metallic pastel boucle jacket and shorts set

Boucle Shorts and Jackets Trends in 2012

Boucle is all set to become one of the trendier fabrics in 2012. The classic look and the luxurious feel that boucle imparts is the primary reason for its rising popularity in 2012. Sometimes, referred to as tweed, boucle is used to create shoes, handbags and a variety of accessories. In the apparel range boucle jackets and shorts will dominate in 2012, though designers are veering towards boucle dresses that have met with a certain degree of success.

What is Boucle?

Most of you know what boucle looks like and how the fabric feels. But what exactly is it and how is it produced.

The particular feel and texture of boucle results from one loose thread amongst the three plies used to create boucle yarn. And because several plies of thread are used together, boucle is a colourful yarn and can produce unique patterns when converted into apparels like jackets and shorts. By using similar color threads, boucle yarn can create a solid block of color too.

History of Boucle

It was in the year 1954 that renowned French designer Coco Chanel invented her signature boucle tweed jacket and introduced to the world this unique fabric. Today more than half a century later, the appeal of boucle has not lessened even one iota. On the contrary, in 2012 boucle is poised at helm of all things glamorous and fashionable.

Here, we provide you the latest trends in boucle jackets and shorts that will dominate the fashion scene in 2012.  Pay attention and spruce up your wardrobe.

Top Boucle Jackets and Shorts Trends in 2012

  1. Oversize Collar Boucle Jackets

In 2012, the focus in boucle jackets will remain on collars. Some of the more detailed and elaborate collars have been observed in boucle jackets on the market – an indicator of this trend worldwide.

double collar boucle jacket

Boucle jackets with elaborate collars are ‘in’ in 2012


  1. Biker Boucle Jackets

Ladies, get ready to meet your bold and adventurous side with these classic biker style boucle jackets that are hot this season.  Featuring bold collars and metallic zippers, the biker boucle jackets can be teamed up with regular denims to create an authentic biker look. Get set and ready to VROOM…

Biker boucle jackets

 Biker style boucle jackets

  1. Color Trends in Boucle Jackets 2012

In general, color has been a decisive influence in the trends for 2012 across various areas. And the color palette has moved towards the bold and dramatic. Boucle jackets trends in 2012 are no exception to the ‘color’ rule.  Opt for bright colored boucle jackets to make a style statement. The choice of colors is unlimited ranging from red to yellow to green.

red colour boucle jacket

Bold red boucle jacket

 bright boucle jackets

   Colorful boucle jackets

  1. Color Trends in Boucle Shorts for 2012

Color trends for the boucle shorts in 2012 are moving towards the lighter pastel shades in addition to regular blacks, greys, blues and browns.

brown boucle shorts

Light brown shade boucle shorts


  1. Fringe Edged Boucle Jackets and Shorts Trends 2012

A very positive trend in Boucle jackets and shorts fashion in 2012 will be the fringe edged outfits. The fringe adds a unique style and takes the glam quotient of the outfit several notches higher.  So while a regular boucle jacket-shorts combination is good for a casual day, the fringe edged version transforms it into stunning party outfit.

fringe edged boucle shorts

Fringe edged boucle shorts


  1. Metallic Boucle Jackets and Shorts Trend 2012

Metal embellishments on boucle jackets and shorts are going to be popular fashion trends in 2012.  With the metallic boucle design, the options are numerous. There are metallic color designs or regular boucle fabric contrasted with metallic trim. Take your time and chose the option that best suits your taste and personality.

 metallic pastel boucle jacket and shorts set

Metallic pastel boucle jacket and shorts set

metallic boucle shorts

   Metallic boucle shorts


  1. Contrast Trim Boucle Jackets Trend 2012

While single tone boucle jacket gives a ‘fun’ image and is no less trendy, the contrast trim boucle jackets are successful in creating a classic and timeless appeal. Incorporating a bit of leather or a contrast color here and there works wonders to the overall look and feel of the jacket as well to your look and feel when you don it.

contrast trim boucle jacket

white contrast trim boucle jacket

An elegant look created by use of contrasting color in the trim


  1. Knitted Boucle Jackets

It is official. Knitwear is back in 2012 and knitted boucle jackets occupy close to the top spot amongst the apparel trends in 2012. Knitted boucle featured significantly amongst the collections displayed by top designers across the world. Knitted boucle jackets offer an amazing variety of colors and patterns. And structured tailoring cannot match the snugness associated with the knitted garments, can it? Here are some samples of knitted boucle jackets for you to delight in.

 knitted boucle jacket

knitted boucle jacket

knitted boucle jackets