Bright Bold and Breathtakingly Beautiful at the BAFTA 2013

London, this time of the year is dreary and cheerless with a hint of grey that is all pervading. But had you been at the BAFTA red carpet last Sunday, you would have been dazzled by the color and brilliance on display. Grey, did anyone say?

The fashion quotient was at an all time high. ‘Elegance’ and ‘Style’ walked arm in arm with our lovely leading ladies working extra hard on their gowns and accessories.


If you are a romantic at heart (I am), you might say (and I too am going to say) that the Royal Opera House in London, venue for BAFTA 2013, looked like the England of King Arthur’s times and the women were fair damsels waiting for their knights in shining armor. (Perhaps not waiting, but definitely, fair damsels). And fair damsels dressed in the latest designer haute couture, no less.

Best Red Carpet Looks from the BAFTA 2013

1.  Bright Bright Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard looked bright and cheery in her sunshine yellow Dior couture gown.  Her look comes straight from the Dior Spring Summer 2013 runway.  Her scarlet lips magnified the effect of her thousand watt smile.

BAFTA Awards 2013

The strapless gown may have tempted Marion to overly accessorize, but she (wisely) kept the accessories to a single sparkling neckpiece. With the bright color, too many accessories might have created an overwhelming look. I know you are dying to ask, and I think the innovative side cut is sexy. Do you like it or does it bring down your opinion of the dress?

2. Bold Red Carpet Look at the BAFTA 2013

Nothing screams out bold better than black. The BAFTA red carpet saw black in various forms and fashionable silhouettes and stunning embellishments.

Alice Eva looked hot in a figure hugging black Alessandra Rich Spring 2013 gown that fashionably combined solid and sheer. The highlight of the gown of course was its flame motif at the top.


Alice has wisely skipped the white belt from the look book that might draw unnecessary attention to the waist.

Anne Hathaway chose a Burberry black gown with embellishments in the bodice which dazzled just like her smile.

BAFTA Awards 2013

Anne has much to smile, with her performance in Les Miserables being appreciated all around and fetching her numerous awards including a coveted BAFTA.

Gemma Arterton took bold to a whole new level with a Celia Kritharioti gown that alternated bold black and nude stripes.

BAFTA Awards 2013

 The one-shoulder style pushed the glam quotient of this dress several notches higher.

3. The Breathtaking Beautiful on the BAFTA 2013 Red Carpet

Beauty, it is often said, lies in the eyes of the beholder. While that is true, sometimes, beauty is so classic, so timeless, that every beholder is spellbound. Precisely such looks abounded at the BAFTA 2013.

The top prize in this category goes to Jessica Chastain who looked lovely and gorgeous in her electric blue Roland Mouret gown. Was it her gown, her smile, her sapphire earrings or her hair or was it some secret inner happiness? We don’t know for sure. But we do know she looked breathtakingly beautiful on the red carpet that day.

BAFTA Awards 2013

 A close second in the ‘beautiful’ category was Jennifer Lawrence. Dressed in a pale pink Christian Dior gown, Jennifer looked an ethereal fairytale princess. Not a strong willed princess, but one who would indeed wait for her shining knight to rescue her.

BAFTA Awards 2013

While Jessica’s ‘beautiful’ look at BAFTA might inspire flaming passions, Jennifer’s beauty (we are talking of her BAFTA 2013 look) might create tender love in the beholder’s heart. Do you agree?

The BAFTA red carpet was soaked, thanks to incessant rain. But the mood and the atmosphere remained undampened, as style sailed high that night.