Beyonce’s Hot Hot Super Bowl Half Time Performance

Who won Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd? (Hint: this is a trick question). Answer: it was Beyonce.


Irrespective of what the Sanfranciso 49ers and Baltimore Ravens achieved, clearly it was Queen Bey who walked away with all the attention. Beyonce sang and danced and preened and pouted on stage and delivered a power packed performance- one of the best and most eagerly watched Super Bowl halftime performances of all time.

Beyonce Sets the Stage on Fire…Literally

Dressed in super sexy short black dress, Beyonce set the temperatures soaring by just walking in on the stage. The Rubin Singer’s dress was a unique combination of black leather and lace that brought together sexy and sweet in one look. Of course Bey enhanced the look with black leather gloves and finished it off with black socks and pumps.

A stage shaped like her face and flames in the background was part of the whole look. We would not be surprised if the stage had auto-ignited with Beyonce’s hot looks and matching hot moves. (Quite unlikely, practically..but then..)


Apparently, it took 200 hours to make this costume that Beyonce wore for 8 minutes!

Destiny’s Child Reunites

Fans were in for a treat when Beyonce reunited with former Destiny’s Child band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. In a sense of dejavu, the trio performed old chart toppers like ‘Bootylicious’ and ‘Single Ladies’. The chemistry between the trio was full on and palpable. Of course Beyonce remained in the centre and was flanked by Kelly and Michelle. As if any other arrangement would have been considered even for a second.


Beyonce Brings on the Power

If you had, by any chance forgotten what a powerful singer the pop sensation could be, her Super Bowl half time performance would have reiterated the fact with renewed emphasis. Beyonce went all out on stage. Starting with one of her most aggressive hits Crazy in Love, the power factor of the show went only one way- up.

By the way, Beyonce has legs and is not afraid to show them off.


The sheer dynamism of her performance had everyone mesmerized. Celebrities including First Lady Michelle Obama took on to Twitter and tweeted lavish praises on Beyonce’s performance.

Beyonce used the 13 minute set to showcase some of her best athletic numbers including ‘End of Time’, which her band of dancers did complete justice to. The show closed with the super hit ‘Halo’.

What did you think of Beyonce’s performance? Would you rate it as the best Super Bowl halftime show ever?