Best Hairstyles in 2012

Best Hairstyles in 2012 that Rocked the Rep Carpet

The Red Carpet is not only a place where the stars descend to the earth altogether, but it also is a space to watch out for brand new trends, unique fashions and fresh ideas. The stars always give us a glimpse into what’s in vogue and what’s trending. And we can surely use a few fashion tips from them.

Besides the flamboyant dresses that the stars wear, the elegant pieces of jewelry and the fancy shoes, another feature that we must watch out for is their glamorous hairstyles. Some celebrities do put in a lot of thought into their look for the Red Carpet and we must give it to them for inspiring the need for fashion among us.


So let’s use the Red Carpet as a platform to draw hairstyle ideas from and we guarantee you that the hairstyles displayed below are among the best hairstyles in 2012. The Red Carpet, being as popular as the runway for fashion trends, brings to us some of the hottest hairstyles that rocked in 2012.

1. The Wavy Side Fringe at the Golden Globes 2012

The wavy side fringe was a popular hairstyle on the Rep Carpet in 2012. Celebrities who wore long gowns opted for this hair do, because of the elegance and timelessness it brings to your look, making it one of the best hairstyles in 2012.

You will need a side fringe to achieve this look. If you have natural waves then you’re set and if you don’t you can use a curler to wave your fringe. Keep the waves soft and roll your hair into a bun at the back and you’re good to go. You can add an extra feminine touch to this look with a hair band over your hair like Charlize Theron who has used a hair band encrusted with diamonds over her hair.

Best Hairstyles in 2012

2. The Short Crop at the Oscars 2012

Those days are history when the stars maintained the length of their hair and never let it recede above their shoulders. Celebrities now opt for shorter hair dos and we witnessed them sporting this trendy short do at the red carpet. One short crop that we fell in love with was the curly and wavy bob as donned by Penelope Cruz and Milla Jovovich at the 2012 Oscars. The hair cut here is probably an asymmetric bob and it is styled with waves and curls to achieve a vintage, yet modern appeal to it.

3. Braids on the Red Carpet

Although braids are more of a casual hairdo, the stars effortlessly donned a variety of braids on the Red Carpet for a formal look. Side braids, braids over loosely set hair, bun braids, fishtail braids and waterfall braids rained all over the Red Carpet.

Best Hairstyles in 2012  

The best part about a braid is that even if a same hairdo is tried on two different people, the very same braid always manages to look different on different people. Guess that’s what has made the braid not only a trendy hairstyle on the Red Carpet, but also the hottest hairstyle ever for 2012.

4. Loose Natural Waves at the Golden Globes 2012

You will find that a number of stars love to step on the Red Carpet with a “Natural” look. While these stars opt for a nude makeup look, they set their hair loose to appear long and wavy. Letting your hair loose is a great way to go if you have long hair which starts off sleek, but begins to wave as it gets closer to the tips. Loose disheveled waves suit any kind of look that you opt for, whether formal or casual.

Best Hairstyles in 2012

5. Bangs with a Bun

Chignons, twists, up dos and loose hair rolled up into a neat bun look great with a front or side fringe. Bangs really complement up dos well because they provide your hair with more volume than a simple up do, which only defines your skull. Up dos work great with any kind of hair; however, bangs need to be sleek for a neat look. Up dos are probably one of the most popular hairstyles and also the one of the best hairstyles in 2012.

6. Simple Pony Tail

Although simple pony tails sound ordinary, they do not look ordinary at all. If these were ordinary, why would they make it to the list of the best hairstyles for 2012? The simple pony tail brings with it an elegant feminine charm.

You can achieve this look by firstly smoothening your hair so that it looks sleek, you can do so with a hair iron. Gather your hair together to form a pony tail and use an elastic rubber band to hold it in place. Leave a few strands from the tail loose. Use these strands and wrap them around the rubber band so as to camouflage it. Keep it simple and keep it professional with the pony tail hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles in 2012

You now have some lovely hairstyles to choose from. Make sure that you experiment with each one of them because 2012 is soon drawing to a closure and you wouldn’t want to bid goodbye to the year without trying on some of the best hairstyles in 2012 now, would you?