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Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana Likely to Get Back Together? Nah! Mommy Says No

Yup. You read that right. Apparently Gloria Cooper is not very keen on her son getting back together with Zoe Saldana. This definitely puts Mrs. Cooper in the category of ‘interfering moms’. After all, who to date, not date and who to break up with and make up (or even make out with) are individual choices.


Bradley Cooper – Zoe Saldana – The See-Saw Romance

Well, the Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana romance has been more an up down see saw than a steady but dizzy merry go around. The on-now-off-again couple started dating in early 2012 and broke up after just 3 months.

Bradley Cooper

Then they again got back together (perhaps, they missed each other…isn’t that sweet) only to split up just before ringing in the New Year 2013.

Some ‘Ex-Factor’ at Work Here?

Apparently, Zoe was not too happy with Bradley receiving flowers and congratulatory messages from his ex Renee Zellweger on his performance in the acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook. And she just walked out. But Zoe, exes are people too, right? And they live in the same universe, and for God’s sake, appreciation for your boyfriend should make you proud, not jealous. Of course the Zellweger camp denies anything of this sort happened.

 Bradley Cooper

Mamma Cooper Says “No”

There is some buzz (unconfirmed, though) that Zoe wants to get back with Bradley. But apparently Mamma Cooper is not too keen on it. She strongly feels that since it did not work out twice, there is no point going there again and getting hurt. Naturally, she wants to protect Bradley from heartache. But Maam, that is his decision to make, don’t you think? Just flash back to when Bradley was 6. You probably told him not to run too fast, but he did anyway and fell and bruised his knee and hopefully learnt from it. It is the same principle. People have to learn on their own.

But Gloria and Zoe Were Bonding

What is even more surprising is we remember pictures and stories of Gloria and Zoe getting together and bonding when the couple was dating. What went wrong? Did Gloria not like Zoe? Apparently Gloria thought Zoe was not a perfect fit for her son. Incidentally, Zoe got on very well with Renee and two are good friends even now.

Ooh, that’s an ouch for Zoe..if she cares, that is. Zoe has already moved on or so it seems as she was spotted in the company of a mystery man some time back.

Bradley Cooper