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Britney Spears- Jason Trawick Wedding Still On

There is to be one more ‘happy ending’ in Hollywood after all. Reliable sources have confirmed (vehemently, we might add) that the Britney Spears- Jason Trawick wedding is still on. These confirmations follow a news item in the tabloid Us Weekly, which hinted that Britney was having second thoughts about saying ‘I do’ to her fiancé, who was also her former manager.

Can’t stop smiling around Jason? That’s love!

The Britney- Jason Love Story

Britney and Jason met at work literally as Jason was her manager. Somewhere along the way, Cupid struck and rumors were very strong the couple shared much more than a strictly professional relationship. Naturally, both Britney and Jason shouted themselves hoarse denying the relationship only to later acknowledge it. (Sigh, some things never change, do they? It is like the golden rule of celebrity relationships).

Soon, Jason quit as Britney’s manager so that the couple could focus on their personal relationship. Smart move, we must say, because as manager you may need to make certain decisions, that as a boyfriend, you probably wouldn’t agree with. In any case, the decision worked well for the couple and in December last year, Jason proposed to Britney. The couple is now engaged.

Professionally too, Britney is at a good place, with her work commitments as X Factor judge.

If everything is apparently hunky dory in paradise, why did the rumors surface in the first place?

Is this what you are asking?

Well first of all, marriage is a huge commitment and either party can develop cold feet at any point for rational or irrational reasons.

But in this case, rumors were fueled by the fact that Britney was seen in front of the court without her engagement ring.

However it appears that there is a rational explanation for this. Sources told People magazine that Britney had removed her ring for an Elizabeth Arden photo shoot and Jason was holding it for her (how sweet!).

Attentive fiancé that he is, Jason is forgetful too. Apparently, he forgot to give the ring back to Britney, which is way she appeared ‘ring-less’ at court, the source painstakingly pointed out.

Great. We are convinced, aren’t we?

But No Wedding Bells Right Now

But walking down the aisle will take place some time later, only after Britney wraps up her work commitments.

In the meantime, quoted a source as saying that the Toxic singer considers her upcoming nuptials to Jason as her real wedding.  Perhaps, because she was way too young when she married childhood friend Jason Alexander and then dancer Kevin Federline. Now at 30, Britney is hopefully more mature more confident of her decision.

Britney and Jason- Happy together

Apparently, Britney has expressed a desire for the wedding to be a private intimate affair with only close friends and family present. The source further added the two are great together very happy and already a loving family. “The news about second thoughts is just rubbish”, the source reiterates.

That’s great news then. We are happy for Britney and eagerly look forward to further announcements. And of course, we will keep you posted.