Bracelet Designs 2013

Graciously Adorn Your Hands With These 11 Bracelet Designs For 2013

Jewelry is magical! The mere presence of an earning, ring, bangle, necklace or a bracelet can heighten a woman’s charm and take her from being “unnoticed” to “envied”. Jewelry complements your appearance and when you adorn yourself with precious jewels, they become the epitome of your beauty.

Yes, you will have to loosen those purse strings a lot more when it comes to precious jewelry, but the elegance and charm jewelry brings to you is priceless. It’s alright to indulge occasionally and if jewels make you happy, why should you not dip into the passionate pleasures offered by a diamond ring, a gold necklace or a platinum bracelet?

Here are some breathtaking bracelet designs for 2013. Make a mesmerizing statement with a piece or two of pure pleasure adorning your wrists.

Bracelet Designs 2013

1. Serpentine Bracelets

Serpentine Bracelet Design

Let your bracelet capture your fiery personality and do the talking. A serpentine bracelet brings out the best of your confidence, appeal and independent charm. It’s amazing how a simple piece of jewelry can say so much.

2. Floral Bracelets

Floral elements are the much preferred and the most popular choice among jewelry designs. If you already have a pair of floral earrings, a floral necklace and a floral ring, it’s time to welcome a floral bracelet into your collection. An out worldly feminine charm is what a floral bracelet will offer you. And even if you have nothing floral as yet, why not make a beginning in 2013 with a beautiful floral bracelet?

Floral bracelets can be categorized into simple floral statements with a diamond studded circumference and a floral design or two in the center.

Floral Bracelet Design

Bold and breathtaking floral cuffs with heavy detailing are also very popular for 2013.

Floral Bracelet Design

3. Crown Inspired Bracelets

Crown Inspired Bracelet Design

Feeling like royalty can never be this easy. Imagine a studded shimmering crown gracing a royal figure or any of your favorite beauty pageant winners and envision the very same crown as a bracelet in your hand. Mesmerizing isn’t it? Crown bracelets are here to stay.

4. Bold Cuffs

Bold Cuff Bracelet Design

When a simple bracelet simply won’t suffice, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Bold, statement cuffs are desired by every woman and owned by a privileged few. But it’s never too late to get yourself a lovely bold cuff. After all, you deserve it.

5. Starfish Cuffs

Starfish Cuffs Bracelet Design

The latest craze in bracelet, necklace, earring and ring designs has taken the world by awe. Inspired from the bottom of the deep blue ocean and brought to the surface in shimmering colors like gold, platinum and rose gold, starfish cuffs are creating quite a fashionable storm. What a lovely way to grace your wrist!

6. Only Diamonds Will Do

Diamond Bracelet Design

Sometimes the simplest of designs make the boldest of statements. Yes, minimalism is in, has been and will always be when it comes to jewelry designs. A simple diamond studded bracelet can bring grace and appeal to your look and make you look like a ravishing royal.

7. Love Cuffs

Love Cuff Bracelet Design

The silver, rose gold and yellow gold cuffs from the Simone I. Smith collection has suddenly become the object of every woman’s desire. The minimalistic design, glossy metal and unique pattern has made this bracelet design one of the most desired in 2013.

8. Colored Surprises

Colored Bracelet Design

Enamel coated bracelets with precious gold by Hermes is the latest obsession among Hollywood celebrities. This funky, yet precious bracelet will complement casual ensembles well. The next time you’re taking to the streets, don’t forget to don that funky Hermes bracelet and make heads turn to take notice.

9. Thick Diamond Bracelets

Thick Diamond Bracelet Design

Jewelry is all about appealing choices. What may appeal to you, necessarily won’t appeal to somebody else in the same way. However, that doesn’t stop envious eyes looking from looking at your jewelry. Proclaim your love for jewelry out loud with a thick diamond cuff. A broad circumference studded with shimmering diamonds will make all your dreams come true.

10. Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelet Design

Stay unique and be fabulous with gemstone embedded cuffs and bracelets. Indulge in rubies, sapphires, emeralds and canary diamonds and let the world bow before you because you’re going to seem like royalty with a gemstone bracelet.

11. Fusion Bracelets

Fusion Bracelet Design

Combine silver, gold and rose gold into one fascinating piece of jewelry with fusion bracelets and watch every eye in the room follow you with envy wherever you may go.

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