Mens Cardigan Sweaters

Best Fabric Types & Top Patterns for Men’s Sweaters for Winter 2012-13

Winter is here. Time to keep yourself warm and look stylish at the same time.

Break-free from the monotonous shirts and pants that you wear to office daily. Sweaters are truly flattering when you have the right pattern and make quality choice.

Let us spill the beans on the best sweater fabrics, fit, style, colors and latest trends. Make the right choice that suits your personality.

Fabric Types in Sweaters

Various fabric types for men’s sweaters that are going to rule this winter 2012-13:

Cashmere Sweaters 2012-13

Often termed as the ‘Gold Standard’ of sweaters. It does cost a fortune and it is absolutely warm and light. Advisable as a substantial investment for any man this winter 2012-13.

 Woolen Sweaters 2012-13

Often termed, as a ‘must have’ in every man’s closet is the most common quality sweater fabric. Cheap and affordable, historically the clothing of common laborers in rural England, woolen sweaters are back with a bang in 2012.

Cotton Sweaters 2012-13

Cotton fabric is the most preferred choice as it keeps irritation under control even when worn just above the skin and is cooler in nature.

Synthetic Sweaters 2012-13

Made from a blend of cotton and wool, synthetic sweaters are going to rule winter 2012.

Blended Sweaters 2012-13

These are a hybrid mixture of two or more fibers resulting in a sweater, which fits and performs even better than the pure one.

Choice of Color

Colors also affect the situations in which you can wear the sweater.

Darker Colors Light Colored Sweaters Brighter Colors Extremely Bright Colors
Considered more formal and conventional Generally worn during spring and less wintry months Mostly considered less formal and more casual Neons for men are in fashion

So, all you men out there, get set to add sweaters in different colors to your wardrobe depending on your choice of colors and their meanings.

On that note, let us also reveal the top 5 patterns in Men’s Sweaters that are going to rock in winter 2012-13.

Top 5 Patterns for Men’s Sweaters – 2012-13

1) Men’s Woolen Cardigan 2012-13

Men’s woolen cardigan (preferably unblended) tops the sweater trends 2012-13, as the most favored choice with its remarkable arrangement of mega pockets and exotic patterns.

 2) Cotton Sweater 2012-13

An all time favorite which is still an ‘evergreen choice’ is the three gauge knit, 100% cotton sweater with patch pockets and front buttons (light shades preferably).

3) Acrylic and woolen Polo necks have that exquisite charm. We noticed several models donning them at various fashion shows by leading designers.

4) Woolen Pullovers 2012-13

If you are a sporting freak, an ideal choice would be the acrylic or woolen pullovers (either sleeved / sleeveless – in white or off white colors)

5) Jumpers 2012-13

The Jumpers are always in a league of their own with a wide variety and so they fittingly figure in winter 2012-13’s toppers’ list too.

Are you wondering which designs to go for this winter?

Ok let’s tell you what our fashion editors have in store for you.

Designs and their Nature

Simple Solids with Designs Simple Solids, Woven / Stitched Argyle Pattern
Usually formal in nature Often look casual – Visually appealing usually with lines and patterns of diamonds- Advisable to match these with simple items to avoid contrast

 Looking for a sweater pattern to pair up with your jeans? A sportswear sweater or jerseys are the best choices as they are casual in nature with a free to fly attitude.

The right quality and pattern will make you feel more confident about yourself.

Beat the cold, keep yourself warm and show your personality with the latest choice of trendy sweaters in winter 2012-13.