or nasty zits. To get through such days feeling beautiful use a liquid concealer which closely matches your skin tone. Also, do not leave a single area of your skin unmasked to avoid a patchy effect.

Secret # 2 – Inspired By Cindy Crawford

Celebrity Make Up Secrets

Sweating out your foundation is every girl’s nightmare. When foundation starts to fade, it can leave your skin looking blotchy, no matter how flawless. For long lasting foundation, blot your skin with tissue paper a few seconds after applying foundation. This action absorbs the excess moisture in your skin, giving you a matte effect and a long lasting flawless complexion.

Secret # 3 – Inspired By Rihanna

Celebrity Make Up Secrets

If you want a tanned look with a golden glow without visiting a tanning parlor or spending hours sun bathing, you can use streaked or prism bronzers. You can experiment with different shades to tailor make the perfect look for you.

Secret # 4 – Inspired By Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Make Up Secrets

For seductive smoky eyes, firstly line your eyes with a thick black pencil. Smudge the black pencil onto your eye lid with a brown and gray eye shadow. Yes, smoky eyes ain’t only about black. Using grays and browns helps you achieve celebrity like smoky eyes without that extra loud effect.

Secret # 5 – Inspired By Emma Roberts

Celebrity Make Up Secrets

For shiny and kissable lips, always carry a vial of lip gloss with you wherever you go. This will prevent your lips from looking dry and chapped and all you’re left with is shiny, sexy and sultry lips always. No wonder you will always find lip gloss sitting pretty in Emma Roberts’ handbag.

Secret # 6 – Inspired By Kim Kardashian

Celebrity Make Up Secrets

For thick fluttering celebrity-like eye lashes, you cannot do without mascara. To make you lashes look thicker and shinier, wave that magic mascara applicator want 4 times over your eyelashes. Do it once on top of the lashes and once below them from their root to the tip. Repeat this once more, this time moving the mascara applicator from the tip of the eyelash to the root and say hello to sexy eye lashes!

Sometimes the simplest tricks can help you nail that perfect look, just like these 6 simple celebrity inspired makeup tips. So when are you going to try these on?

Top 7 Hottest Nail Trends for Spring 2013

nail trends spring 2013

You’ll never guess what the hottest new accessory this season is?  Glammed digits! The days of the single-tone polish are long behind us, and it’s high time we all channel our inner Michelangelo because the nail trends this season are nothing short than works of art. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Nicki Minaj have been donning funky nail designs for months now, so if you’re siting there, staring at your nails in desperate search for a muse, here are a few fab nail design ideas that should get the creative juices flowing:

1) The Reverse French Manicure

At the end of the day, when all else fails, the French Manicure is a classically sophisticated look and time honored tradition for any special occasion. But have you ever heard of the ‘reverse French’? Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s a nail style, we swear! Little half moons are painted onto the top of the nail, and the rest of the nail is neutral in color, voila, Reverse French!

nail trends spring 2013

2) Coming Up Roses

Floral prints are always a hot trend for the spring season, as far back as we can remember, so naturally, floral prints in the form of nail art is fashion favorite. Despite the way it looks, this is actually quite an easy design to do, and with so many different color and floral combinations, if you’re not careful, you may end up spending all your afternoons ‘flowering’ your fingers.

floral nail trends spring 2013

3) Good Ombré

Well if your hair can do it, why can’t your nails? Ombré is one of the hottest trends this season, and nail art enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to translate it into some of the most creative color tone combinations. This requires a little more effort, and an appreciation for tone blending, but it is undoubtedly one of the chicest nail styles.

ombre nail trends spring 2013

4) Glitterade

All that glitters…well, it may not be gold, but it’s definitely a hot nail trend! Make those date nights dazzle just a tad more with a little glitz on the digits. Mix and match colors, paint the whole nail, or just use a little glitter to enhance a tone. With the Gatsby crazy upon us, too much glitter is just enough!

glitter nail trends spring 2013

5) Dramatic Monochromatic

Black and white. Is there ever a time when those two tones don’t work? Nope. So it’s a no brainer that blending them together to create beautiful, coordinated looks.

monochromatic nail trends spring 2013

6) Metallic Mania

Party like a rock star with eye popping metallic tones like silver, gunmetal and gold. This may be a bit extreme for girl chat around the water cooler, but it’s the perfect look if you’ve got a saucy night out on the town planned on the ‘ol calendar. Make the look stand out more by wearing simple black, white and grey tones, and keeping your accessories to a minimum, you don’t want to blind anyone now do ya?

chrome nail trends spring 2013

7) Bejeweled

Nail jewels are certainly not a new trend, but it seems that it’s a look that is reaching a fever pitch and fashionsta’s truly do see their nails as an extension of their ensemble. Go extra glam and bejewel every nail, or keep it more demure, and just accent a few nails with jewels. Use muted jewels for the day and brighter, bolder tones for the evening.

jeweled nail trends spring 2013

Never Look Like Yesterday With These Eyeliner Types And How To Use Them

Eyeliner Types

With so many eyeliner types filling the shelves of cosmetic aisles, it can seem darn near impossible to choose one specifically designed for the style of makeup you like to apply. Makeup is all about giving you the option of stunning variety, and choosing the ultimate eyeliner for your specific style is absolutely imperative to achieving your ideal look. Now, if you’re a lady with some fashion flair, opting for all of the kinds of eyeliners will definitely help freshen up your look from day to day, ensuring that you never look like yesterday.

