Christmas Fashion 2012

Most Exquisite Celebrity Inspired Christmas Costume Colors & Ideas for Women

We really go through lengths of trouble to look great and feel great. We research for hours on fashion. We catch all the possible fashion shows, we always keep a watchful eye for what celebrities wear. And we take time off just to pass by stores to see what’s on display in the windows. It is only fitting that we should be rewarded for all the trouble we take to look amazing.

Christmas is that time of the year that outdoes every other festival. Some of us may not really put too much effort into how we look all year round, but Christmas certainly does hold a charm for us, making us want to look the best and extraordinary. Even if we’re not celebrating, looking great is certainly the highest priority on our To Do lists during the Holiday Season.

With the busy life women lead, we understand that coming up with a fashionable look is never an easy task and so to help you in your endeavor to look and feel great this Holiday season, we bring to you our special tips and lots of fashion advice. And what better place to look for fashion tips than Hollywood?

Oh yes, you can rest assured that our divas of Hollywood will provide you with plenty of fashion ideas. And you wouldn’t have to worry about going wrong because not only do these celebrities take a lot of trouble to come up with the perfect style, but we too have chosen only those outfits which will make your look memorable for many Christmases to come.

Christmas Fashion 2012

So are you ready for a life transforming ritual? Eh, ritual, (did I read correctly?) Of, course you did, fashion has become such an indispensable part of our lives that it is almost a ritual to every woman now and why shouldn’t it be? We ought to take care of ourselves too, don’t we?

We’re bringing to you with the quickest, safest and trendiest options that you will find in fashion. Let your Christmas look be inspired by these celebrities. May you make many heads turn with your look during the Christmas season, just like these celebrities did.

Presenting to you the top 10 Celebrity Inspired Christmas Fashion Trends, we hope you enjoy this presentation!

Christmas Colors Inspired by Celebrities

What better way to begin our compilation than by introducing you to the top 3 colors of the season – red, gold and green. Our favorite and not so favorite celebrities too swear by these colors during the Holiday season. So why not pick up an idea or two, or even three from these celebs and incorporate these colors into our Christmas fashion?


1. Red Christmas Dresses

Red is always in high demand and this demand tops up all the more in the month of December. So, if you want to complement the season with a red outfit, the one solution to finding the perfect red Christmas dress is Mariah Carey.

The star performer, who has a number of melodious carols to her name, tops it up each Christmas with an amazing red outfit. Here are some inspirations for you especially from Mariah Carey.

Red Christmas Dresses

2. Golden Christmas Dresses

Another festive and royal color of the season is gold. And if you want to look like a celebrity in your own way and shine all through the Christmas season, then this color is the perfect choice for you. Golden dresses look great in varying lengths. You can count on Paris Hilton’s glittering golden dress or Michelle William’s sparkling cocktail dress for a Christmas party, but if you are looking for fashionable elegance, Angelina Jolie presents you with a very classy long sleeves golden gown.

Christmas Fashion 2012

3. Green Christmas Dresses

The last and certainly not the least Christmas inspired color, green; the color of Christmas trees, tinsel, lights and now a hot fashionable color.

It’s a battle of long v/s short when it comes to green dresses. While these green gowns flaunted so elegantly by Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Weisz, Angelina Jolie and Pippa Middleton look so chic, the cocktail dresses sported by Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Katherine Jenkins and Kate Hudson look ravishing, fresh, modern, peppy and youthful.

So which one will you choose, long or short? And which celebrity will you go for? (That’s a toughie for sure!)

Green Christmas Dresses

Moving away from the dominant colors of Christmas, we now move on to some more awesome choices for your Christmas look.

4. Angelic White Dresses

Do you want to look like an angel this Christmas? If yes, then white is what you should go for. White looks great when paired with white lace, pink, gold and silver embroideries or white self floral designs. Fearne Cotton presents you with a great idea to pair a white dress with white lacy sleeves, Alexa Chung perfectly combines shiny silver with white, Emma Stone looks like a pretty princess in this white dress (with a shade of pink) and Lauren Conrad sports white with a self floral design.

Christmas Fashion 2012

5. Lacy Christmas Dresses

There’s something about lace; it manages to bring exquisiteness to every dress it is incorporated into. Whether you opt for lacy sleeves, skirts, a dress lined fully with lace or a lacy neckline, it possesses a very feminine charm. Draw some ideas on how to pull off lace stylishly from these celebrities below.

Lacy Dresses

6. Floral Christmas Dresses

We’re sure you must be thinking why floral when it is a summer fashion trend and we’re thinking why not? Floral prints look so graceful and if our celebrities can look great in them all year through, why can’t we too? It’s Christmas and you have the liberty to play with choices. And so if you love floral prints, let these celebrities give you some trendy ideas. You can work the floral dress look for a casual Christmas party, trust us, it will look great!

Christmas Fashion 2012

So which celebrity from this list has had the privilege to inspire you? We really hope that you have been able to come up with an amazing look for Christmas with these trendy ideas brought to you straight from your favorite celebrities’ wardrobes. Who knows, a stray paparazzi camera may spot you dressed so beautifully, making you the next celebrity on our list for Christmas 2013!