Bikini Trends 2013

Let The Sun Shy Away With Your Seductive Beauty In These Top 15 Bikini Trends For Summer 2013

On display today, are some of the hottest swimwear trends for summer 2013. You know that we can never run out on creativity because our favorite designers have so much to offer. And so it’s time to get creative with your beachwear and swimwear for summer 2013.

Presenting the Top 15 Bikini Trends for Summer 2013.

Bikini Trends 2013

1. Monochrome Bikinis

Monochrome Bikinis Trends 2013

Let the colors of summer inspire you. Yellow, green, blue and red are synonymous with summery colors. Go monochrome and go sexy with mono toned bikinis to enhance your appeal.

2. Polka Dotted Bikinis

Polka Dotted Bikini Trends 2013

Be fun, be flirty and be fantastic in your swimwear with polka dotted bikinis for summer 2013.

3. Striped Bikinis

Stripped Bikini Trends 2013

Stripes are ruling the ramps and every designer store in town in 2013. Take stripes to the seaside this summer with a striped bikini. These will look great for a sophisticated poolside appearance.

4.  Leopard Print Bikinis

Leopard Print Bikini Trends 2013

Let the fierceness of the wild embrace you this summer. Explore the fiery hot and wild woman inside you with a leopard print bikini and enhance your ferocious carnal instincts.

5. Snakeskin Bikinis

Snakeskin Bikini Trends 2013

A bikini is more than enough to make you feel sexy, beautiful and confident within. But if you want more appeal, a snakeskin bikini will help you go beyond the mile.

6. Belted Bikinis

Belted Bikini Trends 2013

Belted bikinis are great for slim waistlines. Not only do belted bikinis draw attention to your flattering waistline but they also accentuate your waist to look even sexier than you already are.

7. Floral Bikinis

Floral Bikini Trends 2013

Imagining summer without floral prints is like imagining a winter without snow in the North Pole. Florals are always pretty and you can never go wrong in them. So let’s pay a sexy tribute to floral prints this summer 2013 with a suave floral bikini.

8. Gem Embellished Bikinis

Gem Embellished Bikini Trends 2013

Show off your sexiness with a bit of glitz, bling, shimmer and glamour with gem embellished bikinis. Let the gems make a statement this summer 2013.

9. Rose Print Bikinis

Rose Print Bikini Trends 2013

You can smell like a flower, you can adorn your hair with a flower and now you can bring on the charm with a rose print bikini. You would look totally charming in a rose print bikini sunbathing by the sea!

10. Aztec Print Bikinis

Aztec Print Bikini Trends 2013

Aztec prints are always impressive to look at. This summer you can make a stunning impression with your hot bikini-bod along with your bold eye-catching Aztec print bikini.

11. Butterfly Print Bikinis

Butterfly Print Bikini Trends 2013

Aren’t butterflies always charming? It’s their vivid and unique prints that make butterflies so mesmerizing to us. You can cast a spell on yourself to always look mesmerizing with a butterfly print bikini and charm everybody else by the pool.

12. Desert Print Bikinis

Desert Print Bikini Trends 2013

An oasis after a long stretch of desert sands is always welcome. Let everybody around you be reminded of how refreshing a dip in the waters is during summer with a creative desert print bikini.

13. Fringed Bikinis

Fringed Bikini Trends 2013

Let the cowgirl in you come riding out into the summer sun with funky fringed bikinis this summer.

14. Frill Bikinis

Frill Bikini Trends 2013

Wanna feel like a teenage school girl this summer? Give into your desires and heighten up your girl charm with a fascinating frilled bikini. Let these frills give you an extra rush in the waters.

15. Contrasting Bikinis

Contrasting Bikini Trends 2013

Sometimes, too much of mix and match can get boring. You can emphasize your well toned body and your beauty this summer by opting for a mismatched or contrasting bikini bottom and top. Enhance your playful side with abstract, creative combinations and make swimming an activity you’ll always look forward to.

Picking out a bikini can be tough especially when you have a banquet of choices laid before you. However, what makes choosing a bikini easy are 3 simple rules:

  1. Make sure your bikini emphasizes your curves
  2. Ensure that your sexuality and femininity feel enhanced
  3. And lastly, ensure that the bikini you choose helps you express yourself at your best.

Now you’re great to go!