Hair Style Trends 2013

Tame Your Locks To Look Perfect This Summer With 7 Celebrity Inspired Haircuts

Many women will tell you that summer is the best season to get a haircut to protect your hair from sun damage and beat the heat. However, nobody needs a reason or a season to get a new haircut. Whenever you want a shapely trim or a fresh new look, a haircut is called for.

Gift yourself the freedom to experiment with a new hair trend this summer by emulating your favorite celebrity’s haircut. We have for you 7 celebrities and their most popular haircuts that will make you go gaga this summer.

Celebrity Inspired Haircuts

Let’s check out the top 7 haircuts for Summer 2013 inspired by your favorite celebrities.

1. The Short Crop

Short Crop

The short crop is famous with all the boys, but Charlize Theron proved that the short crop can look very sexy on women too. Doesn’t Charlize look like a woman with power in her short crop? Charlize graced a number of red carpet events with her short crop in the most beautiful gowns. So you won’t need to worry about the short crop undermining your femininity.

2. The Modern Pixie

Modern Pixie

When Anne Hathaway shed her locks, she also shed unending tears of sadness. But the more we got used to her modern pixie cut, the more we loved it and the more it made us realize that Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut looks really great on women with slender frames, just like this beautiful actress. Are you willing to give this one a try?

3. The Super Short Fringe

Super Short Fringe

When you keep your fringe and crop the rest of your hair, what you will find staring back at you in the mirror is one of Rihanna’s most famous hairstyles. You can add a few highlights to glam up those locks and define your fringe. But if you want to keep it short and simple, the super short fringe is what you’re looking for.

4. The Asymmetrical Flare Bob

Asymmetrical Flare Bob

Asymmetrical hairstyles are quite popular in all of Hollywood. Marion Cotillard’s bob with an asymmetrical flare and the elegance it brings to her, framing her flawless face inspires us to experiment with this look for summer 2013. Does the asymmetrical flare bob inspire you too?

5. Layered Razor Cut  

Layered Razor Cut

Say bye bye to sweaty necks during summer by opting for an above the neck haircut. To add a fancy touch to your cropped look, Lisa Rinna gives you a jazzy option with the layered razor cut.

6. Side Bangs

Side Bangs

We do understand that some of you hate to do away with length while getting a new haircut. Why don’t you just cut a couple of side bangs and frame your face for a new look instead of going all the way with an overall haircut like Cobie Smulders did?

7. The Front Fringe

Front Fringe

If your hair has been sleek for too long now without much of styling, the front fringe can give you a fresh new look a la Emma Stone.

How inspired are you for a trip to the hair salon? Book your appointment soon and don’t forget to take a picture of your favorite celebrity along so that your stylist can give you just the look you’re looking for.