Pencil Eyeliner Is An Essential

Eyeliner Types
Eyeliner pencils are probably your very first memory of makeup because they’re an absolute essential and even those who don’t indulge in the wondrous world of makeup certainly have an eyeliner pencil lying around somewhere. Every lady has one! Why is that, you ask? It’s simple. Pencil eyeliner is the easiest way to add the oomph to your eyes that every girl desires. That’s not to mention that you need next to no talent to be able to apply these bad boys perfectly. Pencil eyeliner works wonders when you’re going for a basic, day-to-day look. All you have to do is keep your pencil sharpened to a point and line your lashes as close as you possibly can, and voila! Instant satisfaction!

Liquid Liner

Eyeliner Types
This is where eyeliner can get a tad bit tricky, and for the ladies with shaky hands, you may believe that these things are your worst nightmare. They certainly don’t have to be, nor should you be cutting yourself short with your liner capabilities. Liquid liner is the ultimate tool for creating specific liner trends such as the Winged-Cat Eye makeup look. This style is all completed with a swift stroke of liner out of the corner of your eyes. The natural sweep of liquid liner allows a natural curve and line to be drawn, ultimately creating the trending makeup look flawlessly. A little trick of the trade is to never go with a cheap brand because you don’t ever want to have your liquid liner cake on, or worse, crack. The best liquid liners that you can get have a sturdy handle and an even firmer brush to ensure that you get nothing but a straight line across your lashes. It’s all smooth swiping from here on out, ladies.

Gel Liner
Eyeliner Types
This kind of eyeliner type is often used by professionals and that’s not only because it does take talent, but because the results are incredible. Gel liners typically come in a container that would look similar to a solo eye shadow casing. All you have to do is dip a specific-for-eyeliner brush into the pod and smear along your lash lines. Simple enough, right? Gel liner is pretty close to being a combination of stick and liquid liner, only it doesn’t come with its own handle. You need an additional, and specific brush. This means that you need to have a steady hand and a lot of patience and practice. However, gel liners are definitely worth having within your makeup case because they are a phenomenal choice if you’re wanting to create a smoky eye or smudged appearance as the gel blends harsh lines out effortlessly.

It’s no secret that choosing an eyeliner is beyond frustrating. There are so many, and all claim to be better than the next while offering this feature and that feature and oh, the list goes on and on. The headache begins as soon as you take a step down that cosmetic aisle. Every girl has been there. However, you don’t need to fear the eyeliner aisles any longer because you now have the information that you need to be able to choose the style that fits the way you do your makeup. On the contrary, if you’re really having difficulty choosing only one style of eyeliner, you can never go wrong with having one of each! This offers you endless opportunities when you’re styling your eyes for the day.

Warning! Are You Looking Older? Avoid These 5 Mistakes Now

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and while there is much truth behind this belief, there are certain universally accepted concepts of beauty. Most people believe that looking beautiful is all about looking younger than you are.

Yes, true beauty can in fact mislead people about your actual age, but did you know that there are 7 common mistakes that women make which could make you look older than you actually are?

We women try so hard to eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids, make frequent appointments with spas and parlors and use a variety of beauty products to retain that youthful glow. So why make these mistakes that can send your beauty plummeting down the wrong way?

Beauty Mistakes

We’ve listed for you the 5 common mistakes women make which you must avoid to prevent yourself from looking old.

1. Surplus Foundation            

Surplus foundation

The more layers of foundation you apply to your face, the more prominent it is to others that you are trying to hide something. And once this foundation starts fading away in certain areas, exposing your actual skin tone, your skin begins to appear patchy; thus making it look unhealthy and old.

Instead you can implement a skin care routine to achieve flawless skin so that you have very little to hide beneath your foundation.

2. Excessively shiny eye shadow

Excessive eye shadow Unless you are applying make up for a theatre performance, excessively shiny eye shadow is absolutely unnecessary. When you apply too much eye shadow, that area begins to show creases and cracks after sometime. This gives an appearance that you are suffering from crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, which are sure shot signs of ageing.

3. Abusing Your Hair

Do you love to experiment with different hairstyles all the time? You color it red one week, you curl it the next, then you straighten it and then you change your hair color once again. If this defines who you are, it’s time you change. Stop compromising with the quality of your hair just to look trendier with new hairstyles every time.

Tatty hair

Too many chemical applications to your hair can make it look unhealthy, dried and fried and that’s far from youthful hair. Instead of styling your hair with chemicals, look up various hairstyle ideas offering you different techniques to tie up or let your hair loose.

4. Excessive Concealer under Your Eyes

excessive concealer When you add excessive concealer under your eyes, it is easy to spot the difference between the rest of your facial complexion and the area under your eyes. This makes it very obvious that you are trying to hide dark circles.

There are some tricks that a make up brush cannot hide. Dark circles can be treated with 8 hours of sleep and consuming plenty of fluids.

5. Stressing Too Much

The adverse effects of stress not only affects you emotionally, but it can also cause physical changes such as dull skin, wrinkles, age lines, dark circles, skin sagging, hair fall and premature graying of hair, all of which can make you look older than you are.

Women meditating

Lead a healthy life. Take one day at a time. Treat yourself to some quality time once a week. And do not take the world on your shoulders in times of trouble to keep stress at bay.

When you ensure that you are following the corrective measures to each of these mistakes, you can bring back that youthful glow you’ve always wanted and maintain your youthful radiance to keep you looking younger than you are, always.