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Blake Lively Style Tips – Get Her Look!

Whether out and about or walking the red carpet, Blake Lively always looks impeccable. This gets even more impressive when you find out that she doesn’t employ a stylist – talk about an eye for fashion!

The blonde bombshell looks hot even in the most casual of get-ups, so it’s no wonder that girls and women all around the world are inspired by her. Ahead, three of Blake Lively’s looks that will give you some MAJOR inspiration:

Blake Lively Style Tip #1: Go retro… with a twist!
Blake made an appearance at the 2014 CFDA fashion Awards in a 60s-inspired look. However, she did make a few adjustments here and there. Instead of going for a drop-waist cut, she chose a fitted dress that accentuates her curves. As for the accessories, she went for a pair of pink suede pumps and golden clutch, bracelets, headband and hop earrings.

Steal her look, for way less, below:

blake lively style 60s

Stacked bracelets:
Hoop earrings:

Blake Lively Style Tip #2: Ladylike ensembles are never out of style.
Perfect for a day at the office or even for an office party, this look is easy to put together and to wear from day to night. A fitted dress of appropriate length is enhanced by a short sleeved blazer in same color scheme. The waist is cinched for a little bit more definition and a soft dose of sexiness. The color-matched belt and shoes add a little bit of spice to an otherwise tame look.

Follow Blake’s style lead with these picks:

blake lively style ladylike

Layered necklaces:

Blake Lively Style Tip #3: When in doubt, wear a trench.
This super-fun ensemble is ridiculously easy to put together and it look sooo sophisticated! Dare to wear a trench as a dress and be prepared to have all eyes on you. The look is ideal for a night out or, say, for a gallery opening. Let the legs do the talking and cover up the top in a blue trench. Shoes? A pair of spiked heels, just like Blake’s will do the trick.

Underneath, wear a heavily embellished shirt to add a little bit of spice. And for the bottom part, go for a fitted mini skirt. You don’t want it to be visible under the edge of the trench.

To get this stylish, effortless look, check the suggestions below:

blake lively style trench

Embellished Jewel Collar Shirt: