Eye Makeup Trends

Bright Eyes Baby – A Look at the Eye Makeup Trends in 2013

Eyes are making bold and bright statements on the ramps in 2013. Eye make up trends for the season are being defined by bright colors, emphasis on lower and upper lids and the totally incredible bejeweled look.

While earlier, black was the color of choice for eye makeup, creating a look of innocence, the bright colors of eye makeup in 2013 are for the contemporary and modern woman. A woman who lives life on her on terms, with confidence. A woman, in short, just like you.

Bright Eye Makeup Trends 2013

1.  Yellow Eye Shadow Trends 2013

When you say bright, yellow can’t be behind right? Several fashion houses rocked the yellow eye shadow trend superbly in 2013. At the New York Fashion Week, Lela Rose stuck to yellow highlights , beginning from the corner of the eye, upwards to about 2/3rd the lid area.

Eye Makeup Trends

Betsy Johnson on the other hand, placed the yellow eye shadow bang in the middle of darkly accentuated eyebrows and eyelashes to create a more dramatic effect.


2. Pretty Pink Cover for Your Eyes in 2013

Donna Karan’s showcased an innovative pink-eyed look, with pink on the upper and lower eyelids, and the colors meeting at either corners of the eye. This created a framing effect, as if you had encircled the eye in a ring of pink. Now you would expect a little-girly look with all the pink. But this trend creates a surprisingly sophisticated look, and you can actually pull it off with élan to work. Don’t you agree?

Eye Makeup Trends

3. Some Geometry to the Rescue

To make sure the focus remained on the eyes for their spring summer fashion shows, some designers went ahead with bold geometric patterns in their eye make up trends. Jean Pierre Braganza showcased sleek blue and white eye liner designs across the eye. The eyelids were untouched as was the rest of the face, to bring out the uniqueness of the look.

LFW SS2013:  Jean-Pierre Braganza Catwalk

Notice how the geometric eye look has been paired with the geometric print.  As we always say, fashion is not about the individual components of the look, but about how the individual components come together to create the complete look. This is a perfect example.

4. Bejeweled Eye Makeup Trends 2013

Christian Dior took the bright eye trend look to a whole different level by adding sparkling Swarovski crystals to the look. Now it certainly can’t get brighter than this. It was a   carefully created look with blingy crystals sitting pretty on a base of contrasting eye shadow. For instance yellow crystals were paired with pink eye shadow, while red crystals found themselves a green partner.

Dior calls this look ‘techno-butterfly’.   Can you think of an even more interesting name?

Eye Makeup Trends

Eyes have always been an integral part of feminine beauty. Countless songs and poems have been penned appreciating the beauty of eye. Go on, inspire the current generation of songwriters and poets with your eyes. Though something tells me these bright, in-your-face eye makeup trends of 2013, will not perhaps inspire soft romantic ballads. What do you think?