Black Friday Fashion 2012

Black Friday 2012: Best Deals By 10 Biggest Brands: Beauty Meets Fashion Meets Discounts

“Fashion! Sales! Huge Discounts! Brands for a Steal! Shoes! Bags! Dresses!” You want it all. And wouldn’t you jump up with joy if you could have it all for a bargain?

Welcome Black Friday!

And let us welcome fashion deals at prices that make it seem like a real steal. That’s certainly not “black” for women, is it? It’s rather a “golden” opportunity to go shopping and make the most out of it.


Have you ever wondered why such a lovely day out in city with millions of shopping bags to adorn your hands is termed as “Black Friday”?

Well, that’s because even though it’s a day of crazy shopping frenzy, the number of people on the streets and in stores and cars on the road lead to traffic jams, road accidents and sometimes even violence and stampede. But we’re sure going to be wise and shop carefully so that Black Friday remains eternally “golden” for us.

What better way to kick start the holiday season than by spending some good money on the things that we love? However, knowing where the best deals are beforehand, helps tremendously, so that you won’t have to go traipsing from store to store looking out for the most profitable deals. And you can rather use your time looking out for the best items to shop for.

Online Shopping

If you want to save yourself from the never ending queues and maddening crowds at shopping outlets, you now have an option of shopping online. Save yourself the time and effort and avail the very same discounts, products and deals. Online shopping is encouraged by major fashion outlets and they offer customers additional exciting offers on products. So we’re guessing that Black Friday 2012 is going to be more of an online rush.

So get ready, get set and go & mark your calendars for November 23rd. And as the countdown begins let’s take a look at the hottest deals offered by 10 biggest brands so that you can shop till you drop on Black Friday.

1. H & M

H & M, one of the topmost leading brands in women’s fashion announced that it will open its stores at midnight on the 23rd of November and sweaters and dresses will be available from $5 onwards. Amazed, aren’t you? Imagine spending just $5 on apparels that you will need to brace the cold weather. So stay stylish and warm through the chilly months with the best of affordable and branded clothes, all in one.

2. Slot Anna

If bags are your thing and you would love to use Black Friday as a means to stock up on some lovely bags at rock bottom prices, then you should visit Slot Anna. The store is offering an insane discount of up to 60% on a wide variety of designer handbags that are trending in fall/winter 2012 and will be in vogue all through 2013.

So bag lovers, you now know where you’ll be heading this Black Friday.

3. J.C. Crew Factory

Have you made a list of things that you wanna buy on Black Friday? Clothes, shoes, wallets, jackets, belts, jewellery, etc? If you have most of these or all of these items on your list then J. Crew Factory is the place you should be in on Black Friday.

J. Crew Factory is offering a 50% off on EVERYTHING, so you can pick up anything you like, that’s on your list, for half the price from the 21st to the 26th of November. Doubt it could get better than this? It sure does. Read on…

4. Hudson Jeans

We gotta admit that online shopping allows us to shop from the safety of our homes and away from the maddening crowd. To lure you into some online shopping, Hudson Jeans is offering a 20% off on everything on their website on 22nd November. There surely won’t be a better moment than this to shop for denims. So make the most of it.

5. French Connection

French Connection is offering its customers free shipping along with a 30% off on all orders worth $150 and above from the 21st to the 26th of November.

6. Rebecca Taylor

Most of us connect Rebecca Taylor with elegance. Now you can add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with heart warming prices by shopping online at Rebecca Taylor from November 22 – 25. There’s even better news for you. Besides the Black Friday discount on the items you will shop for, you can avail of an additional 25% off on all sale items by just keying in this secret code RTEXTRA2512.

We’re sure you must have jumped off your chair by now!




7. All Saints

Be prepared for the chilly winter with some warm clothing available at All Saints at a 20% off on leather jackets, coated jeans, trendy knits and winter wear. You name it and you have it for a 20% discount from November 22 – 26.

8. Yoox

If you love stocking up pieces from all of your favourite designers then Yoox should be number one on your shopping list. This luxury designer outlet is offering you a 50% off on all your favourite pieces on the 23rd November. Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, you name the designer and take their pieces home for half the price.

9. Lab Series

Show your man how much you love him by shopping for him at Lab Series from the 26th to the 30th of November. This offer will doubly benefit you because not only will you avail of a 25% off on every men’s grooming product on the website, but your man is sure to shower you with a special treat in return.

10. Lovely Skin

If you want to pamper your skin, avail 25% discount on all skin care products this Black Friday. And if you go over $200, a free gift awaits you with your purchase.

Feeling bubbles of excitement bursting in your head? Well, why shouldn’t you? When there is so much to choose from on Black Friday at rock bottom prices, you ought to celebrate.

Shopping frenzy is just about to start? You can start posting notes on the walls of your house reminding you of where to shop on which day.

Did you come across some other exciting deals that we missed including in this compilation?

Would you like to share with us some amazing deals that you’ve come across for Black Friday 2012? Share those deals with us so that each one of us can make the most of Black Friday 2012. Please write your thoughts in the comments.